Saturday, November 5, 2011

33 on 33

I like repeating things, so here I am. . just like last year.

  • I still feel 29. Even with my wrinkles and stretch marks and *new addition!* - white hair! Oh My Gravy!
  • But if you ask me if I would like to go back to my twenties again if I could - I would say no. I'm much calmer now, I like myself better now. So even if there is a magic potion that I can drink to make myself 21 again, I wouldn't drink it.
  • On the subject of white hair - I told Mr. Husband if it gets any worse I will dye my hair pink. *half jokingly* We laughed and agreed that my children will probably ask me not to drive them to school anymore. Come to think of it, that's not a bad idea after all if I get to skip chauffeuring duty! Ha!
  • I haven't had anything from Starbucks for a couple of months already. That's gonna change now that the red cups are back :)
  • I'm gonna quilt. Yeah! Right! Sometime before I turn 34 I hope. In the last year, I managed to buy and cut squares from my choice of fabric. I think I know where that stack is right now. LOL.
  • I still don't like talking on the phone except to my mama. I don't think that's gonna change anytime soon. So yes, if you call and I don't answer, you already know why.
  • I can't stand people who wear heavy, thick, suffocating, make my eyes water perfume. I prefer no smell that too much smell. Ha! To me, if you don't smell bad, you're good. Don't have to smell as if you were in the middle of perfume explosion. God knows I almost gagged on my food the other day when this one girl walked in and sat behind me at the restaurant.
  • I love love love love food. I know you don't need any convincing on this. Just scroll through this blog and you will know how much.

Source: via Sasha on Pinterest

  • Please count the above pin as one of my 33. Couldn't have said it better.
  • I'm loyal. Especially towards handbags and glue tape. Ha! I've had the same glue tape ever since I started scrapping in 2006. I just keep buying refills. And I'm on my 2nd, red in color Long Champ Hobo Le Pliage handbag. I use that everywhere. From races to shopping trips to vacations. I told Mr. Husband, he can just place a standing order with LongChamp to deliver me a red hobo every two years. Ha!
  • I'm a loner. A homebody. I can stay home all week long and won't miss the outside world. Provided I have my necessity with me. You know, the usual - coffee, computer, paper, glue, fabric, tv. :P

  • I love colors. I look for colors EVERYWHERE.
  • I embarrass my children on a daily basis. LOL. What? That's not in the job description of a mommy? You must be kidding me! :P
  • I also pretend I'm brave in front of them. Even when deep in my heart I'm scared for them, for what's waiting for them in future, for the challenges and heartbreaks. At the same time, I know, they will have their turn breaking other's hearts too. *Hey, they're pretty like their mommy* LOL. Yeah, you can vomit now. LOL.
  • I have great friends. All over the place. Each and everyone is appreciated. Each and everyone is loved. ♥
  • I don't like my forehead.
  • Once, I was standing about 1.5 metres from a rubbish bin - waiting for my mom. Then came this woman, about 45ish, she walked by and at the same time flicking some food wrappers towards the direction of the bin. Some went in, most did not and she walked away. I actually called out to her and asked her to pick everything up and put it in the bin and she did! Red faced and everything. My mom said I was crazy - she said what if the woman was insane/has a dagger in her bag and started slashing me right there and then? I went like - Whoa! Maybe I was crazy.
  • I can watch Finding Nemo over and over and over again. What's another 89 times of Finding Nemo? I've already watched the damn movie for a thousand times! Trust me, that was all Nidhi would watch when she was little.
  • Yes, the DVD player babysat my children. Many hours, many times. Shoot me.
  • I can talk. I got A+ in talking. Nidhi actually has a tshirt with that saying. I wish they have it in my size. I would buy 7! One for each day.
  • That 'if you love someone let him/her go' crap - i don't buy. Hell no. If you love someone fight for them, hold them in a death grip, never let them go. If they get away, hunt them down and kill them! *evil laugh*.
  • I still hate folding and sorting laundry. My family? They're still digging into that pile of clean clothes looking for something to wear.
  • I rarely am without my sunglasses. My eyes are super sensitive.
  • I don't do roller-coaster or any thrill rides for that matter. We pay my entrance ticket so that I can be there to look after their belongings and take pictures while they go have their adrenaline rush. In the meantime, I sit at the side with my legs turning to jelly every time I hear them scream in delight.

  • Re: the above pin - always. Always. I'm not a short order cook. :P
  • I secretly want straight hair. Sometime.
  • I'm the type of girl who, when asked "you want some coffee?" will answer with " that would be nice. two eggs, over easy on bacon and hashbrowns - thank you". What type is that? Oh yeah, shameless. LOL. No, really - I just like seeing the expression changes on people's faces. :P
  • One of my favorite pastime is wandering the aisles of the supermarket/baking supply shop - reading the labels on the cans/packets of food. I get this from my father. *Hi Papa!*
  • I still can't swim. I don't think that will change anytime soon. My fear of water is lifelong I believe.
  • Sweet or savory? Savory. Every time.
  • I get headaches when I'm hungry.
  • I forgive. But I don't forget easily. I keep lists in fact. ROFL.
  • I still feel 29. *winks*


Kim Sonksen said...

Happy birthday Sweet Pea!
Well let me tell you - you certainly don't look 33!

Here's to the next 33 - stay as you are. I adore you


caroline hancock / Scrappercaz said...

