Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sharing my Metropolitan

Before I start rambling, I need to remind you of something. Please don't forget to use your $2 off any one Add-On. Mass Transit is my favorite.

And get several packs of those SC Patterned Paper - if you haven't already. This December, Studio Calico is collaborating with Sassafrass Lass! Two fabulous manufacturer! The colors are so yummy!

Time for layouts and more ramblings. *grins*

enjoy home

Lemme tell you something, those photos are fresh! Super duper fresh! LOL. I took them as we landed back in Singapore, 4 hours later, they're already on the layout. I am so proud of myself. And more so in love with Hipstamatic and my iPhone. I have about 40 more photos of clouds/ view from above, taken from the airplane on that day itself. 40 and I love every single one of them. 40 is not so bad!

DSC_0123 copy

Journaling ~
I love traveling.
No doubt.
But I love coming home more.

DSC_0179 copy

I am. Content. Right now. I like this 'state' of happiness. I like my life now, I like me, now. :) *knocking on wood* LOL.

DSC_0213 copy

The photo was taken with the photobooth software on the iMac, when i get home from my haircut, and I wanna use that because there is no way I'll get that hair again, unless i go for a wash and blow at the salon.

DSC_0012-1 copy

Our very own rockstar. Nidhi :) She *without any nudging from her daddy or me* entered herself in a talent contest during the 80th birthday of her school. She practised hard, dancing to Lady Gaga everyday. *grins* Mommy had a grand time curling her hair and putting on her make-ups! LOL.

close up 2

DSC_0059-1 copy

Close up of the stitched butterflies. I think I'm gonna cross-stitch again *I still have loads of stash related to cross-stitching anyway!*. Kinda miss it.

I used
I cut the 'wings' on the rockstar layout using Slice and Just Chillin' Teen design card. Speaking of Slice,
TwoPeas is selling the design cards at $25 each
+ free US shipping for every order $25 and over + free gift with every purchase. What a steal! They even have on sale - 50% off! If you're thinking, I seriously think this is the best time to get it. And if you need another reason - well, it's pink. I'm shallow like that.

Time to refill my coffee tumbler and get hopping! See you soon!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday - Who needs sleep?

How was Thanksgiving? :)) I hope yours was great. I don't celebrate, but I must say, I'm so grateful for the beautiful people I met through this obsession hobby. You're all always generously sharing your talent, passion, amazingness and love. I'm so blessed.

Now, after the turkey and chocolate/pumpkin/cranberry pie slices, who needs sleep? Not me! Not you too! LOL. Just head on to the Studio Calico shop and shop shop shop shop!! You can shop now and combine shipping with your December kit! How sweet is that? Like seriously, April and Co - they really look out for us. Really!

Told ya! After all that fabulous deals, we still get $2 off one add-on! Phewwww!! I must now find a way to hide the credit card statement from my Mr.Husband. LOL.

Then head on to the blog for the reveal giveaway. Sweetness. All this goodness is kinda overwhelming eh. *grins* I leave you with this photo I took as we landed about 1.5 hrs before this post. . .

hello singapore

Yes, yes yes yes yes!! We just landed back in Singapore. It was kinda sad to be leaving Hard Rock Hotel, Penang, but yours truly is so glad to be home again! I crave my routine! :)

See you soon! Happy Shopping!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Weird, weird dream

  • My parents, Mr Husband, the girls and me.
  • Hiking off the beach.
  • Beautiful, big trees.
  • Found a clearing with a huge, colorful, interesting Indian restaurant! (where in the world can you find an Indian restaurant, in the middle of the woods? i have no idea! Let me know if you do!)
  • Went in, ordered food. (not thinking that its weird that the restaurant is there in the first place)
  • Out of a sudden, some elephants start coming toward us (yes, in the restaurant, told you~ weird)..
  • Beep*beep* (that's my mobile beeping incoming text from Mr Husband)
  • Woke up.. Thank GOD for the text. One of the elephant was about to stomp me. Nice.
  • Pheww!! That was tiring. I woke up feeling like I need another 8 hours of sleep!
Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes in the last post. 29 32 feels great so far. *grins* :) We're leaving for Penang in about 24 hours. Mr.Husband is running PBIM and we'll be rockin' hibernating here for the week after that. Our last family trip for this year I think.

Speaking of running. . take a look!


I think this is so cool. LOL. Yeah, I said that. All of us taking part in the upcoming Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2010. Nevermind that Daddy is the only one running the full marathon! LOL. I'm doing 10k and the kids are participating in Kids Dash. I'm so excited for them! For us!! I'm gonna say it again, this is so cool!! *grins*

I'm hungry. And the chips are calling my name. HELP! *yeah, just something random for you*

One layout for you! I did this for YourScrapBookStash. They're having a DT call too. You'd want to try out. Erica is a sweetheart!

