Saturday, March 12, 2011

The story of nothing much. . .

  • I started shuffling my feet again. I'm sure by now you're sick of reading about this business of starting and restarting of feet shuffling.
  • It's painful. Every step I take, my lungs are screaming blue murder inside. That should teach me a lesson not to abandon working out. No matter how little, I must work out. Even if that means just climbing the steps to my 10th floor apartment.
  • Please remind of the two points above should I decide to be friendly with my bed and start taking afternoon naps instead of sweating out again, yeah? :P
  • The other day, I was lying on the sofa at my parents'. . talking to my dad about his granddaughters. I was saying their Maths are SO HARD, even I can't do it sometimes most of the time all the time, actually. And he blurted out - I hate maths! I was like - OMG! Now I know why I hate maths! I got that from you! But I also know why I'm good with composition, I got that from you as well! And now Neha is like me! Like you, Papa! LOL. He just chuckled. I love my dad. He's the best sportswriter in Asia my heart! He still writes! ♥ ♥ ♥
  • At any given day, at any given time, I prefer Spongebob Squarepants rather than Justin Bieber. For now. Ask me again when he's all grown up like Zac Efron/Shemar Moore/Eddie Cahill/ Wentworth Miller *you get the idea*.

Studio Calico goodness! :)
Wood Veneer frames - I'm surprised how easy they take the Mister Huey Dark Calico but still retain some of that 'grain' ☺

close up 1

I actually made this layout based on a sketch off Tina's layout. Love her style :)

close up 2

See that teal hearts stamped all over? That's kinda my favorite thing to do right now. I just wanna stamp and stamp and stamp my own background.

And those doilies! Sweet Vintage goodness. Aren't they just gorgeous?

Project 365


My treasure box. I guard this box with my life. Kidding. My kids would love to get their hands on this box, but, no.. .not so easy. If it's up to them, 6 boxes of pencils will only last two weeks the most. LOL. Lots of stuff inside, okay. Blue tac, batteries, my sweet vintage doilies, glue tape/ATG Gun refills and what nots. :)


This is so good! I had this at Summer Frost. *they should update their blog already, eh?* Shaved milk ice-cream, strawberry puree and fresh strawberries. This is so good! have I said that already? ☺


Went out with a sweet girlfriend. Hot and spicy fish baked rice for me and Chicken baked rice for her. Then we had free ice-cream coz they had some kind of promotion going on. We never say no to free ice-cream. LOL. Was a good great day.


Just call me FoodFace already. LOL. Fattening Indian flat bread again, this time with egg and onions inside. Eaten with fish curry for breakfast. Was on a date with my Mr. Husband. I never say no to Indian food. Um.. I never say no to food *except Japanese*, actually. Hahaha!


Where I drop Mr.Husband off for work every time :) I love this place and my clean windscreen .


The beach. 7.45am.


My firstborn. If only she knows how much I love her. . .


Flowers at the park. Forgive the shaky photo. My hands won't stay still. Took this on my way back from my Day 3, Week 1 of C25K.
  • Who else is doing Project 365? Leave me a comment, link me up. I would love to see your photos!
  • I'm still fighting my sewing machine - will show progress soon! So far, I have 9 blocks done :) Quite an accomplishment, especially since I have not sewn over my fingers yet! My mom did that once and it was terrible. I really, really do not wanna sew over my fingers. *fingers crossed*
  • I love you all. ♥ ♥ ♥
  • It took me only four hours to finish this post. Yay! ✓


Jessy Christopher said...

I was giggling at your chat with your papa! I can so relate with the Math thingy. LOL! Gosh you always have to share the yummo food eh?! Well another food junkie here. Love that layout as always. Did u stitch those hearts?

Christa said...

I should NOT have looked at your blog post while my stomach is growling!!! Yum!!!
ANd of course I love the layout-always love your work!

Malin said...

