Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is it okay with you?

This bulleted style blog posts? It's just easier for me to organize the millions of thoughts I have inside here *taps the side of my head* Let me know if my bullets annoy you, eh? Then maybe I'll find some other way to blog. :) *I love you*
  • Lisa! You got the paper twine! Please email me your address, yes? :) Email button on the side bar.
  • FYI - I adore reality TV! I'm a reality TV addict. It just sucks that we don't get every single one here. Or maybe it's a good thing, otherwise I'd be glued to the tv. LOL. I just don't want my kids there. Ever. I still shiver when I think of Naonka. Heh.
  • I had to force myself to stop. Stop creating and start photographing what I have for now. Yes. Studio Calico's upcoming kit is totally amazing. I have, as of now. . . 7 layouts and 2 cards. So get emailing Lorie to get on the waitlist. Waitlist button right there with the 'SOLD OUT' sign :)
  • Yes, I suck at making cards. I know. Be kind when you see my cards, okay? Okay. Thankyouverymuch.
  • Apparently, Nidhi can't stand the glare as well. Poor baby got that from me I think. Put her under the sun and she gets a headache. *ouch* I'm not sure if I should bring her to the doctor? She's fine after a nap in an air-conditioned room btw. What do you think? And she's not mommy is not very fond of the doctor.
  • I cut my hair! I still look like the picture on the sidebar. Nothing drastic. LOL.
  • I'm so blessed. I'm so in love with my family right now. Please point me to this blog post when I say something about wanting to bang my head on the wall and pull my hair out and maybe smash a couple of things in the house. Okay? :)
  • Something random. Fresh from photobooth. My goal for March - get rid of the junk drawers. :) Baby steps, y'all!

so much like daddy

I scrapped that photo before, I know. But I love it so so much. And I love them.

close up 1

Those yellow splatters? Mister Huey's Sunshine. Love. That paper? Woods. Exclusive in that very kit from Studio Calico. Just.get.on.the.waiting.list.already. LOL.

Project 365


I grabbed these and start watching my Criminal Minds. At least I don't feel guilty eh? :)


Nidhi, rearranging her stuff in the school file. See that many flag post its? Yeah, she just got those. Can you imagine how exciting it was for her? LOL.


This is where I live. And I love this area. LOVE. Big time. Taken during our evening walk back from the tuition centre.


Laksa for three. :)) I love lazy saturdays like this one.


Nidhi and mommy in the kiddy pool. LOL. She wanted to go into the deep pool and I threatened to go home right that moment. *I'm afraid of water in large quantity, remember?*


I want to be 'professional' like mommy - she said. She has no idea that her mommy is not professional and only winging it most of the time. LOL.

  • I have photos to edit.
  • I have children to fetch from school, then feed lunch.
  • I'll be back soon with sneaks!
  • I love you guys. A lot!


caroline hancock / Scrappercaz said...

WOW that LO is stunning, i loved Who;s Who i got 21 LO from it :) and i so cant wait to see the new one, wow you got a lot from it already, i too am hopeless at cards but i'm sure yours look better than mine will :)

Unknown said...

VERY OK!!! Everything you do in your inimitable style - more than ok. :)

nailgirl said...

your layout is beautiful! and i'm curious about the laksa! i recognize the boiled egg, and shrimp, but what is the rest? i love seeing and reading about different foods!! i've never heard of this. anyway, thanks for sharing your work. i always love to see your layouts in the gallery at studio calico!! i just wish your kits didn't take so long to get to you, lol

nailgirl said...
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Zarah said...

Mommy's too professional, she's quite right, your gal! :D

You're so pretty, my friend! And uyou know - you have a smile in your eyes all the time. Makes me happy!

LURVE the layout!!!

Kim Sonksen said...

Nidhi is growing so fast!!!
BTW I love the bullet style blogging - looks ubercool.

WICKED layout, love it so much and wish I would have been on the waitlist for that Kit!

Jessy Christopher said...

Well it's good to have someone inherit your talents rite? I am sure she'll grow up to be "pro" in SB :) I love that layout so much and she looks very much like Sam. Well, it's ok to repeat photos cause I do the same too :)

Mel said...

Love the dot points, your thoughts are fantastic, love where you live, looks so lively, your style is so amazing and vibrant. Love you. Melxxx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That photo of you is sooooooooooooo cute!! And love love love love the lo's and the other photos too!! And I loveeeeeeeee that DD wants to be a pro like Mama!! That is soooooooo sweet! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Christa said...

I like the bullets too, otherwise I forget what I've already said and people see the same stuff twice! I'm scattered that way!
Love the haircut-that style really suits you! Just beautiful!

lisa truesdell said...

loving the new do! and the page is gorgeous - so bright and happy!

lisa truesdell said...

loving the new do! and the page is gorgeous - so bright and happy!

Jennifer said...

all good stuff!! Love your hair and the layout is awesome!! :)

Lauren said...

Great post..I love the bright fun colors in your layout!

Tonya said...

WHat a gorgeous happy layout!!!!!! Your hair's looking cute too! What junk drawers????? I don't see them! ;)

Amy S. said...

Sasha, You are so funny! I so enjoyed your post. Have a super day!

Curlywiggles said...

I'm intrigued how you photograph your layouts now I've seen that white board, any chance of a tutorial (pretty please!). And stunning layout, you rocked that woods paper, love how you've punched half circles into it. And you are a professional scrapbooker in my eyes! I so enjoy seeing your project 365 photos, especially the ones of your neighbourhood and of what you eat.

Diana said...

Bullet points are fine. Love the post!
And the layout is divine. Just gorgeous.
I love some reality TV but I don't have time to watch any :-(

Unknown said...

love, love that layout and your very enjoyable bulleted post

Unknown said...

another pro-bullet vote! i write in bullets a lot of the time even if i don't actually punctuate with bullets... if that makes any sense. LOVE your photos and the layout. I haven't broken into Who's Who yet b/c i just love it SO MUCH. lol.

Anonymous said...

Fab layout girl and I love the lil peek into your creative space!!

You are too a professional sweetie! :D

Mandy said...

Great post! Beautiful layout! Love the new do!

Unknown said...

Love that page Sasha! Love the colours and the details! Thanks for making me smile too!

michele said...

love all the pix!! looks like a fun place to live! good luck with all your goals ... sometimes writing them all out is a good thing, right?

Blossom inch said...

love all the photos Sasha. I like your studio too...such a neat place to be ha...what a cute girl!

Sara said...

Gorgeous LO! Looks so happy! As for the bullet points--perfect! So cute that your girly wants to scrap like momma!

Lal said...

Oh gosh, Sasha...your LOs make me want to scrap like RIGHT NOW! LOVE the page....LOVE it!! And speaking of Mister Huey's, I just ordered some from SC last night. Only got four to start ;) Can NOT wait to get them. I've been wanting some FOREVER! Have a great night/day..whichever it is there :)

Sherri said...

I just love stopping by your blog. You're so candid. Makes us feel like we really know you. Love, love, love your style. Can't wait to see more peeks. And your cut... makes you look even more beautiful than before girl.

Caryl Hope said...

Oh, Sasha... your photos make me miss Singapore SO much. And that laksa? send some my way!!! LOL!

Ania said...

Umm I cut my hair first! I think :p And uh, stop posting pictures of sun and bathing and stuff, sigh..*wish I could have such weather here too*