Monday, February 14, 2011

I love you everyday

yes it's true. :)

i love you everyday

Another page from Who's Who by Studio Calico *i love that kit so much!* Stamped with Noah, my go-to alpha set. :)

close up 1

I love him everyday, I don't care how silly, I'll be there for him. I don't even care if he gives up half-way. The fact that he has the guts to start the race is enough. :). 100k in 16 hours. For that duration of time, my heart will be working overtime. I know because that is always the case :) He has a few more months to train. Wish us luck, will you? :)

Project 365 *are you bored with my photos yet?*


My hand dyed floss collection :) I love that little bag.


Ain't that the truth? I finished stitching this piece this very day. The hand-dyed fabric looks like misted background, yes? :)


My starbucks. Well, not mine, but ykwim? The one I go to almost every time.


Sunset. ♥. As always, from my kitchen window. ♥


I caught Neha looking through my old scrapbooks. This is why I scrap, yes :)


Baby girl with some random oversized stuffed toy at the mall. No, she didn't get to bring it home. Hah!



Jill said...

Great pics...I love the sunset one especially. Your Starbucks is WAY prettier than mine, by the way. What gives?

P.S. How did you manage the XOXO on your layout? Is that from a punch?

Unknown said...

Happy valentine's day dearie. :) I LOVE your layout and photos!

kookykash said...

he is lucky to have you. Love the scraps and the stitches!

Blossom inch said...

great pictures...nice layout, and I love the floss!

Unknown said...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That is the BESTEST title EVER EVER EVER!!! And I love you more and more every time I see one of your GORGEOUS creations... you truly have a AMAZING gift! Loveeeeeeeeeee the photos too! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sabr said...

cuuute page! and I love your stitchery - it does look like you misted the background! happy Vday!! xo

caroline hancock / Scrappercaz said...

fabulous LO and yes what an awesome kit i have done 18 so far :)

Zarah said...

Oh, sweetie - that's too gorgeus! LOVE your faux envelope (or did you make a real one?) and your sentiment and... I love it all, actually! You're my goddess!

LOVE you, my sweet friend!
Happy V-day!! ♥

Anonymous said...

LOVE the layout girl and the photos are so fun to look at!

Sarah said...

Great photos! And I just love it when the kids want to look back at the albums! :)

CK Chai said...

Happy Valentine, Sasha!

Love the cross stitch and the pics, esp the one on the sunset...

Sending lots of hugs to you...

CK Chai said...

Oh yes, just have to let you know, I love the LO very much too, love the stitching of the butterfly trail and colors, etc.. Everything is just perfect!

Curlywiggles said...

Love the punch on the side of the layout! And the way you used the Ki Pocket. Happy V-day!

Ania said...

I thought you made that layout for me until I saw the run-part..and realized it wasn't about me after all! :P *grin* :D

Unknown said...

That is a HUGE Domo she is standing next to!! Love the layout btw :)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

wow, so bright and cheery, love it, that craft punch at that corner is my favorite, brilliant idea!

Geralyn said...

Your page is BEAUTIFUL! Love the butterfly trail :) Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Michelle Clement said...

Ah, lovely!! What a gorgeous page! :) And your photos are super-cute - that sunset is stellar!!

Wendy Kwok said...

There is something soooo beautiful about this blue layout. The title, the sewing... I cannot decide. It is just perfect