DSC_0028-1 copy

DSC_0096 copy

DSC_0097 copy

Are you still here? What are you waiting for? Go get workin' on the DT application email! :) Good luck!

Questions? Email button on the left side bar! :) See you soon!

Friday, November 5, 2010

32 on 32

  • I feel 29. Heh. Then I saw the wrinkles. And stretch marks.
  • I never feel as if I have had too much coffee. Bad Sasha. Bad bad bad. Must drink more water instead. *and I'm going to Starbucks for breakfast tomorrow, the more water part will happen after that*
  • I don't like talking on the phone. So if you call and I don't answer, I might be driving and I'd rather not multitask, or not.
  • I fight for the window seat every time we get on an airplane. Don't worry, I don't shove strangers aside, just my family.
  • I can't swallow japanese food. Don't ask me why, I just can't.
  • I can't swim. So don't push me into the pool if you see me walking next to one. I'd freak out. Or push me anyway and I'd hate you for life. If I don't drown first.
  • I'm currently addicted to Hipstamatic. I don't think Mr.Husband gets it. He keep asking why my photos are weird.
  • I don't like maths. Numbers hate me. The feeling is mutual.
  • I want to get to know my sewing machine. I want to learn how to quilt, do you think that is possible? I think I'm damned either way, because really, I can't afford another hobby. No time. No fund. No space! LOL.
  • I love my husband. Very much. And that is not because he got me an iPhone. LOL. You can see that he's just as crazy as me.
  • I have great friends. On and off line.
  • I can't cook very well. So please don't expect to be fed with homecooked food if you visit me. We'll order pizza.
  • I'm closer to my parents now, more than ever. Maybe having my own children got something to do with that. I now wonder how did my mother survive during my 'growing up' years? God, she deserves an award or something.
  • My idea of a great vacation doesn't involve shopping. Shopping is tiring.
  • I only like the 'taking off' and 'landing' part of airplane rides. The cruising kills me.
  • And I don't like airplane food. I can survive on chips. Thankyouverymuch.
  • I'm a scatterbrain. I forget stuff. ALL.THE.TIME.
  • I am extremely short. I can't wear flats. I'll look like a midget.
  • I miss my children when they're in school. Then they start quarelling in the back seat as soon as they get in the car after school. *sigh*
  • I don't watch heavy and intellectual movies. I go to the movie to relax, not start watching something and still thinking what it means 5 days later. I'm shallow like that.
  • I love cupcakes. Who am I kidding? I love cakes.
  • I talk in my sleep sometime. They're usually nonsense, but you never know. I might just tell you what number is gonna come up for the next lottery draw one of these days.
  • I throw tantrums.
  • I laugh at others and myself. I laugh until my tummy hurts most of the time
  • I can't dance to save my life.
  • I have a bag of candy corn in the fridge. I'm afraid to start eating, just in case I can't stop. And oh, the bag is in the fridge because it's so humid here.
  • I wanna be in San Francisco. With lots of time and money to spend. A girl can dream, eh? :)
  • I'd like to think I'm funny. Funny and sarcastic at times. But funny.
  • I want to cut my hair REALLY short. But I don't think it'll suit my broad face, so scratch that.
  • I'm very clumsy. I trip over my own feet, drop stuff, break appliances around the house, cut my finger etc - on a daily basis. One or the other must happen or my day won't be complete. I dislike feeling incomplete, so it's not like I have a choice, you see? :)
  • I hate doing laundry. Folding and sorting will only happen when I have at least 2 weeks worth of CSI-s to watch. My family is used to digging in the pile of clean clothes anyway. I like to keep it that way. It was not easy to train them to dig into the said pile every time they need fresh set of clothes. :P
  • I still feel 29 *winks*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I remember thinking. . .

Please don't go.
I need you to be here for me.

Don't you? Don't you want your parents to live forever? I mean, I know it's impossible. Trust me, this is a hard one to scrap, but I want to remember what I thought when I hugged my dad that morning.

I hesitate scrapping this photo because it's hard to stick your neck out and bare yourself to the masses like this, but I want to be able to scrap the not so pleasant thoughts as well as the nice sunshine-y, lollipop sweet memories. If you're anything like me, you'll feel much better.

And oh, please don't judge me for wanting my parents to live forever. I'm not that naive. I know how the world works. I promise. *phewwwww - that was not easy*

I have a challenge up on the Studio Calico blog with this layout. You wanna check that out for a chance to win a $5 GC to the Studio Calico Shop!

close up 1

I used bits and pieces from Napa Valley and also On The Easel. I adore that alpha stamps from Napa Valley! Also some mists and rub ons.

And I leave you with. . .

crappy photos, made into a collage. Crappy photos from my phone *i didn't bring my dslr*, but wonderful memories with these girls. 10k, a wonderful morning, a blind date with the super cheerful and talented Pooi Pooi from American Crafts and MWL! I picked the girls up from my SIL's house, went home and crashed. Crashed hard. LOL.

See you soon!