Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Right now. . . July 20th

feeling : fat, but happy. Is that even possible? I have not been working out since the last 10k, my knee is feeling okay and just when I thought of starting my brisk walking programme again, I accidentally kicked some kind of product display at the gas station on Sunday. That thing punctured my right foot, somewhere between the fourth and pinky toe.Punctured, for real. Needless to say, I still have a little bit of a limp now. *i have photos, but I really don't wanna gross you out. LOL*

wanting : some sizzix dies - this one, this one and this one. As usual, I have plans for them. When will the plan be kicked into action, I have no idea.

reading : still so much absorbed with the life of Sookie Stackhouse. So much, that i dream of vampires and weres and shifters. *shivers* LOL.

craving : iced mexican coffee with cafe de olla. *sigh*

  • And oh, I got a few email about stitching hearts on layouts, I thought I should point you to this tutorial I posted on the Studio Calico blog. But don't let that stop you from emailing me! I love getting your emails :)
Project 365


Homework. We have tables and chairs, you know? I'm not sure why she prefers to kneel beside the bed.


Teatime for one. :) Those are fish crackers + chili sauce. So so yummy.


Grandma time. FYI, my mom hated that massage chair. LOL. I'm not sure why/how she got on it. Must be the kids.


Desaru. We were there for a little while after visiting our beloved tailor. That's my baby sister and the two guys in the background, they were hitting on her and it was hilarious to watch. LOL.

Candies galore. *sigh* Gummy bears by the sackload? Why the hell not? My children are not climbing walls yet, so bring it on. haha!


My horror. Everyday. They're building new elevators for the buildings around here. The constant drilling and knocking off walls are driving me crazy. Or should I say crazier, since I'm already a little bit insane. :P


Resin flowers. Remember the 50 pairs of earrings for the goody bags I said I was gonna make? Done. I regret not getting more... um.. for myself. LOL.


The gorgeous sun this morning. Taken on the way back from our breakfast date.

  • Okay, WOW, I just realized, over 200 already. Another 164 days and we're done with 2011. Where is the pause button?


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Glad your knee is feeling a little better! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the photos!! YUM candy! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Tonya said...

Loving all of your photos...first I want to visit that candy store, then with my bag o' candy in hand I want to go sit in that massage chair and THEN someone can bring me one of those mexican mocha's you were craving! :)

Hope your knee feels better soon!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous pics Sasha. Ouch about your foot. And I'd be happy to stuff my face in the lolly containers. Mmmm

Zarah said...

I heart that card - I'm thinking I'll lift it, if that's okay?

Jennifer said...

Yeah...I need to visit that candy store...

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics, I love the flowers earring, very pretty!

Geralyn said...

Love seeing your P365 photos! I want a pair of earrings ;) They look so cute!

AnnaMarie said...

Girl, I am back from vacation and catching up with bloggies - didn't know you injured your foot...OUCH!! :( I am sending healing vibes and prayers your way!

And being *happy* is a GOOD thing! It makes *me* happy to read the joy in your entry today. :) And...can I just say *again* for the umpteenth time :-P that we are kindred spirits??!! :) Just finished up the latest Sookie book while away - this series is my guilty pleasure. LOVE - and love that you do too. :)

GORGEOUS captures and I am so so so headed over to see the stitching tutorial on the SC blog - BEAUTIFUL card!!!

You R.O.C.K. my friend. Love ya! xoxo

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I love the pic of your mom in the massage chair! I totally understand why she hated it. I'm petite too, and I look exactly like her sitting in the one we have at work. The leg massage ends up at my ancles so I can't even feel it, and the shoulder massage just makes my head rock back and forth like mad :D They really should make special chairs for smaller ladies like us! / Rockermorsan

Mary Jo said...

Glad about your knee but so sorry about your foot!!! Ouch!

Love the card!
And your 365 photos!
That one of your mom on the massage chair is classic :)

Fred said...

First, I want to thank you for your nice comment on my blog !!! I'm so proud to have such a visitor !!!
I'm following your blog since I'm a Studio Calico subscriber and you're one of my favorite DT members, yes ... for sure !!! (and long before today lol !!!)
Second, I love the photos you post for your 365 project ! Always so simple and at the same time telling a lot about extraordinary-everyday life !!!
Hope you will be well soon !!!

Ursula Schneider said...

there is so much about this post that makes me think we should have been born in the same place so we could hang out. Love reading your blog girl! TFS

Unknown said...

Oh dear...sorry to hear about the foot! And yes, totally possible to feel fat and happy! - That' how I feel too! Hugs

Blossom inch said...

love all the photos, that stitching loves card is just beautiful and that cabochoons are just yummy!

Ally said...

Wow! You've been busy! And that card? took my breath away!

Vera said...

Beautiful pictures, Sasha!

Vera said... fingers! sorry to hear about your knee and foot. OUCH! Hope you're on the road to mending!

Sherri said...

Sorry about your foot. There's always time to work out though right?! When we're not having fun doing other stuff, or too busy doing the stuff that needs to be done. I've not worked out since mid-June. I'm feeling okay, but know that I have to watch it. Love the tutorial on the stitching by the way, thanks so much for that. I tried my hand at it again last week (pic on my blog), I love how it turned out. The canvas was super easy to stitch on. Now that I know you divide your thread into only 2 ply, I realize what my problem has been stitching on paper all this time. Can't wait to give it another go. I may need to lift your card. That would be a great one to have multiple copies of, so versatile. Love, love, love the pic of the candy bins, so colorful and inspiring! Nice to catch up with you girl♥

alexandra s.m. said...

Love reading your "currents" Sasha.
Your card is beautiful!

Carla said...

Gorgeous pics Ms Sasha :)That card is so stinkin adorable too!!! I need that candy now! Gummy worms are my favorite, I always pick them up when I go to hobby lobby because the put them right next to the register, lol!!!!!

patscrap said...

Thanks for the tuto and the nice comment you wrote on my blog.
I love your card and your beautiful pictures.

leah said...

Fun, fun card! Glad you're feeling a bit better! ^_^

Jill said...

Stitched hearts, candy, and flowers? You know what I love to see!

Denise said...

Sasha, love your photos as usual. yum to the candy. I haven't been here for a bit. busy with work blech and summer-yeah. Hope things are well.

Tina said...

love fish chips but i never thought of dipping them in hot sauce!

Diana said...

yum fish chips
love all the photos

Staci Taylor said...

hey chica :-) Love love that card! and i adore the photos, too - the colors in the candy one - yum!! hope life is treating you well!