Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do you hear that? It's the sound of my heart breaking.

Baby girl is eight! How did that happen? Ouch. I don't want her to grow up! Someone please help! Do something, anything! :)) But I can still smile today, for she is as sticky as ever. She sticks to me like no one's business, that girl. LOL. I want her to do that for as long as I live, if possible.

And my mama turned 57! You see that photo of them up there? They were making deals not to disturb and irritate each other. LOL. You have to be there to understand how funny that was.

Happy Birthday Mama! Happy Birthday Nidhi! I love you both, so much!

Okay, time for Napa Valley reveal! :) I got myself Napa Valley and Monterey. Let me tell you, they're chock-full with products. No regrets! I already put my shopping list up in this post - and also the $2 off any punch coupon you can use. So if you miss that, click that link and read on. :)

I see me in you

just a heads up - Napa Valley - has an alpha stamp in it. Yummy, versatile and just the right size. I used the set in the layout above. And there's a number set that matches that particular alphas in the shop! I used it too - subtle stamping in the background. Can you see it?

close up 1

close up 2

Fun green splotches are
Mister Huey AppleJack. You need all the colors, really. Available at
right this moment.
always a WIP

close up 2

A lot of misting here. Fun! And a little self indulgent, but I don't care. I love scrapping about myself.

sweet little thing

close up 2

close up 1

Some fun stitching with twine, some misting, a lot of layering! This one screams happiness to me. Such happy colors. Such happy photos. :))

As usual, I'm available if you have questions. I'm available via email *email button on left side bar* or even facebook.

Thanks for reading and looking! I hope, somewhere in this post. . . I have inspired some of you. :))


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sneaking in Napa Valley

The haze is gone! Thank God! I may be speaking too soon, but for now, we're in the clear. So if you have fresh air where you live, treasure it, poeple. I'm serious. :))

I have two random winners for this giveaway.

Julie Tucker-Wolek and Jamie Long! Congrats girls - please email me for your codes!!* i totally feel like a secret agent here. LOL* Thank you everyone for playing along and making me laugh. You're the best! :))

Here are some Studio Calico sneaks for you. *smiles* Napa Valley goes on sale approximately 2 days from now. Earlier if you're a subscriber. You'll want to watch this page.

sneak 1

sneak 2

sneak 3

My shopping list this month :

Large Chinese Knot Chain Punch - i love that I can cut apart the 'flowers' to use as individual embelishment.

and I must profess my love for my SLICE. Love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I adore my SLICE :) Thank you *you*. You know who you are. *hugs*

xoxo ~ Happy Shopping!!

edited to add - PROMOS! starting October 27, 12pm EST.

A good time to get that coveted punch, don't you think? :))

xoxo, again!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Somebody please do me a favor *another giveaway - closed*

rip my head off. oh yes.. pity party in full swing here. We have been sick. Three of us, down, one by one. Fun times :)) The headache is unbearable, but I got Voren. Thank God for Voren!!

And the haze is not helping. I'm suffering here. I must say this is the first time I suffer because of the haze, which means it's really bad. Really really bad that I can smell smoke inside my house with the windows shut and AC switched on. Go figure. A phone-camera photo for you. . .

I miss my beautiful sunset.

I ought to announce the winner for the YSS giveaway on the previous post! Marina! Congrats Girl :) You're the lucky one this time. Email me and I'll send you the code! :)) I'll probably be slow in replying but I'll get there. LOL.

Now this is important. Read carefully :))

I'm miserable. Make me happy. Tell me something funny, make me laugh :)). I'll randomly pick two commenters to win a $10 Gift Voucher to Yes :) $10 each winner. Erica of YSS is so generous! :))

As usual, there is no dateline. As long as you're able to leave me comment here on this post, you're in it! :))

One sweetness from me to you today. . this was inspired by two things from Etsy. One is a purse, another is a print. Read more >>>> here!

be your own rainbow

DSC_0039 copy-2

DSC_0041 copy-2

I'll be back soon. As soon as I can kick the bugs on their a$$es, that is :))

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The North Face from the sideline *and a giveaway-closed*

He said : Ready?
She said : For everything.

It should be the other way round. Seeing that he was the one about to run 50km worth of stoney trails and unforgiving hills. But yes, I had to be ready to let him go. And I was. Because I've seen him train, hard. And I trust him to know when/if he needs to stop.

The partners brothers for the 100km duo. Each doing 50km. Fresh faces so early in the morning. Not knowing what lies ahead. I watched them being flagged off, then drove off to wait for them somewhere near the middle of the route.

See that? That's Kash! She did the 100Km duo too. Told you she's amazing. :) After Mr.Husband passed this area, I left and drove to the the finish line

He made it back in 6hrs 10mins, more or less, around there. I don't even care about his timing. He made it back. That's more important.

Bib - almost gone. His white running top turned pink too :)

Adding to my collection of medals. Yup, I'm the collector. He couldn't care less about the medals. More photos here if you're interested.

I have not been feeling good these past few days. Thanks to my tofu neck. Ever since the car accident last year, my neck has been giving me problems. One night of sleeping in a weird position *nothing kinky, i promise* and I'll be in pain. I'm thinking. . . should I bubble-wrap myself before sleeping? Y'know, just so the 'tofu' is protected? *grins*

Have you been to YourScrapbookStash lately? :) The sweet Erica invited me to Guest Design with them for this month and how could I say no? I love her sweet online store, fabulous selection and great prices too!!

And because I love you, I have a $10 YSS gift voucher for one lucky person. Just leave me a comment here. I'll pick a winner in a few days. As long as you're able to leave comment here, you're in the draw. How easy is that? :)

I'm gonna make myself a cup of coffee and then blog-hop! See you soon! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back so soon - with good news too!

How can I not share these awesomeness with my lovely friends, right? :) Just click the images below to get to the new Studio Calico blog! :) Make sure you bookmark -

and. . and. . and. . *go on, click this one too. You know you want to!!* 20% off Still Life, Drafting Table and En Plein Air.

Some Pink Ribbon Run photos! I have no official timing yet, but un-officially, I did 38mins for the 5k, and so freakin' happy with myself. LOL. Of course there is room for improvement, but heck, that is a great leap from the bed-potato that I was. Yes, I said bed. I don't do couch. *grins*

The cutie pie - Oli Pettigrew.

You can see how happy I was that the torture is over. Hah!

Are you obsessed with the right things? I admit, I pay more attention to the pimples than the nipples *wanted to say breasts but nipples rhymes with pimples* LOL. :)) Time to change that, eh?


And finally, my support crew. Thank you, love-s. All photos *except for this one* was taken by my Mr.Husband. :) Great fun was had by all. It was a good day, good run, for a good cause. I got my Iced Crème Brûlée Macchiato from Starbucks before heading home and the world at that time, was perfect for me.

I leave you with a layout. A layout about me, just because. The 'quote', I got it from Every once in a while, something come along that just speaks to me and I usually scrap it.


close up 2

close up 1