Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More than once . . more than twice

  • More than once, I contemplate closing this blog altogether.
  • I love blogging, I just don't love the fact that the days are running away from me and before I know it, I've gone a week or two without posting. Do you feel this way?
  • Are you on Instagram? I've fallen in love with instagram all over again. Let me know if you're over there, I'm 'sashafarina' - yes, my username is very original. I know. *grins*
  • Before I continue, I'd like to send my thanks to everyone for your well wishes. 33 is awesome so far. You guys are part of that fabulousness.
So. . .
  • A couple of days ago, Kimberly inboxed me and a couple of other friends on Facebook. She attached a photo and said, why don't we all use that photo as an inspiration then post whatever we make to our blogs on Monday.
  • While I love the inspiration piece, I wasn't sure I could play. I said I'll try! (I'm trying to get the original link of the image to give proper credit, bear with me)
  • Somehow my layout turned out like this ↓. I know I must be paying closer attention to the colorful strips at the right hand side. LOL.
  • And oh, how proud am I to be incorporating older stuff on this layout? Very! Ha! Those Chatterbox felt leaves/Ali Edwards for Cocoa Daisy '' stamp/Fontwerks alphabets stamps/Scenic Route Grid paper/Hambly woodgrain paper and label - they have been in my house forever! :)

close up

  • Please go take a look at the rest of the girls.
  • Project 365 - how crazy is that we're at 300s already? So close to 2012. I've decided that I'm gonna do some sort of ProjectLife for the next year. We'll see how that goes.

Dinner. Chicken Murtabak. Oily but oh so good. LOL. Neha can finish this whole thing by herself - the rest of us.. well, we share. :)


Neha + Daddy at lunch.


Nidhi + Mommy on her 9th birthday. Nidhi's, not mommy's. :)


Sunset. Taken from inside the car. I love that you can't really see my dirty windscreen in this shot. Ha! (now don't look too close)


Crispy ham baked pasta for three. :)


Sunset. I thought this was a little bit creepy. LOL.


My lunch. Linda Barber said she will never cook and will gain 500 pounds if she live near me. I don't believe her and asked her to come over and stay with me for a while, then we'll see.


The beginning of some peanut butter and chocolate chips muffins.


We drove to Malaysia to have dinner with my parents. Everyone was okay initially, then Neha started feeling sick. Runny nose - headache. My papa put his hand on her head and she said - "okay, stay there, your hand feel nice TokPa" :)

Do you see the darkness behind my dad? That's the sea. The restaurant was on the water practically.


Advanced birthday Hi-Tea treat from Mr.Husband at Carousel.


Fish-eyed us. LOL.


Given a choice, I think Neha would rather stay with my mom. Especially now that my mom is retired. LOL.


Random flower by the roadside at the gas station. I almost fell into a drain trying to snap this picture. *sigh*


Baked baby potatoes. So delicious! I could live on potatoes and eggs and coffee. Yup. I can.
  • I think I've rambled enough - even though I can go on and on and on, I have pity on you. *grins*
  • I'll see you soon, yes? :)


Kimberly said...

Don't you DARE close your blog missy! I would miss your inspiration!...and I know I'm not alone in feeling this way! xoxo
I Lahoooove what you created for this fun inspiration piece too. GORGEOUS! I am sooooOOOooo glad you could play along too! xx
Love ya girl!

Mandie said...

love, love, love, sasha! so colorful! and you are so darn cute! :) (your food photos always make me hungry!)

Kimberly said...

I miss working with you regularly too! xoxo

Diane Payne said...

Love your layout, Sasha! You are so darn creative, I just knew it would be uniquely you!

I really love that photo you took in the security mirror in the store, I'm so doing that!

Daniela Dobson said...

I have read your blog for a long time!!! I know that I don't comment, but you are in my google reader. I love your work and all your photos (Instagram) and all your yummy food. Love this challenge and your layout. I want to make something for sure and I hope I have time.

Zarah said...

Keep writing. No pressure! Just blog when you feel like it and have time. I don't want you to leave the blogosphere, my sweet!!

LOVE the layout and I really like the heart-bokeh hibiscus photo too!

Unknown said...

Ummm... darling - you need to come live with me! We grow our own potatoes and have chickens for our eggs! Can't do anything for the coffee, but at least we make some every morning. :)

I hope you don't close your blog - I would so miss seeing what you make! So what if weeks go by with no word? As long as we're subscribed, we'll still get your posts when you post them!

