Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey you Hey me

  • I pinned this sometime ago. Someway, somehow - the words stayed with me long after i switch off the computer. Long after the next day has ended, long after that long drive by the beach i took. Long after.
  • I had to scrap this. When I'm gone, I doubt my children will peruse my pinterest account so I just had to put this on paper. *i changed it a little bit, though*
  • I think I'm gonna go this more often. I mean this scrapping pinned stuff. Seems like such a waste not to.
hey you hey me

close up 1

Project 365 update


Unplanned visit home. I love that we're near enough to my parents that we can just decide to spend the night at their house at 8.30pm. LOL. Mind you, we have to cross the Singapore-Malaysia border, get our passports stamped and all - but still, near enough. :)


Say hello to my new love. :) Mr. Philips Airfyer. This thing works. In fact he has been working hard, everyday, for us for me.

edited to add : no, this is not a deep fryer. i don't know how Philips managed to fry with 'air'.. but it works. we use no oil most of the time, a teaspoon here and there if needed.


Baby Haifa and mommy. I'm smitten. I told Haifa's parents, if I get pregnant again, it will be because of them Haifa. She's so stinkin' cute i didn't want her to go home that night. I wanna keep her.


Dragonfruit. Do you have this where you are? yum!


Marinated, then airfried shrimp. So good. Speaking of which, lemme get some out of the freezer so I can marinate for dinner today.


Traffic accident. While I feel sorry for them, I'm thanking God it was not me. Is this bad?


OMG. I'm biased, I know, but she is so damn beautiful. I only wish she can see herself from my point of view. My firstborn is fast turning into a young woman.


New project. Garnet Fairy. Such a joy to stitch. :)


My brother-in-law and his family came over with pizzas! I made these and french fries for us. All airfried. Told ya, he works hard, that Mr. Philips.


Sunset from my kitchen window.


Salted fish fried rice. So good.


Garnet Fairy, progressing nicely. Had to frog some part because I was too busy looking at Shemar Moore in action, but it's all good now :)


Nidhi at 6.30am. :)


Lunch. Curried sardine and airfried slices of fish. :) I love my 'brown glass' plates - those were MIL's. She gave them to me long before she passed on.


Ironing night. I usually try to get these done before the weekend, so they have uniforms for the next week - at least until Wednesday. I hate ironing, but I hate ironing during the weekend more. :P


Fried rice again. Homemade this time. Coffee from McDonalds. I hate their coffee. LOL.

  • This is a novel already. Are you still here? Thank you if you are!


Deana said...

Awesome page, Sasha! And I love that pin. Going to have to use that myself! TFS!

Blossom inch said...

oh my love the layout, love the stitching, love the photos and love that new gadget!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeee that quote and the lo!! You always ROCK!!! And awesome photos babe! :):):):):):):):):):):)

goldenblind221 said...

Glad to see you're well, Sasha! Your page is amazing, as always. Happy to see you blogging. :-)

Briana Johnson said...

It's fun to read your blog : ) I love the blue text strips on your layout. I agree, wonderful writing on that pinterest item. Your oldest daughter is beautiful! And the little one is pretty darn cute too! Airfryer? Is that like what we call a deep fryer here? You drop the food into a vat of boiling grease with a little basket in there? Dragon fruit - I showed that to DH. Wonder if it tastes like kiwi? Fried rice is one of my all time fave foods and I don't know how to make it from scratch - shame on me!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

love the page sweet cheeks - and the pin ! huge hugs!

Jennifer said...

McDonald's coffee is bad here, too. LOL

Great pictures!! :)

Geralyn said...

Your layout is gorgeous, Sasha. As always, you rock the misting :) The pinterest quote is pretty awesome, perfect for a layout! Love seeing your P365 pics...makes me hungry for shrimp, lol!

stephanie howell said...

Sasha- that layout is stunning. That quote really resonated with me too.

Donna said...

always love your layouts, and that one is no exception. Now I'm hungry, too :)

Anilú Magloire said...

OK, the page made all teary eyed. LOVE it!
The food... Well you know I'm drooling over it all right now. I'm so coming to visit. Ha!
Your girlie is a beauty indeed. But, man... They grow up TOO fast *weeps*

Michelle Hernandez said...

I am SO THANKFUL I live in a town with 2 Chinatowns, a Koreatown and the borough of Queens (otherwise known as the United Nations) because guess where I'm going today? In search of an airfryer- that's got to be the awesomest invention EVER!!! Love this new page and love the photos. Thank you for the quote- I often kick myself for being the way I am- the internal script needs a tune up every once in a while and I just got one. :)
PS- Yes your babies an extraordinarily beautiful- just like Mommy and Daddy!

