Friday, December 23, 2011

The merriest of Christmas

I hope you have. :)
  • I'm back with one little layout.
  • Not feeling chatty today, good thing it's only Nidhi and I at home - today is probably the day, that if a stranger said " I like your perfume, what is it?" I would reply with "I sprinkle gun powder on myself. Watch your step, I might explode" Ha!
  • But no, that didn't happen. Because on days like this, I usually stay home cook a huge pot of chicken and potato soup and stay home being cranky.
a lifetime ago

close up

close up
  • Used up some older metal embelishments - heart brads, eyelet metal sentiment, metal word plate, acetate tag, all from Making Memories. The alphas are from Heidi Swapp - misted.
  • I love that instax photo. That was Neha, now 11yrs old - very much a young lady. Yup, I've had Instax since before I got pregnant with Nidhi. Nidhi is now 9+. LOL. I must dig up and see if that thing still works.
  • Polka dotted leaves were cut from a Dear Lizzy fabric paper. I left the backing intact because I don't want them to stick flat on the page. Added some pop dots to help elevation.
  • And some photos. . I've decided not to post the rest of my Project 365 here, but will continue uploading it to my Flickr 365/2011 set. Please hop on over if you'd like to view them all.

  • Do yourself a favor and bake these nutella cupcakes. They're divine. Trust me. You're welcome. My biggest problem is that I tend to inhale them. Not good. Not good.
  • and a current favorite photo of Nidhi and I - taken on the way to a wedding at Botanical Garden here in Singapore.
  • and another one, because I can't resist ogres. He's so handsome! *grins*
  • You know what? I think my crankiness is gone! Heeeheee!! Off to play and hope I will be back here soon, eh? :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The next time . . .

  • Edited to add - I'm moderating the comments for now. Sorry I have to do this. Spammers are driving me crazy. I had to delete 601 spam these last few days and I still have more to go through.
  • The next time I say something about about making puff pastry from scratch, please ask me to go lie down on the couch until the notion passes. Please.
  • And oh, the meltdown in the last post - did i freak you out? I hope not. Just keepin' it real around here. Thank you for understanding where I came from. *hugs*
  • I've been meaning to share my 365 pictures - I will soon, I hope. I need to upload them to my flickr. I keep telling myself - I'll do that tomorrow - and I don't - and to be frank, I'm not sorry about it. It's the school holidays over here. Neha is enjoying herself, she's staying with my parents, and I've been busy keeping Nidhi occupied. The usuals - bike rides by the beach, craft time, swims, movies etc etc.
  • I do have something to share though. . .

My cover page for Project Life 2012. I don't know yet how I'm gonna approach this, knowing me, it will be all over the place because I'm easily distracted *have you watched Puss in Boots? the part where he was chasing the lights? - yeah, that's me*. But I also know I'm gonna have so much fun. My Project Life, my way.

I think I wish I'm doing PL this year. Just think of all the funny/not so funny captions on my 365 photos - I think it would be awesome all compiled in an album. Of course I can start doing it right now, but I'm anal like that and want to start in the new year.

If I feel like I have too much time on my hands *like that is ever gonna happen!* - I may do up the photos from 2011! You never know with that crazy girl me.

close up

Close up. This cover page is not needed, really. I just wanted to play and stitch on paper. That little envelope is my favorite part! I bought a booklet of them - tear them off like post-it and fold them yourself kinda booklet. Super cute!

PL - album


with PL Photo Pocket Pages Design F and, when appropriate - 8.5 x 11 American Crafts page protectors.
  • So, who's gonna kick my butt when I slack off next year? Any volunteers? :)
  • And who are with me doing PL2012? *so I can kick your butts as well* LOL.