Sunday, June 5, 2011

Around here . . .

  • nothing much is happening. We're enjoying being lazy, but feeling very busy at the same time. How is that possible?
  • I think I'm overwhelmed. I want to do a lot of things, been pinning like there is no tomorrow and my 'to-try' list is now 5.25 miles long. *sigh* Do you feel that way sometime?
Project 365


One of my ongoing project. I really wanna have them hanging on my walls, scattered around my house. Good reminders to have. And I really wanna use my stash of linen, pretty stuff should not reside inside the drawers.


My three daughters. LOL. Kidding. The one in the middle is Neha's best friend. They have been together since first grade and I love that girl like my own. I love the fact that they look out for each other, in school and online. We took the kids out for the whole day and it was pretty dang tiring, but seeing how much they enjoyed themselves = priceless.


Right before my 10k flag off. Right before the gun went off and I thought to myself - What the hell am I thinking??!! Ha!


Our first Starbucks since April 4th. An achievement for me, because, he.. well, he's not really into coffee. :)

Greek yogurt and crushed granola bar. Super good. That book? I stopped reading and returned it back to the library because well, I can't focus. I keep expecting vampires and werewolves and telepaths - so I went back to my Sookie Stackhouse. LOL.


A card I made for a friend. Way overdue. . (sorry, friend) :) Filmstrip stamp from Countdown add on. That gorgeous butterfly from an old set of Karen Russel for Fontwerks.


Lunch at Little India with FIL. I have other photos from Little India to show - of the dried chillies and spices, but I chose this one because, to be frank, it was harder to ask for photos from him than the chillies. Ha!.. Ha!


Coconut Blossom with oozing palm sugar. Neha, especially.. loves them.
Spent the whole day cutting the little squares. My back was screaming for help by the time I'm done. I have no idea when am I gonna sew them together to make the quilt top, no freakin' idea. . . let's just let my back forget the pain from cutting them first.


The advantage of having a minimart in your building. Nidhi saw the advertisement and went - oh my.. i feel like eating that ice-cream, mommy. LOL. She got it 10 minutes later. Ate half of it and announced that it was too sweet for her and I had to have the unfortunate task of finishing it. Yeah right... no one forced me. LOL!


Creamy curried chicken wrap. Sunday breakfast/lunch. Fast to cook, good to eat. My kind of cooking. :)


Kim Sonksen said...

Yummy - I would have taken that Magnum with pleasure of you :))))

And I am TOTALLY loving the embroidering you are doing. So fabulous. Maybe we could teach each other - I show you crocheting you show me embroidery :)

laurie lariviere said...

I so love the pics you post, especially of food!! thanks for sharing your quilt, I have made those before and yes it kills your back, I need a countertop height table and that would help me, I just bought a quilt kit with the squares already cut, ah heaven!!

Michelle Hernandez said...

LOVE that card! The butterfly on Rocket age paper is a genius touch. I can't wait to get my kit- it's a little delayed but that's ok- anticipation is good. I would love to do Project 365- I keep forgetting I could just jump in anytime. Thanks for swinging by my blog- it's a huge honor for me. :)

jamie long said...

Your food pics always get me Sasha! That card is so beautiful it's worth the wait.

Barb said...

I love the one picture of the 10K flag mixed in with all the pictures of food.

You're my kind of gal!

Unknown said...

A lot of tasty looking food in this post Sasha. I need to visit ;) That quilt will be gorgeous and so worth the effort when it is done!

Keshet said...

This post is really making me hungry, Sasha:)

Diana said...

How about some recipes for these yummy dishes you say are so easy to prepare?! I would never think of a creamy curried chicken wrap for breakfast, but I sure wish I would have!

Anonymous said...

I love your embroidery! I wish I knew how to make something so beautiful :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh so much yumminess here!! And thanks for the love about my dental appt... I appreciate it... still a little sore...and have to go back tomorrow for more... ugh! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

vtpuggirl said...

Hi friend! I enjoy your photos and your work so much. Just stopping in to give you some hugs.

Blossom inch said...

First of all I like those pictures...secondly I love the linen stitched by you...I wish I can sew that neat! I love that butterfly card and don't think I will stop visiting always have some awesome juicy post to share! Thanks babe!


Sara said...

Your pics are always so eye catching! Good luck on your craftiness--you run circles around me!

Anilú Magloire said...

Oh, my! I LOVE that butterfly card and I so enjoy your tons of pics.
I hear ya about he need for vamps and wolves on books. I love me some Sookie too :-)

Christiane said...

such an overload of inspiration. love to look at all your work wether it's embroideryor or scrapbooking!!

Mel said...

Oh I love coming here, can so relate when Nate has something that is sweet, he just cannot finish it....I have to throw it these days, I am sure you understand why?....I love the look of those gorgeous foods, what are you doing to me, Nate loves fruit for breakfast and I struggle with junk food, he just doesn't like it...YAY///// I have been blessed. The treadmill is going well although pretending I am as fit as I was when I was an aerobics instructor has sunk in hard. We both have chest infections, the weather is 11 degrees in the morning and 32 degrees by is doing everyones health in over here. I got the job, my 15 hours a week starts 21st June, and I cannot wait. Nate is starting Kindy, his and my first time away from each other. I know it is good but I will miss him so much. Love your gorgeous photos, I just printed out my blog and know that even if I cannot keep up with scrapping I can still add photos to my blog and have the journalling right beside. It is awesome, Nate wants to read it every night. Melxx

Sherri said...

Feeling so blah today Sasha. Then I popped in here to get your email address, only to discover a new post. Yah! You made my day with your witty humor, and plentiful photos. Your girlies are so stinking cute. I love their warm smiles most of all, they so look like kids you could just stop and enjoy a pleasant conversation with. Reading that over, it sounds cheesy, but you kwim right?! Thanks for the little pick me up. Off to make supper now, before getting the kids from school. Oh, and the job went well. My friend was bummed b/c I actually run faster than her, and can carry on a conversation, ha. We're going again on Thursday.

Sherri said...

duh, not job (you're probably like...what job, I don't remember her talking about a job)...sigh...I meant the J-O-G, sorry for the confusion.

Yasmin said...

Hi! :)

I'm actually so ashamed for not having sent you those papers I promised a while back ago.. I have them on my desk ready to go.. I'm sooo sorry... I will try to remember to put them in a box tomorrow! Some day.. They will come.. :)

Christine said...

Love those pics :) The coconut blossom look delish, I love coconut - hee! Your quilt looks amazing, how nice to snuggle under that beauty!

Melonie said...

As always...fantastic pics, beautiful card and projects, and adorable daughters...that's what always makes me want to read your blog!! Hope you are having a good week:)

Janna Werner said...

Love ur delicious photos (yummie yummie Magnum!)! Have a great weekend! Janna

Ania said...

Simple solution- STOP BEING OVERWHELMED! :p I'm impressed by your runningness and fabriciness (yes, that's totally a word!)..and as usual I love the little peeks into your everyday world :) Take care :)

caroline hancock / Scrappercaz said...

I LOVED that book have just read it infact. I loved it so much i went and read another 2 of hers, they are such easy reads :)
LOVE going to starbucks for a Hot Choc and an apple danish mmmm i hate coffee too.

leah said...

Loved catching up on what you've been up to! I hear the huge "to-try" list!! lol