Monday, December 13, 2010

Attention : Husbands!

Wives : you may skip this part if you want to be surprised and start reading after the photos of my layout. *winks*

If you're still thinking what to buy for your wonderful, amazing, beautiful, darling wife this fast-approaching christmas, I have a few suggestions for you :)

She may already have a complete set of Mister Huey, Jenni Bowlin Ink Pads and Paint Dabbers. But you can never go wrong with a Subscription to the amazing Studio Calico kits! Never. Go on, she deserves every little bit of it. :)

Or, you can let her shop to her heart's content at . Perfect timing now too since they're having FREE US SHIPPING promo for purchases #25 and above! Just enter the code HOLIDAY upon checkout.

One more store that is so close to my heart is YourScrapBookStash. Go on. Between these three, you're set.

She already love you, but she will love you more. *grins*


close up

close up 2

Wives : well, there is nothing much for you to do, really. Just try to leave this page open on the lappie or desktop and make sure he sees it. Or just go and buy gifts for yourself and bill him later :P LOL.

and oh, you're welcome! :)


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The story of marathons

Every single time I wave him off to the start line . . .


close up 1

I trust that he knows when to stop, I trust that he knows his limit, his ability, his strength. I trust that he knows he can give up and still came back as my hero. I trust him. More than I trust myself not to cry, apparently.

He did good. Great, in fact. A new Personal Best of 3:34:11. That's awesome timing, right? :))

We are so proud of him. Really. You have no idea, I feel like my heart is gonna burst out of my chest when I heard his timing. He trained hard for this. :) My biggest regret that day - not being there for him at the finish line. But it's okay, there will be other races.

But I completed what I think will be my last 10k for a while *don't ask what's my timing- LOL*. Not because I'm upgrading myself to 21k or anything like that. I'm just resting from races, not pregnant or anything like that either. Two photos above courtesy of an awesome photographer friend, Tey Eng Tiong. He stood in the sun for hours, just to capture photos of friends! Thank you Tey, you're amazing.

We went home happy. Sweaty and many shades of brown. But happy. And already looking forward to next event where I'm playing my favorite role - photographer. :)