Regan said...

that si just damn-billiant-LOVE it

Mary Jo said...

Oh, Sasha, I love your pin and your layout about it! I have to say that I am going to pin it myself and you couldn't have posted it at a better time.
Been dealing with so much lately that it made me smile!

Nielouphar (Neelu) said...

this is the third or fourth time I've come across your blog... I guess I should just be your follower ;)

Love your LO

Ursula Schneider said...

1. I think I need to meet this Mr. Phillips
2. I want to come and eat at your house.
3. I like the quote but am glad you changed the part you did, I would have too.
4. Your page is, of course, fabulous.
5. Yes, SHE is gorgeous, gorgeous
6. Have I mentioned that I really like you??

Unknown said...

What an absolutely gorgeous page!! That dragonfruit looks very interesting - I've never seen one before! And your girl is just gorgeous!!

Christa said...

This is such an amazing page! Love it!

Isablabla said...

Hi!!! I'd like you to cheat just a little bit and tell me what's your "marinade" for your shrimps recipe?? I'm curious caus' it seems so hummmmmmmmmmm.......

Diana said...

The page is DIVINE. Just gorgeous. And I love the idea of journaling the neat quotes we pin. I kind of did that with a page the other day.
Love the 365 photos! Especially the food! I know, I say that everytime, but I'm so bored with Jamaican food. The good part of that is that I've lost weight without trying! hahaha I need to come to Singapore/Malaysia and eat it all back on lol. You can drive from Singapore to Malaysia? I had no idea. I thought Singapore was an island! Or maybe there's a bridge, or a tunnel connecting? Or a ferry?

caroline hancock / Scrappercaz said...

Wow i need to go check that air fryer out. Every time you have to add some picture of seafood lol, please just once?? You know living in Nz the one thing i think i miss most was just deciding to go stay at my grans, whenever i wanted. Oh and im so glad that someone else irons :)

Ella Swan said...

I could look at your photos forever - ther's something very cool about them :) Loving that layout too!!

Unknown said...

Love this page, and your post! Your blog always makes me happy, now if you just lived closer so we could hang out, and you could snuggle with my boy!

Unknown said...

That page is FABULOUS! Great little details and touches and wonderful misting!

Coochies & All said...

Love this post Sasha - esp those hey you words of advice - brought tears to my eyes coz I'm going through a rough patch now. Thanks for dropping by my space and your compliments too - appreciate it. :)

Unknown said...

Brilliant layout! Brilliant words to remember! Thank you! mwah! hugs!

Anonymous said...

Love that mirabilla project your doing, i should get back into stitching :-) ..sarah x

Keshet said...

That little girl is so sweet! Love love love the layout!

Leah said... that LO! your whole family is so beautiful!

Kim said...

Sasha...I feel the exact same way about my firstborn growing into a young woman...GAH! (just turned 13)

Anyway...your new layout is stunning and inspiring as per always...and Mr.Philips looks like a grand investment!

And can I just say how MUCH i love that opening quote!!?? AWESOME for sharing because i believe most of the world could use that reminder!


Sara said...

I think this spoke to me at the perfect time right now. Going through some things with people that are just not worth it. The LO is gorgeous! So glad you scrapped something you pinned--something I need to do more too! Your pics are great--are you putting them into an album??

Sherri said...

Always. Always, you make me laugh. Of course I'm with you to the end of post my girl :) Air fryer? Gonna have to look that up. I've tasted Dragon fruit (in a drink I think), seen it in the store, in season, but have never purchased it. It scares me, wasn't sure what to do with it. Nidhi is so so so cute, and even at 6 am, for reals?! That's why God makes em cute, so we don't kill them. And your oldest (sorry her name is escaping me right now) she is gorgeous! She sounds like my dd11, forever unhappy with something about her face, her hair, or her body. Sigh if only they could see with our eyes how beautiful they truly are. Alas, it's how we all were at one time right?! Love the misting on your layout, fabulous. And all the food - yum as always. Wish I could come visit. So, so lucky that you live close to your mom, and are tight with her. I'd give anything to have my mom back, I think we'd be closer now, especially now that I have children of my own *sad face*. Thanks for the inspiration Sasha. I am so happy to have found your blog. It makes my day to connect with you. {hugs}

Jessy Christopher said...

Sasha, that pinned interest was beautiful & love the fact that you scrapped it on a layout. Your kids are so fortunate to have a mum like you :) That air-fryer thingy is calling my name! I should check that out because I am lazy like that. Lol. Awesome photos as always. Xx

Ania said...

Dragonfruit? Hm!