Saturday, November 19, 2011

All my life. . .

  • I have never been what you call 'thin' or 'skinny' by asian standard.
  • So really, you can stop telling me I'm fat or I have big butts or that my midsection is soft and jiggly.
  • Believe me. I know that already. And I'm sick and tired of people telling me what I already know. I'm 33 and never been thin. Thank you very much.

close up

  • Sometime. My heart is fragile. Sometime.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More than once . . more than twice

  • More than once, I contemplate closing this blog altogether.
  • I love blogging, I just don't love the fact that the days are running away from me and before I know it, I've gone a week or two without posting. Do you feel this way?
  • Are you on Instagram? I've fallen in love with instagram all over again. Let me know if you're over there, I'm 'sashafarina' - yes, my username is very original. I know. *grins*
  • Before I continue, I'd like to send my thanks to everyone for your well wishes. 33 is awesome so far. You guys are part of that fabulousness.
So. . .
  • A couple of days ago, Kimberly inboxed me and a couple of other friends on Facebook. She attached a photo and said, why don't we all use that photo as an inspiration then post whatever we make to our blogs on Monday.
  • While I love the inspiration piece, I wasn't sure I could play. I said I'll try! (I'm trying to get the original link of the image to give proper credit, bear with me)
  • Somehow my layout turned out like this ↓. I know I must be paying closer attention to the colorful strips at the right hand side. LOL.
  • And oh, how proud am I to be incorporating older stuff on this layout? Very! Ha! Those Chatterbox felt leaves/Ali Edwards for Cocoa Daisy '' stamp/Fontwerks alphabets stamps/Scenic Route Grid paper/Hambly woodgrain paper and label - they have been in my house forever! :)

close up

  • Please go take a look at the rest of the girls.
  • Project 365 - how crazy is that we're at 300s already? So close to 2012. I've decided that I'm gonna do some sort of ProjectLife for the next year. We'll see how that goes.

Dinner. Chicken Murtabak. Oily but oh so good. LOL. Neha can finish this whole thing by herself - the rest of us.. well, we share. :)


Neha + Daddy at lunch.


Nidhi + Mommy on her 9th birthday. Nidhi's, not mommy's. :)


Sunset. Taken from inside the car. I love that you can't really see my dirty windscreen in this shot. Ha! (now don't look too close)


Crispy ham baked pasta for three. :)


Sunset. I thought this was a little bit creepy. LOL.


My lunch. Linda Barber said she will never cook and will gain 500 pounds if she live near me. I don't believe her and asked her to come over and stay with me for a while, then we'll see.


The beginning of some peanut butter and chocolate chips muffins.


We drove to Malaysia to have dinner with my parents. Everyone was okay initially, then Neha started feeling sick. Runny nose - headache. My papa put his hand on her head and she said - "okay, stay there, your hand feel nice TokPa" :)

Do you see the darkness behind my dad? That's the sea. The restaurant was on the water practically.


Advanced birthday Hi-Tea treat from Mr.Husband at Carousel.


Fish-eyed us. LOL.


Given a choice, I think Neha would rather stay with my mom. Especially now that my mom is retired. LOL.


Random flower by the roadside at the gas station. I almost fell into a drain trying to snap this picture. *sigh*


Baked baby potatoes. So delicious! I could live on potatoes and eggs and coffee. Yup. I can.
  • I think I've rambled enough - even though I can go on and on and on, I have pity on you. *grins*
  • I'll see you soon, yes? :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

33 on 33

I like repeating things, so here I am. . just like last year.

  • I still feel 29. Even with my wrinkles and stretch marks and *new addition!* - white hair! Oh My Gravy!
  • But if you ask me if I would like to go back to my twenties again if I could - I would say no. I'm much calmer now, I like myself better now. So even if there is a magic potion that I can drink to make myself 21 again, I wouldn't drink it.
  • On the subject of white hair - I told Mr. Husband if it gets any worse I will dye my hair pink. *half jokingly* We laughed and agreed that my children will probably ask me not to drive them to school anymore. Come to think of it, that's not a bad idea after all if I get to skip chauffeuring duty! Ha!
  • I haven't had anything from Starbucks for a couple of months already. That's gonna change now that the red cups are back :)
  • I'm gonna quilt. Yeah! Right! Sometime before I turn 34 I hope. In the last year, I managed to buy and cut squares from my choice of fabric. I think I know where that stack is right now. LOL.
  • I still don't like talking on the phone except to my mama. I don't think that's gonna change anytime soon. So yes, if you call and I don't answer, you already know why.
  • I can't stand people who wear heavy, thick, suffocating, make my eyes water perfume. I prefer no smell that too much smell. Ha! To me, if you don't smell bad, you're good. Don't have to smell as if you were in the middle of perfume explosion. God knows I almost gagged on my food the other day when this one girl walked in and sat behind me at the restaurant.
  • I love love love love food. I know you don't need any convincing on this. Just scroll through this blog and you will know how much.

