Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Little of This A Sprinkle of That

actually, no. I just wanna update my Project 365 photos here on the blog. *grins*
  • right now, the rain is so freaking heavy and I want a nap. but it's already pass 5pm and I so do not wanna mess up my sleep tonight. So I blog.
  • I scrapped a page I really, really love today. I can't wait to show you!
  • I had a good run in the morning, still breathing hard and loud like a dragon, but I had a good run. And I didn't get a starbucks after that said run *extremely hard, since I park my car in front of one - i feel like a traitor* and I'm feeling mighty proud of myself. LOL.
  • According to RunKeeper - I walked-jogged 40.5km for the month of March. *smiles*

Sunset from my kitchen window. 7.27pm.
I almost missed this. Nidhi was the one who bounced into the room and said - Mommy! look at that beautiful sunset! Thank you Nidhi. It was really, even more spectacular than this IRL.


Mr. Husband bought chocolate? Seriously? Not helping. haha! I can't resist! All three girls in the house have been chipping away on the 'egg' and it's finally finished today. :)) We still have the three bars. Mine is caramel.. Heh.


Post Office on Wheels at Changi Airport. How cute is this!! I wanna ride that thing but didn't wanna risk missing my flight. No go. :)


I am the worst navigator EVER. I got a headache after looking at this map for 15 minutes.


Assam Laksa. Roadside stall. RM2 which is about USD0.66 and it was so delish!


We had a room with pool access. I love sitting there, watching everyone else enjoy the pool, watching the beach.


One of the many framed photographs at Hard Rock Hotel.


Books. As you can see, I'm a hopeless romantic. Hopelessly hopeless.


Homework. Mommy hates homework. If it's up to me, they will have none.


Soyabean curd with ginko nuts. I ate all the beancurd but let Mr. Husband finished the ginko nuts. I don't quite like the taste.


This is the park 10 minutes from my house. This is where i drag my kids to on weekends if I feel like running. I usually run at the beach park, on school days so I have the pleasure of not dragging them along.


Tutti Frutti yogurt. This was Nidhi's, but she couldn't.. so I helped polish it up. LOL.


Movie Premiere - RIO. They said it was awesome. I didn't go in. I won tickets from GAP Singapore and it was for a 3d show. I don't do 3d. I get headache and might vomit onto the head of the patron in front of me. LOL. I'm gonna watch the plain ol' 2d version soon I think. Nidhi didn't fall asleep during the movie, which is saying a lot because the movie started at 7pm (she usually sleeps by 8+pm) and she always fall asleep, even if the movie starts at 11am. Must be good one! :P


Ice-cream! I didn't get any! Yay me!!


Donna said...

such a cool post. I am loving those blue toe nails!

Diana said...

Are those your blue toenails? I am very into blue toenails myself these days. I knew I was onto something!
If you did a page that YOU really love then I am holding my breath... do hurry and share.
Your project 365 photos make me think maybe I could/should do a project 365. I started it once but it lasted only 8 days. lol

Valerie said...

I LOVE your photographs!! And your commentary too - I would definitely barf or get a migraine at a 3D movie, too - so I avoid them at all costs. The pool photo is amazing - what a great capture of texture and line - LOVE IT!!
Thanks for sharing these Sasha - I know I'm late to the game but I'm getting ready to start one of these projects, too. Maybe it will be a 280, instead of a 365 ;)

Jennifer said...

Love the post office cart! :)

Did you read Mini Shopaholic yet? It's cute!

Jessy Christopher said...

You always have the best photos to share!! I started to drool when I see the asam laksa... Lol!! Well u should know how it feels to be a good junkie. Lol :)

Ellie said...

Love those pictures especially of the sweets ha :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeee the photos...and ohhhhhhhh if would have stayed at that hotel... ummmm yeah, Ringo, George, Paul and John would have come home with me! lol! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

celine navarro said...

you make me miss Singapore so much, Sasha!

Christa said...

Great photos!!
And you are a better person than I am when it comes to Starbucks, especially since you parked in front of it!!

Unknown said...

FANTASTIC! I love your photos.

Denise said...

Great photos! I love that you ♥ romance novels. I love Nora Roberts. I've been reading too many serious books lately. I think it is time for a romance.

Sherri said...

Gosh, you always have so many photos in your posts. I {heart} that. Wish I was better at taking them, I've been in a rut lately. And for all your self-discipline consider this post a virtual medal. Chocolate, and Starbucks are pretty much additions to the 4 Major Food Groups, so you did very, very well girl :)

Unknown said...

Can imagine you smiling and laughing through the pics on this post. So much happiness and family love. :) Glad to 'see' you are enjoying life!

Geralyn said...

Your pictures are so fun, Sasha! Love how you use your iphone for P365.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous pics Sasha xxx

Mary Jo said...

Lots of great photos!
I love the sunset :)
And I am a huge Nora Roberts fan!

And no fair teasing about the layout you love! Now I can't wait to see it :)

Stephanie Howell said...

wow, my mouth is watering from all the photos. LOVE the pool one the best, though.
can't wait to see the layout!

Allison Waken said...

Love all these glimpses into your life!

Isablabla said...

Is it possible to suscribe to a foodtrip in your city, with you as my guide, of course!???!

lisa truesdell said...

i hate homework, too. love your p365 updates!

Kasey said...

Gorgeous pictures, Sasha!
Thanks for popping by my blog. Have a lovely day!

Denise said...

Sasha I love your photos so much!
I am the same kind of momma. I hate homework :(

Louisa May said...

Woman !!! love the pix !! They just get better and better and better !!!!! the foodie pix especially makes them look like they can jump out to be eaten ! ok,... it's my preggie hormones talking ahhaha...

iamsyah said...

the Hard Rock pool sungguh menancam! :D

Sara said...

Love these posts! Your pics are awesome! I hate 3D too--they don't do anything for me & are super expensive. Looking through your pics now I want ice cream....have to be good since I've been too sick to walk. :( Oh & that hotel with the pool access?? WOW!!

caroline hancock / Scrappercaz said...

my favourite Chocolate ever is Galaxy esp galaxy caramel, and we dont get it here :( omg my mouth is watering. the one thing i miss about the uk is the chocolate
fabulous layout and i just love the picture with the books, really awesome :)

CK Chai said...

love the photos, esp the one u sitting by the pool side?