Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kind of a big thing

for me, at least. That layout on the cover of July 2011 issue of Scrapbook Trends is one of my favorite. Ever. Ever. I just need to share this here :) ♥

Project 365


My children's favorite briyani stall. Neha, especially, can eat this stuff everyday if you let her. But no, she didn't get to do that. LOL. It's not very healthy, really.


Still plugging along - this project has become my bedtime project.


Dinner. Nothing fantastic.


Early morning at the airport. Neha was leaving for Brunei with her teachers and friends. School trip. Lucky kids.


Studio Calico time, as usual. I leave my sack open for garbage disposal. I will usually fill it up with more rubbish from around the house - you know, stuff like broken toys, torn shoes etc.. before I bring it to the dumpsite.


Am I the only one who thinks this bag is super pretty? Just look at all that colors. *sigh* I bought this in Phuket. I dream of bringing it out for a picnic. One fine day, for now, it's in my wardrobe.


Okay, this sight breaks my heart. She was so lost without Neha around. She did nothing and basically just waited until it's dinner time - that's when we can text/call Neha. Here, she was busy making a welcome home card for her sister. :)

Of course, they started bickering within few hours of Neha's arrival and made me wanna bang my head on the wall . . . . as usual. Ha-Ha! :))


Naan basket. Actually, that was all kinds of roti. . not just naan.


A dinner party at Osteria Italia. If you're ever in Singapore and craving for good Italian food, this is the place. Their Crème brûlée is according to my girls and me. Heh. W love our food, if you don't already know.



jamie long said...

congrats on the cover
Sasha! You definitely deserved it that page is perfection.

Carla said...

congrats on the cover Sasha!! I saw that last week and meant to say congrats! Its wonderful how long the girls talked about your layout and everything they said is true! You are amazing! I didn't know that those letters were stamps either! What a great job! I'm assuming they are SC, cause I have those ;)

Hannie C said...

Gosh! Sasha! Now that I listen carefully then I realised it IS your layout!!! Congratulations!!
that layout is really gorgeous! Especially those stamping! of course love that huge flower too!

Samantha said...

so, your food pics make me drool! yum. congrats on the cover!!!

Sara said...

CONGRATS on the cover!! The LO is GORGEOUS!! And I love your pics!

Michelle Hernandez said...

YAAAY! Great for you!!! Love that page!

Lal said...

Congrats!! I'm not surprised...your layouts ROCK!! That page is also one of MY favorites! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the cover! Your layout never cease to amaze me!

Thank you for commenting on one of my recent layouts - it means a lot to have a scrapper such as yourself do so :)

Anilú Magloire said...

Yes!! Scrapbooking genius is right. They are lucky to have you.

The food, oh the food! I want it all.

Jessy Christopher said...

When I read the title I knew it has to do with the July cover and it is so worthy to shout out loud because that layout is gorgeousness!! Congrats!! As always thanks for sharing all the wonderful moments in ur life :)

Anonymous said...

You rock my friend!!!! I knew you were a scrapbooking genius a long time ago!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! She said "Scrapbooking GENIUS!!!" YES.YOU.ARE!!!! Loveeeeeeeeeee it!! CONGRATS my love! Love love love the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Coochies & All said...

Congratulations Sasha! I watched that video and I'm just so so happy for you - what an honour!! I saw the book at laines a few days ago, the cover caught my eye coz I thought I'd seen that layout somewhere, and I was so happy to realise that it's your layout! Really happy for your girl - way to go!!
elaine t

Diana said...

Scrapbooking genius, that is absolutely apt. I am so glad I watched this video so I could get a better look at your stunning LO. It is absolutely brilliant, just gorgeous.
Love the cornrows! (braids in your girls' hair... not sure what you call them, we call them cornrows in Jamaica.)
Yummy food photos too. I wish dinner at my house looked at "not special" dinner at yours.

Isablabla said...

R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the super duper feature! So well deserved!

Yasmin said...

Congratulation on the cover Sasha! :) I have to get that issue myself! :) Love all your layouts.. :)

c23 said...

Great work and Congratulation dear. >-Hugs-<

c23 :)

Christine said...

Wheeee! Go Sasha! LOVE your layout, that title is perfect and your stamping is gorgeous! Clever girl!

June Goh said...

Congrats on the cover and that is one amazing layout.

Leah said...

huge congrats on the st cover!! that is one amazing page!!

Rachel said...

congrats-love that layout!!!

sylvie said...

Sasha, that is such a beautiful layout and looks just perfect on that cover. I love how you did your title (I would have never guessed it was stamped). Would you mind sharing a tutorial on how you did it?