Friday, October 28, 2011

An emotional scrapper

  • First, I must thank you all, each and everyone for the love and support you left me in my last two posts :) He's okay, started running again *running as we speak I must say. LOL.* And already looking forward to the next race :)
  • The title of this post? I think I am one. An emotional scrapper. I scrap to get my feelings down. What about you?
  • I think it's important to let my children know what I really feel inside, what I'm really saying.
  • I also scrap because I don't want to forget the way I really feel, what I really think.
  • In between yelling asking *okay, I yell, sometime* at my girls to send their dirty clothes to the hamper, to pack their bags for school tomorrow, to please not to kill each other *kidding, almost* . . it's easy to forget that they're really, really nice girls. And I'm blessed to have them. So I scrap, as a reminder to myself.
grow everyday

close up

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly" ~ Richard Bach.

close up

As per usual, lots of bits and pieces. I enjoyed digging thru my stash to find stuff I love and putting them onto pages. They don't have to be brand new too. That butterfly stamp? I've had it forever it feels, designed by Karen Russell *whose blog I stalk on a daily basis. LOL* for Fontwerks. I miss Fontwerks stamps btw :)

'Everyday' badge from Marcy Penner at Hello Forever. I got myself the 'snapshot' and 'everyday' set a couple of weeks ago. Heart stamp from Studio Calico. Leafy die-cut on white cardstock with Papertrey's die, then misted.

Did I miss anything? As usual, email me or leave a comment with your questions :)

Project 365 update


Making coconut blossoms. They're basically just sponge cakes with grated coconut + palm sugar filling. I should probably take a picture of the finished product. :) Next time, I promise.


Tandoori chicken from Kebabs and Curries rooftop restaurant. Lunch. If we go again it will be for dinner. Too bright for me! :)


Mr. Husband and I at 10.30pm. Before the race. Fresh faced. LOL. You don't wanna know what I look like after a night of no sleep. *grins*


Pit stop.


Mediterranean chicken salad with citrus vinaigrette from Spize. So yummy.


Cinnamon roll. Homemade. :) I need bigger pan. Or separate them into two pans, these were spilling all over the place because I forgot to factor in the proofing. LOL. Lesson learnt, but still very yummy! :)


See? They can be sweet and be nice when they forget to kill each other. Ha!Ha! :)


My cousin and Nidhi. They're bestfriends. LOL.

The delightfully fabulous Kak June Malik :) She's the elder sister I never had. ♥♥♥


She made the coaster at school. Handstitched everything herself with help from her teacher of course - mighty proud of it. Wanted me to use it, unfortunately, my mug is the size of a little pail and is too big for the coaster. :)


My Garnet Fairy - as of today - the first half of the stitching is done.


Sunset from my kitchen window. 7:16pm. Pretty amazing I think.


Sunrise. 7:05am


Rainbow colored chart. LOL. I need the different colored pens to help me differentiate stitched part. Getting old! LOL. :)


Blossom inch said...

awesome layout all the pictures and I read all what you wrote...nice...and the food looks so yummy.

xoxo... t said...

Beautiful LO, Sasha.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love that lo! LOVING all those hearts!! And loveeeeeeeeeeeee the photos!! That one of you and hubby is *swoon* :):):):):):):):):):):)

Unknown said...

Did you know I always like to come visit you? You make me smile. :) Hugs

Geralyn said...

Your layout is so beautiful, and as always, I enjoy your P365 photos!

Ann said...

Great layout. It's nice to see someone using older supplies. I was just complaining to my husband that it seems like everything I see is newest only and that I'll never have the newest stuff because I only order a few times a year and then I hoard it until I'm ready to order again and have to use up everything so I can justify the new purchases. So, thank you for that.

Ella Swan said...

Love the layout and how you have used the heart stamp - your photos are always fabulous - have a great weekend!

June Malik said...

Love, love, love you !!!

Jessica said...

Always love reading your posts & seeing your pics. Love the layout & what a sunset!!!! So lucky to see that from your own room!

Lisa J said...

Fabulous layout Sasha & I can relate to being an emotional scrapper. I'm sure your girls will treasure looking at your pages as years go on & seeing how you have always felt about them.

Mary Jo said...

Wonderful photos, Sasha!
And I love that you are an emotional scrapper! I think it's inspiring to me to try and put more emotion into my layouts and not be so guarded :)

Kimberly said...

LOVE your much fun! LOVE your layout...and your "Why". I LOVE the quote you used on your layout...may have to use it too. :))
Love you girl...and all that you do and are! xoxo :)

DonnaBD said...

YUM on those cinnamon rolls! Always love your layouts Sasha, always.

Vee said...

omg, your food pics always look so yummy!! I LOVE that lo, so gorgeous!! have a wonderful weekend! xo

Unknown said...

Love this layout Sasha...those are hearts are awesome! So glad you posted!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful page! Love it! Love all that food too!

Unknown said...

Wow, Sasha! I love this page!! What kind of ink or embossing powder did you use on the hearts - or is is just glitter? I'm glad your man is doing okay - that had to have been rough for him! And your photos are BEAUTIFUL!!

marcy said...

Gorgeous layout Sasha!!

Kimber-Leigh said...

beautiful sasha! i love the sparkly hearts!

Ursula Schneider said...

love how everything looks. want to eat now, as usual! And I love the scrappiness. So inspiring!

Carla said...

I love the yellow with the other colors, so gorgeous as usual! Love your 365 pics and now I need an iphone so I can do this next year, lol!
Love that we both love scrapping, our kids, and sunrises :) hugs!

Michelle Hernandez said...

Absolutely beautiful!! LOVE the yello- it makes everything else just pop.

Sherri said...

I love the cluster on your layout next to the photo. Your your cross stitch project seems to be coming along wonderfully. Love the photo of you and DH too :) Glad to see you're keeping well.

Diana said...

Love the LO, the picture of the green batter and the mixer (awesome!) and the photo of you the hubs (soooo sweet!)
I'm an emotional scrapper too!
I'm linking this post to my scrapbooking fb page!

Denise said...

beautiful layout. So glad Mr. Husband is running again.

Jennifer said...

Great layout and pictures. Cinnamon rolls are on my shopping list today! :)