Love the layout, stunning work as always and the pic of your daughter with the hearts is just so precious!!
Have a great weekend

Geralyn said...

Love your food pics - looks so delish! Your layout is beautiful, as usual :)

jamie long said...

ugh math! I think hate of math is definitely a dominant trait!

Julie (juls2000) said...

beautiful pictures and page!! How special that you got to share your similarities with your dad. And, I read a quote once about how a child never knows how much you love them until they hold their own child in their arms- so true! She will know one day how much you love her!!

Anonymous said...

hi chick, how ya doing? Is that a big box of scrapping treasure or what & the food looks delish too, take care ok chick x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

hehehehe... I don't like math either! i loveeeeee that lo... those hearts are beautiful...and loving the photos!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Natalie Elphinstone said...

I loved your layout when I saw it at SC, and I still adore it! Loving the stamped background, and the squares of pp behind the title. But your food pics are making me hungry :-)

Melonie said...

Love this Sasha! Great math story...p.s. I hate it too and often feel ridiculous when I am helping my son with math that is far beyond me:) HOpe you have a good weekend!

Sara said...

Count me as a hater of math too! I'm happy my oldest takes after hubby for that...and the rest like me (attitude included!)! Love all your pics!

Mel said...

Always so much gorgeous things to look at on your blog, firstly Shemar Moore.......maybe that's the reason I love Criminal mind's so much he is so cute. Oh I love how you did the background of your layout, I struggle with stamping on bazzill, goes all uneven. Your eldest daughter is just stunning and nice to see where you get all your characteristics from hey....not talking about the food - I am on a diet so pretending I didn't see a thing. lol Melxx

Jessica said...

Always love to see your pics. Those flowers are WOW! Gorgeous. Oh and of course, I always love seeing the beach pics! TFS! Are you taking most of you 365 pics with your iphohne?

Donna said...

I'm with you......this morning was my first time at the gym since last January - I hurt already!!! Love, Love, Love that layout!

Caroline Elliam said...

fabulous pics, amazing layout and yummy food! :)

Michelle Clement said...

Such a lovely page! That little heart stamp is *darling*! :) And I, too, hate Maths & much prefer Spongebob - lol. :)

Keshet said...

Love all of these fun tidbits to your life!

Staci Taylor said...

you're soo cute, you crack me up, girl! i looooove LO (as always), and i love the pics, too. although you're killing me with all the food pics when i'm trying to be good! ;-)

Anonymous said...

coolness..I love your LO always.. :)
Those 365 picz are awesomelicious..

suryani said...

sort of just started with the 365 photo thingy but it's already march haha so it'snot 365 :D but will be disciplin and do it everyday..

Sherri said...

I love how random your posts can be. The yummy food, the gorgeous scenery, the kiddos, the fabulous layouts. Love it all, I tell ya. I have been working out 3x/wk since Jan. I both love and hate it every time. In fact I have Boot Camp tomorrow morning, and should really stop catching up on blogs and get my rear end into bed. G'night.

Kelly Noel said...

love love love your photos, sasha! and of course, your layout is perfection!

Briana Johnson said...

I am so so so crazy about that pic of your daughter with the hearts on it! I hope you scrap that one soon! How did you do that? Love.

Isablabla said...

I LLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEE your last layout! The hearts stamped...wowww!!

What a beautiful treasure box!

Denise said...

love your photos Sasha and this post made me sooo hungry!

Christine said...

Aww, love the pics with baby, how sweet they are together!
I really enjoy looking at your 365 pics, the food looks so yummo!

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

why are your layouts so simple...and soo gorgeous...and soo meaningful at e same time... its like i can almost feel e warmth and love... of e journaling... so sweet...

shaggyfish said...

love to drop by here... just sometimes have been quiet and didnt leave my words behind.
love those photos for 365! and of course your layout, and your food! amazing lady!!!

Jill said...

How did you pull off that heart photo? WOW!