Monday, August 15, 2011

Practically unheard of

  • I'm talking about me, blogging again after three days. :) Gotta make this frequent blogging thing a habit me thinks.
  • I wanted to tackle my laundry today, but as soon as I start the buttload, it pours. Typical. I don't have a dryer - you don't really need one in Singapore, it's almost always sunny. The rain will stop very soon - maybe we'll get a rainbow or two if we're lucky?
  • half empty - half full. Which one are you? I think I jump from the half empty to half full very so often.
  • I found my stack of fabric squares. Have started nothing yet, mind you, but I know where it is and I can start sewing them together anytime. By anytime, I mean, when I feel like I have nothing else to do, or when I feel like procrastinating the other stuff I need to do.

The layout for Sunday Sketch on Studio Calico blog some weeks ago. I really love the little bits here and there. I think that's my favorite part of scrapping. :) Still stitching on paper, I don't think I'm gonna stop. :)

Project 365


Chicken porridge with chilies and soy sauce. Obviously mine. The girls don't eat chillies, yet. I hope they will someday, but just don't become addicted like me. Lol!


Done and done. ABC Lessons. Already started on another project :)


The girls helping me put the 50 pairs of earrings for the goody bags onto the paper holders. This is their first time seeing the earrings, in fact the first time they're seeing the goody bags as well. Impressed? Hell yeah! LOL. Neha was actually quite nervous when I mentioned she will have goody bags. She thought I was gonna give her the plastic bags with printing of zoo animals or Dora. LOL.


This little one had a tough time fasting yesterday. She started whining at 11am. We did everything we could to entertain her. At 3pm, I gave up and let her have a bubble bath, if only to have 20 minutes of quiet. LOL. And oh.. she made it to 7.15pm. So proud of her.



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeee that lo!! The colors make me happy!! And loving the photos... and believe it or not... I actually used to be half empty... but that changed and now I a half full girl! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Diana said...

hmm chilis
love all the photos
and the LO too

Amanda Johnson said...

That layout is amazing!! :) Another one I am going to have to borrow from you I believe! :)

Blossom inch said...

love page indeed...loving the neat so neat!

Unknown said...

This page you made is just stunning! I don't know how you do it!

Unknown said...

Love the page, I am so glass half empty, but am really trying to work on that, LOL! Love the pics, I can't believe she fasted until 7:15, what a strong girl!

Anilú Magloire said...

I have to say it again. You are a scrapbooking genius.

Sara said...

Gorgoeus LO!! Love the stitching-you are a master, I bow to your skills! ;) As always I love your pics. So much fun!

MissusMege said...

Love the colourful LO and the amazing stitch work! :) x

Michelle Hernandez said...

This is a fave for me- the bright turquoise on the yellow woodgrain is fantastic. That last photo os the bath time is seriously gorgeous. I missed this challenge but I'll be back for the next. :)

Ursula Schneider said...

I love you Sasha. You are so very real it makes me smile wide. And how do I love your LO. It is amazing.

Mary Jo said...

Amazing layout!!! :)
And such great photos! I really love your ABC project :)

Margrethe said...

"I don't have a dryer - you don't really need one in Singapore, it's almost always sunny. The rain will stop very soon"

aren't you lucky?! I think the climate there must be the opposite of what it's here.

Thank you for commenting on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Love that layout Sasha! You always have so many gorgeous little touches that just draw me in! Beautiful!

Christa said...

Oh how I adore that layout! It's just beautiful!! I'm half full most of the one too, but do get in a slump from time to time.

jamie long said...

I love that oage!

Isablabla said...

At what time is iftar in your country?? Here it's 8 pm... rough time!

Donna said...

Wishing for you to get a rainbow, and that layout is amazing. Thanks for stopping by my blog - that is on my front porch!

@JoyceCasaldi said...

Love the lo!
Just stopping by hoppting the SC blogs for the giveaway:)

btsoi. said...

Absolutely love your layout! Bits and pieces, stitches and all. You have to make a video of you making a page like that - I could learn so much! It's gorgeous.

Sherri said...

Yay to finding the quilt squares, finishing the wall hanging (which is gorgeous btw), and bubble baths to take one's mind off of fasting (why was she fasting btw?) Boo to putting off the new sewing project until you feel like it, hee hee, and only one photo of food :) You always make me laugh. I think it's funny that dd thought you were that lame of a mom to even consider giving her pre-school style goodie bags, shame on her. Guess she just hasn't realized yet how cool her mamma is.

Christine said...

Gorgeous happy page! I love that you made a page about movies :)

Unknown said...

I love so much your scrap !!!
can you tell me how you make your signature on this blog i love it