I'm glad you didn't fall in the drain getting that lovely hibiscus photo! :)

Emily Pitts said...

lunch looks yummy and spicy. your layout is so happy and bright, i love your style so very much! and i have the same issue updating my blog :)

Mary Jo said...

You know I only blog two or three times a week at the most, but that is what works for me.
And I think whatever works for you is good. I know that I look forward to your posts no matter when they happen! :)
And what a fabulous layout! :)

Claire T said...

Please keep posting! Although I always get hungry reading your blog! Love your layout. You must really enjoy seeing the bond between your parents and your children. Your photos have captured it so well!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I would be devastated if you shut down your blog... I love visiting you! And I loveeeeeeeeeeee your lo.. loving the rainbow title!! Awesome photos too! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

xoxo... t said...

Sasha, that LO is fabulous. Wonderfully colorful. I hope you don't close your blog - don't let the pressure take all the fun out of it :)

Ania said...

Yay, love it when older stuff is used! Looks great and it's nice getting challenged so you do't get lazy ;) Happy belated bday, you don't look one day below 29! Err. Over. Whatevs. ;)
Ps. You know I need to stalk you. This blog allows me to!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your layouts and pictures, esp of the yummy foods, so please don't go! Urgh. looking at your lunch makes me drool. I just moved back to the US from SG and am missing all the yummy spicy foods! Any good sources of recipes you'd recommend?

Unknown said...

cannot close cannot close!!!! Otherwise how am I gonna get to talk to you and see your awesome stuff?

Michelle Hernandez said...

I'm laughing at the comments- every single one should have a little "like" box next to it with space for several exclamation points. I so throughly enjoy your writing, candor and creativity- please feel free to take a break but don't go away forever. One of my goals for this year- take food pix as yummy looking as yours! This looks like a great mini hop- off o see what others create!

Marti said...

Happy belated Birthday, Sasha!! Love your take on the inspiration piece- absolutely gorgeous (the LO and the lady in it!)!

Blossom inch said...

layout cantek, gambar giler sedap boleh???
have a good week ahead.

Sara said...

You are NOT allowed to stop blogging!! But I do know how you feel, as I have felt the same way (as much as I love it). LOVE your spin on the inspiration piece! Beautiful LO, my friend. Even better that you scrapped your bday. You know how much I love your pics, as much as you know how addicted to Instagram I am too! ;)

caroline hancock / Scrappercaz said...

Yes please do not close your blog i LOVE your posts. And i LOVE your layout so much i love how you kept it true to you and got rid of scraps. Also i love that all the food i see i could eat mmmmmmm oh and that pic of you all in the mirror is fabulous, Great sunsets. Love ya girly x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous page! I miss your pages! Always love the different take on product!

Kim said... have too many people who love your blog to stop now!! All your fun layouts, your awesome cooking photos, and family updates...I'm sure we all feel like we know you personally because you let us all into your just keep your chin up and keep the fun in your blogging! There's no pressure or deadline to post every other day, so don't sweat the small stuff...


Christine said...

Ooh, love your happy rainbow style :) and those little hearts on the pic of the flower at the servo station are too cute!

Donna said...

That layout is amazing. Love your interpretation. Yes, I lose track of time with my blog. But you? You'd better not close yours!!!

Denise said...

You better not close this blog!
I would miss you.
and the pictures of food.
and your eye candy for layouts.
and your funny, silly ways.
Dont' you do it Sasha.

Jennie M said...'re too wonderful to stop blogging all together. Post only occasionally if you must -- but don't stop. We'd all miss you too much!!

KarenP(kphike) said...

Saaaaasha!!! I love your colorful layout and miss seeing them every month! So glad I get to see one here! Love your pics of your beautiful family and ok - now I'm hungry!! :)
Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us! xoxoxo - KarenP (kphike)
PS my DH just got back from a week in Singapore! He thought it was so beautiful - next time he goes I'll come visit with a suitcase full of scrappy goodies!!

Anilú Magloire said...

Why? Why do I always check your pics posts when I'm starving? I am coming to visit you and I don't care if I gain 20 pounds.

Diana said...

Pic 309 is amazing! You are a fab photographer.
I don't care if I gain weight, I want to come live at your house and eat your food :-)
As for closing the blog. You know, it doesn't matter if you don't post regularly. It's your blog, you can post when you want to, especially if you love blogging. There's no pressure now you're not on a DT.
I would really miss your blog if you closed it.
Can you tell I'm trying to subtly convince you to PLEASE DON'T CLOSE YOUR BLOG!