Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm extremely loyal, or stupid. . .

you decide.
  • I watch a lot of re-runs. Of everything. *how else can I motivate myself to iron that seven thousand pairs of school uniforms*? Ironing = TV time. Stitching = TV time. And every single time, I root for the same person/contestant/party/tribe/character. . even though I already know the outcome. Even though I know they're not gonna win.
  • I've been having this pain on the left side of my tummy for a few days now. It's not going away to the point that I am getting used to it. Not good. Right? No one should get used to pain.
  • I am craving for candy floss. Since yesterday. I tried making do with some candy corn. No go. Stupid craving. Why can't I crave for some healthy food?
  • No layouts today. Coming soon though :)
  • It's kinda hard to believe we're well into March already, eh? *sigh*
  • All your comments on my last post, brought smiles to my face. Thank you.
Project 365


I watched this alone. SO FUNNY. I love chick flicks, what can I say. This is the kind of movie I go to watch alone. Chick flicks = me time. LOL. And oh, Ashton Kutcher is yummy.


Sardine murtabak. It's *ummm... how do I explain this* Indian flat bread, but filled with sardine and spices, thus making it not so flat now. Fattening. I know. But . . but. . but. .


Making my 'sambal'. Chillies and roasted shrimp paste. The shrimp paste, stinks to high heaven. You can say it's an acquired taste.


Watched this with Mr Husband. He cried. I did not. And I'm very proud of that fact. :P


Wow! We really watch a lot of movies! Or rather I watch a lot of movies! LOL. I'm more fascinated with Dianna Agron's character's camera collection.


Can you see the swimmers? Mr Husband did his first swim event. Of course we were there! :)) My heart worked triple overtime the whole time he was in the water though.

I asked 'where can I get red velvet cupcakes in Singapore?' on facebook. Believe me, it's kinda hard to get them here. If you have easy access to RV cuppies, count your lucky stars. One kind hearted soul baked this for me! Delish! Love love love, maybe I will have to try and bake this myself.


Spanking new! I love my new vacuum cleaner. The old one died on me after 10 years. Good 10 years we had but I'm ready for a new love affair with Mr. Black.

Banana fritters. Again, unhealthy. I try not to pass through the shop that sells them. That way, I won't be tempted to buy. Haha!


He managed to change the lightbulb! Without hurting himself or burning the house down. yay! The same can't be said if I'm the one doing it. I'm absolutely, the accident prone kinda girl.


o.m.g. another movie. you see, if not because of these daily photos, I won't realize this. I love movie dates with Mr Husband and won't change it for anything else. :)) Emily Blunt is totally gorgeous, btw.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You need to have your tummy checked out... I was having problems on my right side and I am glad I didn't ignore it as its gall stones, and have to have my gall bladder taken out this coming Wednesday! Soooooooo pretty please, for me?? Go check it out?? I loveeeeeeeee the photos...and I loveeeeeee movies too... I just don't get to see them very often!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sherri said...

I love the pic of the water! I can not believe how athletic your DH is. You've seen some great movies lately. I {heart} movie night with hubby too, we saw Unkown with Liam Neeson last weekend, so good. Happy Friday!

Mel said...

I am not sure there is such a thing as craving healthy foods, well I have never had it and the pain definately if it persists you need to see a DR, this is not the first blog entry that will say this I am guessing, and I love Ashton too, and I love that him and Demi have a great relationship? well it seems so anyway with all the others divorcing in Hollywood. Love the pics. Melxx

Jessica said...

I love that you are capturing these everyday moments. I also like seeing the food on here because some of it is so different than anything we have here on a normal basis. Really interesting to see it! Thanks for the post on my blog. I'm tempted to just get rid of it all...even from past kits. I just can't bare having so much around & knowing I won't ever put a dent in it.

Christine said...

It has been soooo long since I went to the movies. I'm just slightly jealous....ok lots jealous!

Go to the Dr girl, you look after yourself.

Diana said...

I love that shrimp thing. My husband's family is Chinese (Hakka) and they all told me, "you're not going to like this; it's an acquired taste." I'm all over it!
You get candy corn in Singapore? I have to rely on people to bring it for me from USA. I love that stuff.

Ania said...

Banana fritters? Boggle..whats that! Looked know, the living thing propped w/proteine ;p

Keshet said...

Glad you found a red velvet cupcake, my dear!

June Malik said...

all the movies that you have seen are the ones tht i want to see .. aisshh .. if only we are in the same state, we'd be having movie outing almost everyday ha ha

Coochies & All said...

One of my favourite posts Sasha - once again, I LOVE your writing. :))
elaine t

Sara said...

Love your pics! I wish I would remember to take pics of the posters of movies we see. We just saw 2 tonight. (Just go with it & Take me home tonight--both hysterical!!) You're right--no one should get used to pain. Hope you feel better!

Melonie said...

Love the pics Sasha! I agree with the other girls who said you should get yourself to the dr. I know...I know...not so fun...but we say it b/c we love you:)

Briana Johnson said...

I really want to hang out with you - funny movies, good food. I will even help you with your ironing. And you can show me how to scrapbook. Candy floss, lol, I don't think I've ever had that.