Sunday, May 15, 2011


ala Tina Aszmus :)

listening : Zee Avi - on repeat. not forgetting the bickering of my children, also, on repeat.
eating : everything. I seem to be permanently hungry these few days. So gonna pay for this episode of gluttony.
drinking : lots. mostly isotonics. 100℉ here. I'm wilting.
craving : anything Starbucks. 6 weeks since my last. weird thing is I only crave it when I'm at home. I go out and actually see a Starbucks in front of my eyes and I don't really feel like drinking.
wearing : right now? shorts and t-shirt. *and still sweaty*
feeling : all out of sorts. angry, sad. . . but also calm and happy.
weather : i repeat, 100℉ at least.
wanting : to make something beautiful and also to blog more frequently.
needing : a good kick in the butt. Ha!
wondering : where is my Studio Calico box? I hope it comes soon!

  • I made this layout for the Scrap Recipe challenge on Studio Calico blog over the NSD weekend. I'm sorry I didn't get to post it here while the challenge was in progress.
  • This is my recipe : let me know if you play along, I would love to have a look see! :)
  • at least two colors of cardstock *excluding white and black*
  • hand stitching
  • 3 buttons/epoxy shape
  • 3 brads
  • usage of a punch - any shape.

click click

close up

Project 365 update or in other words - hear her rambles. LOL.


Portuguese egg tarts. Absolutely delish. SGD3. I may need to learn how to make this myself, except then, I will eat more? Hah!


Goodnight world. I rarely stay up. I'm old, y'all. I get headaches if I cut down on my sleep. :P And oh, this is considered quite late, okay? LOL.


Rice + sambal goreng + quail eggs + assam fish dish. SGD5.


General Election fever. :) I'm not into politics, so I steered clear.


My girls decorating a cake for my sister :) I love Groupon :)


Teh tarik + Soto ayam. SGD4.50. Breakfast for champions. Haa!!


My very beautiful sister on her wedding day.


2nd day of the ceremony. We sent her to the Husband's side.


Nidhi and her best friend. LOL. She's actually my cousin, and during the course of the weekend, they became best friends. How? Why? I have no idea. Haha!


Kitchen sink cookies in progress. They were awesome, even though I managed to leave out granulated sugar from the recipe. Still quite sweet though, so maybe next time I won't even bother with the sugar.


Miss Nat!! I didn't get to meet her the day before so I sent her off at the airport instead! :) We had coffee, like we always wanted. . then she and her husband boarded the plane to Frankfurt. What a fabulously sweet girl.. I can't wait for her next trip here!


Had to document this. We rarely have McD for breakfast. Went to the drive-through before dropping the girls to school :) Good day. Good day.


Daiso! Everything is $2 - always! LOL.


My first run for the year :) Nike Goddess 5k. Nice t-shirt, but holy cow.. it was HOT! Not proud of my timing, but hey.. my target was to finish without crawling. LOL.


Old Changi Hospital. Haunted? I don't know. Lots of stories going around. We drove by to show the area to the kids after lunch on Mother's Day. Yes, we're funny like that. We prefer haunted old buildings over a simple picnic by the beach or anything like that.


Nidhi's iced lemon tea. Ahhhhh!

Starting a new project. Lizzie Kate, again.


Groceries shopping. Am I the only one who loves groceries shopping? Tell me I'm not!


A for accept differences.


Jennifer said...

I actually don't mind grocery shopping! I love visiting out of town grocery stores so I really enjoyed the picture you shared! :)

Great layout, too!

Mel said...

Oh wow, always so much to feast on at your gorgeous blog, firstly I am in pj's flanny at that, and I eat like that too, must get that treadmaster soon. lol. I love your gorgeous daughter and so wish we had a starbucks here, heard they closed down here....darn it..You are so down to earth, love love your layout just wish I could come scrap with you. Love Melx

Diana said...

o how I love your blogposts.
Glad I could help brighten your day a bit. I am always happier after visiting your blog :-) oh so sappy but true (heeeee)
So I love the LO but I really love the photos. The food ones get me the most! It all looks sooooo yum. Makes me want to visit Singapore... .