Happy birthday my friend, this is too funny i was out on a 5k walk and it started thinking of you, i came on and there you are all updated.
I too get migraines when i am hungry so i need to make sure i eat throughout the day. Im the oppisite im first in the queue on a rollercoaster and Lucy takes after me she LOVES them. I think you should dye your hair pink too just for the pictures lol :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! loved your 33.

Nemo is a much better choice than Freaking FROSTY THE SNOWMAN. My ten year old when he was little was obsessed with FROSTY THE SNOWMAN. 22 minutes of Frosty, 5 bazillion times.

Mary Jo said...

Happy, happy birthday to a really beautiful person! I loved reading your list! And from one homebody to another who actually turned 40 this year :-o you will always feel younger than your age if you stay young at heart!

Brenda Weaver said...

loved reading your list! I'm a homebody too. Love being alone. And I also want straight hair. seems everyone wants my waves, but I'd take straight over curls any day (except for the days I actually like my curls) Ha!
You sound like such a fun and fantastic person.
Happy birthday, Sasha. And yeah, you don't look like you're 33.

Nielouphar (Neelu) said...

Happy Birthday Sasha :)) I agree with Kim, you don't look 33 at all!!!


June Malik said...

Hehe it's so you :) love ya sis n happy birthday again .. Gonna borrow this format for my 50th ok??

Claire T said...

Happy birthday! Love your list! I am so of the take it or leave it menu option too. I totally think you should dye your hair pink - avoiding the car pool is definitely reason enough!
We can't get ourvwee dot to watch Nemo even though she loves fish. Currently it is Mary Poppins - all day every day if it was up to her. Have a wonderful day. The sun is shining for the first time in ages... Someone up there must have known it was your birthday.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy birthday my love!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeD reading all these fun things about you!! Loving the rainbow bras! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Coochies & All said...

love love love love love this post sasha. I'm such a huge fan of your writing style I tell ya - a huge inspiration to me coz I really wanna write like you. And I wanna write a book too haha. About what I have no clue at the moment. :)
Happy Birthday girl!!
elaine t

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Sasha! I really enjoyed this post! :) Hope you have a great day!!!

Anilú Magloire said...

Let's not forget that you RULE! Happy birthday, my sweet friend.

celine said...

happy birthday sweetheart! I love everything about you, esp. your sense of humor and honesty :)

Jenna Ruth said...

Happy birthday to you! I enjoyed your list!

Unknown said...

OMG - I just realized I like you so much because we are so like each other! So many times reading that, I said, "Me too!" lol I hope you are having a wonderful birthday, dear Sasha!! ♥

Unknown said...

Oh my you make me laugh! Wow! Have a fabulous birthday!

Ella Swan said...

Haha - what a great read! I really enjoyed that!! So much I can relate to there - also hate talking on the phone and it's on silent most of the time - drives everyone crazy - like you I can talk the hindleg off a donkey but need to be looking at someone while I'm doing it not talking on the phone - that's so boring - and I get a stiff neck holding the phone while I'm trying to do other things at the same time!! Hope you had a really fun birthday - you never told us what you did and I'm dying to see the food photos LOL...

Sherri said...

I ♥ this post so much! Love leaning more about you my friend. I especially love the photo strip of photos, you are so beautiful, inside and out. Happy happy birthday my sweet faraway friend.

Nirupama said...

Very insightful. I totally hate talking on the phone too. But not as much as I hate checking voicemail. People can never figure out why my mailbox is always full.
Also, that note about letting the DVD babysit your kids has been ringing in my head all week as my husband is out of town. It is my only sanity saver right now!

Keshet said...

Ha, love that pin quote:)

Unknown said...

Love your list! You still can pass off as 29 lah! woo hoo!

Michelle Hernandez said...

Love this post- I laughed along with everything- especially the "if you love someone"- never agreed with that either! LOVE the black and white photo as well- such beautiful tonal range in that! This post made me happy today- I really needed it- thank you so much!

ms ngantuk said...

sha, did u get my happy bday msg on viber? if x dpt, happy b'day. we are forever young! (cellulite/white hair/whatever checked :P)
weh, always thought u hv gorgeous hair since schooldays :)

Vee said...

hope you had a fabulous birthday girl and you are gorgeous! I don't feel my age either :)

Diana said...

I love this post!
You're beautiful. I love all the pics of you. Your hair is beautiful curly (mine is curly too ha)
You're so young! Only 33! Wow.
You are so funny, you always make me laugh.

Blossom inch said...

Happy Birthday Sasha!!! Amboi canteknya...macam mana nak cantek macam you ha? Love your post Sasha and take care!

Denise said...

oh Happy Birthday my sweet friend.

btsoi. said...

Happy birthday! I loved reading your list.. I can so relate to so many things on it. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have a beautiful day. You totally deserve it.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday my friend. You look marvelous......

I hear you on the loner thing - me too. Could go for a week without leaving the house.

Leah said...

happy birthday! and what fun would being a mother be if we couldn't embarrasa our children? hope your 29th year is fabulous:)

Ann said...

Happy Birthday. You will love looking back on the list. I'm jealous that your white hairs only just started showing up, mine have been round too long.

Also, I agree about fighting for love.

Kim said...

...hope you had a fabulous birthday Sasha! I love your list and I love your pins - they're great!

...and you are only as old as you feel, remember that...and it doesn't count on the mornings your feel like you're 80!!!


Ania said...

Wait a minute! You're actually ONLY one year older than me? *grin*
You look gorgeous girl :)