Friday, September 30, 2011

Half a Heartbeat

  • I love San Francisco that much. Ask me where I 'dream' to visit again. I'll say San Francisco. I have no idea why, the city stole my heart. The sight of the bridge *sigh* I wanna have that view from my bedroom window. Not to mention the cable cars! Oh so charming.
Half a Heartbeat

close up
  • The little yellow pearls are my favorite detail on here. :)
Project 365

Ham, tomatoes, cheese and mustard sandwich. I made that in the airfryer. Super filling, especially when you take into consideration that my mug of Hazelnut coffee is about the same size as a pail mixing bowl.


Can you read that? Hacking. Dust. 8am to 6pm. Daily. I highlighted the word 'informed' to tell my children that, that is wrong. To informed? No, don't do that in school, girls.

Hacking. Dust. 8am to 6pm. Daily? Just kill me already, I thought. And I was right. The first day, I can't even watch tv, everything in the house is shaking, I can't even hear myself think. Forget about scrapping, I think mojo ran away because of the noise.

Oddly enough, it was bearable the 2nd day onwards. Maybe because they already moved to the floors below mine. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can scrap! :)


Sliced fish and cherry totatoes in soy and oyster sauce. Too much oil. Hey, I'm no cook - trial and error, right? I had to skim the oil out before I let my kids eat that. :)


Routine. I'll be at the table 6pm-8.30pm with them almost everyday. Yeah, nobody is happy when they have to do extra work - thus the refusal to look at the camera.
I adore the badges from Marcy at Hello Forever. So adorable and I love supporting friends, so I bought two packs. They arrived fast and in perfect condition :) Can't wait to use them!


Okay, this is pinterest inspired. They're supposed to look like this. Somewhere along the way they lost their 'pretzel' like look and began to look like cinnamon roll instead.

They still taste awesome though. I didn't make any dip - we just enjoyed them as is, warm out of the oven and it was so so good.

Next time, I will put more ham and cheese inside these babies. Oh yes, there will be next time. Maybe then I'll have them looking as they should be.

Mirabilia Garnet Fairy

Garnet Fairy - week 1

I got requests for stitching update - here you go.
Garnet Fairy - week 1.
Stitched on 32ct Belfast Linen in Sterling Silver.
Still a looooooongggg way to go :)



Diane Payne said...

I love this layout and I love San Fran too. The song about leaving your heart in San Francisco by Tony Bennett is so true.

Sherri said...

Whoah, two days in a are on a roll :) Love it. Loved San Fran too, didn't ride a cable car though, should have, it was pretty cold when we were there. Glad the hacking & dust is over with. I want a bite of your sandwich, seriously. That Mirabilia Fairy is going to be stunning. Just saw those badges the other day too, I was thinking maybe it's time for a drive out to Winkler to visit Marcy's store, it's been awhile. Hope the mojo's still flowing for you.

Blossom inch said...

beautiful layout Sasha, loving the details as always. I love all the photos captured and I read all the story of each entertaining...
Have a good weekend!

caroline hancock / Scrappercaz said...

Love this layout Sasha of course i do cos i just love you and your style. i want to be you when i grow up. Also just want to say i really missed you this week at reveal as your the first i go to so i was a bit lost lol. How did you do the stamping of the flower shape back ground or was that misted/masked?
Oh and i have never been there but its on my list to visit along with NY and Las vegas. oh my goodness i love Marcys stuff in her shop and have been wanting to buy it all for the past month but i really have speant a fortune so maybe next month :) oh and you know the dish up there i was like yay that looks promising, then i read the FISH arghhhhhhhhhhhh lol

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

And I would give anything in the world to meet this girl named Sasha in SF!!! It's a short little airplane for me girl! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that lo!!! I love love love those photos!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Carla said...

love that LO and your pics :) Please, please come back to San Fran, I promise to meet you there!!!! I haven't even been there myself...

Anonymous said...

san fran rocks. As does your layout.

Unknown said...

the little yellow pearls are genius! ;) And how come you so clever can bake such yummy things? I want!

Meredith said...

I bought some of Marcy's badges too (4 sets) and bought 2 friends the same :-) Love them!!

xoxo... t said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog :) made my day! Aren't Marcy's badge's fabulous?

I've always wanted to go to San Francisco... one day!

Isablabla said...

You are A MA ZING... thanks a lot for the recipe... Kisses!

Mary Jo said...

Oh my, so much goodness in this post! Well except for the hacking dust. No one should have to deal with that!

Kim said...

...another fabulous layout Sasha! I would LOVE to visit San Fransico one day as well...( i'm a sucker for carnivals! )

...hope all the "hacking' is almost over for you!


Briana Johnson said...

Man, the mist on that first layout rocks! I love the little pearl detail as well. We're supposed to read to Zane each night for at least 20 minutes. We're also supposed to be learning sight words. And dinner and bed by 9pm. It's like a rush around here all evening to get it all done. Not liking it for anyone. I've never been to San Fran but I bet it's pretty. Your stitching is looking unbelievable! I tried santa's head once and got about half way. I have no idea where he's floating around right now.

alexandra s.m. said...

Thank You for yet another great post Sasha!
Greetings from Chi-Town~

Ursula Schneider said...

all your foods look delicious! and I agree, Marcy's goods are lovely. I too wanna go to San Fran again. I only ever went once and it was so foggy I couldn't see anything. Need to remedy that. And can I say thank you for all your amazingly kind encouragement of late. Really makes a girl feel like a million bucks!

Jessy Christopher said...

You can seriously cook & bake gal! You have been swooning me with all ur food galore!! We have that in common - food junkie. Lol. That stitching of urs is wicked - both on layout & on the cross stitch canvas. You are so neat: I want lessons!

Diana Waite said...

seriously AMAZING--you rock! never been to San Francisco--would love to though...

Coochies & All said...

beautiful layout S! Never been to SFO, hopefully one day I'll get the chance. Love reading your posts - I know I keep saying that but I mean it. :)
elaine t

Denise said...

wow. I have missed a lot Sasha. why do I always feel so hungry after I read your blog? seriously, I love your food photos. :) and your layouts!

Ella Swan said...

Gorgeous layout! Love the cinnamon rolls too - you look like a great cook to me!!

vtpuggirl said...

Hey you, so glad you bought a little something from CD. I don't think you will be disappointed, and I'd love to see more of you over there. :) Always love your pages.

Diana said...

Totally identify with the long face doing extra work. I feel like I'm a tiger mom (not sure if I like the feeling.)
Love the LO and excited to see a post from you ;-)