Source: via Sasha on Pinterest

  • Please count the above pin as one of my 33. Couldn't have said it better.
  • I'm loyal. Especially towards handbags and glue tape. Ha! I've had the same glue tape ever since I started scrapping in 2006. I just keep buying refills. And I'm on my 2nd, red in color Long Champ Hobo Le Pliage handbag. I use that everywhere. From races to shopping trips to vacations. I told Mr. Husband, he can just place a standing order with LongChamp to deliver me a red hobo every two years. Ha!
  • I'm a loner. A homebody. I can stay home all week long and won't miss the outside world. Provided I have my necessity with me. You know, the usual - coffee, computer, paper, glue, fabric, tv. :P

  • I love colors. I look for colors EVERYWHERE.
  • I embarrass my children on a daily basis. LOL. What? That's not in the job description of a mommy? You must be kidding me! :P
  • I also pretend I'm brave in front of them. Even when deep in my heart I'm scared for them, for what's waiting for them in future, for the challenges and heartbreaks. At the same time, I know, they will have their turn breaking other's hearts too. *Hey, they're pretty like their mommy* LOL. Yeah, you can vomit now. LOL.
  • I have great friends. All over the place. Each and everyone is appreciated. Each and everyone is loved. ♥
  • I don't like my forehead.
  • Once, I was standing about 1.5 metres from a rubbish bin - waiting for my mom. Then came this woman, about 45ish, she walked by and at the same time flicking some food wrappers towards the direction of the bin. Some went in, most did not and she walked away. I actually called out to her and asked her to pick everything up and put it in the bin and she did! Red faced and everything. My mom said I was crazy - she said what if the woman was insane/has a dagger in her bag and started slashing me right there and then? I went like - Whoa! Maybe I was crazy.
  • I can watch Finding Nemo over and over and over again. What's another 89 times of Finding Nemo? I've already watched the damn movie for a thousand times! Trust me, that was all Nidhi would watch when she was little.
  • Yes, the DVD player babysat my children. Many hours, many times. Shoot me.
  • I can talk. I got A+ in talking. Nidhi actually has a tshirt with that saying. I wish they have it in my size. I would buy 7! One for each day.
  • That 'if you love someone let him/her go' crap - i don't buy. Hell no. If you love someone fight for them, hold them in a death grip, never let them go. If they get away, hunt them down and kill them! *evil laugh*.
  • I still hate folding and sorting laundry. My family? They're still digging into that pile of clean clothes looking for something to wear.
  • I rarely am without my sunglasses. My eyes are super sensitive.
  • I don't do roller-coaster or any thrill rides for that matter. We pay my entrance ticket so that I can be there to look after their belongings and take pictures while they go have their adrenaline rush. In the meantime, I sit at the side with my legs turning to jelly every time I hear them scream in delight.

  • Re: the above pin - always. Always. I'm not a short order cook. :P
  • I secretly want straight hair. Sometime.
  • I'm the type of girl who, when asked "you want some coffee?" will answer with " that would be nice. two eggs, over easy on bacon and hashbrowns - thank you". What type is that? Oh yeah, shameless. LOL. No, really - I just like seeing the expression changes on people's faces. :P
  • One of my favorite pastime is wandering the aisles of the supermarket/baking supply shop - reading the labels on the cans/packets of food. I get this from my father. *Hi Papa!*
  • I still can't swim. I don't think that will change anytime soon. My fear of water is lifelong I believe.
  • Sweet or savory? Savory. Every time.
  • I get headaches when I'm hungry.
  • I forgive. But I don't forget easily. I keep lists in fact. ROFL.
  • I still feel 29. *winks*