Unknown said...

Envying: the effortless elegance of your layouts.
Hugging: virtually! *hugz*

Michelle Hernandez said...

Your page was my favorite of all the SC NSD pages- it's so layered and detailed yet clean and modern- that's my perfect combo. Congrats to your sister on her wedding- she looked amazing.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

It was 102F here yesterday!! We will be like this until November... gotta love Arizona! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo! LOVING all the circles!! And loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos... I met Nat at CHA last year...she is the SWEETEST!! I {heart} her! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Barb said...

I don't mind grocery shopping either, Sasha, especially if I manage to go at a time when the store isn't crowded. There's something about the list and crossing things off and being ready for a week that is really appealing.

Donna said...

I love grocery shoppping!!! that layout is amazing.

Denise said...

I used to love grocery shopping when I was not working outside the home now, I don't because I never have enough time so it is just another chore! I always get so hungry Sasha when I read your posts! loved seeing the wedding photos, everyone looks so wonderful!

Laurie said...

I love grocery shopping too, bringing it home, hauling it in the house and putting it away is a different your layout, and little glimpses into where you live and yes, your sister is beautiful...hungry and out of sorts here too, is there something in the air (all around the world?) ha!

Sara said...

I love seeing all the beautiful pics when I visit your blog! Love the post! Might have to use that. ;) And your LO? Woman, that is GORGEOUS!! Your stitching on it is FANTASTIC! You are just incredibly talented!

Keshet said...

Love the peeks into your life. Now I just need to come visit--I believe I remember seeing a pool in your complex?? Looks like such fun stuff!

Ania said...

Hahaha! Monstermaker! What else did you except, her being your child and all!! ;D *snicker*

Nathalie Kalbach said...

looveed meeting you sweet girl!!! and oh your sister looked so gorgoeus! and I looooveee grocery shopping :)

Unknown said...

Yes, I enjoy grocery shopping - especially if I can go by myself! I love your recipe challenge page. I didn't find time to do many of the challenges, but if I do it in the future, I'll be sure to let you know. I am absolutely in love with your pages. They are so clean, but messy at the same time, and I LOVE it!! ♥

Christine said...

Oh Sasha, you are such a sweetie, your blog always makes me happy :) It's those beautiful, beautiful photos and the honest way you write *hugs*

Blossom inch said...

I am always amazed with your hand stitching and this LO is absolutely beautiful. Love it to the max and thanks for sharing!

Sherri said...

Yay, you're back, I've missed you! You never disappoint, however, loads of pix once again. You are the queen of circle hand stitching girl. I need to get my hands on some more floss. 5K? in that heat? Way. To. Go!!! I totally want to tackle your challenge. The new project looks lovely so far. Funny I was just talking with dd11 this evening about that very thing. Acceptance, such a difficult reality for most 11 year old girls, someone is always on the outside looking in :( And, about groceries I use to love it when I had babies, it was my night out (how sad is that?!), but now I could take it or leave it to be honest. And yes, please keep me posted on when your little sis gets married, I may just have to run away from this place and come as your 'international guest' lol

Britta said...

Wow, lovley LO and wonderful pics and words! Thanks a lot! I ve also leave a comment by April 8th, 2011.

Have a good time

Frl. Pilzrausch (germany)

Anilú Magloire said...

Dayum! Your food pics always make me want to take a trip across the world to your neck of the woods. Yummy!

You are making me want to cross stitch so bad. A trip to the craft store is in my future, I think... ;-)

Aaaan, that page... Swoon! I am so gonna lift that one in digital. Yes, I am!

Janna Werner said...

This is a pretty cool layout! Loved all the photos you shared, thanks so much! Janna

Stephanie Howell said...

love every single thing about this post. so vibrant.

Coochies & All said...

I LOVE GROCERY SHOPPING! Not only in singapore, but whichever country I visit, I WILL visit the grocery shop there and knock myself out! :)
elaine t

Melonie said...

I always love your posts...they just make me smile:) Fantastic LO too!

caroline said...

i love those circles ont hat LO!!!

Diana said...

Me again ;-)
Loved your meme so much I did a LO with it