Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of being scared, of being afraid.

  • I fear leaving them behind. My daughters. I know one day we will all die, but if I can ask for one thing, please God, let me stay alive until they can take care of themselves.
  • I'm afraid of losing my mind. Really. You can never take your sanity for granted. What if I wake up one day and don't recognize them anymore? Oh My Goodness I can't imagine.
  • On a lighter note, I'm scared of wild animals and the dark. You combine those two together and you get a very scared Sasha. The last time we were at Night Safari here in Singapore, I refused to get down from the tram. Much to the dismay of my family. They wanted to walk around in the dark, looking out for nocturnals. Thankyouverymuch. I told them they can do so and I'll meet them at the entrance. Haha! In the end, they stayed put in the tram with me. I heard whispers - *next time we go without mommy*. LOL.

  • I need about 15 more packs of those Pebbles kraft alpha stickers. Love. :) Polaroid stamp from Cocoa Daisy. Stamped tag - I've had it forever, I think it was from an old Scarlet Lime kit. Stamped alphas - Studio G, also an old set. I love mine!
  • Added some handstitching (actually, no - I stitch first once I have the rough idea of how my layout is gonna be), Hambly tapes, KaiserCraft pearls and eyelets.
  • Almost 2am in Singapore. I ought to head to bed or I will be 'paying' for this for the next week. I'm a grandma, I usually sleep at 10. 11 the most. Ha!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do

  • I read that somewhere, sometime ago. It's true, you know. I'm guilty - many times over. This has to change. I need to concentrate on what I can do, rather than wasting my resources and concentration on what I can't.
  • Photo printer/photos : I use my Selphy for almost all my photos, except for enlarged ones where I send them to the photo shop nearby. I also use Picasa as my platform before printing my pictures - that way, I can just select and 'hold' photos together and they will automatically fit two photos onto a piece of 4x6. The photos won't be exactly 2x3 but I don't mind that because I love the white border around smaller photos. I also don't edit my smaller photos. Saving whatever time I can here.
  • Printing on journaling cards. If I could kiss Liz Tamanaha, I would do so everyday. Click here for the free template she prepared. It makes printing on those 3x4 cards a breeze.

  • Love that stapled wooden butterfly from Studio Calico.

  • Weekly spread : I have no rules set in stone for this. If I can fill a double page, great. If not, no harm done. Just look at my week one - three pages + one huge photo insert, and that's okay. This one here is week two and a little bit of week three. I might be adding a divider for different months later on, but nothing for now.
  • Planner : I don't have any plan for this project. I'm more like 'fly by the seat of my pants' kinda girl. For me, Project Life is my playtime. I say do what works for you.
  • And I made this today. Based on the speed that my children and I inhaled it, I can't leave without sharing the link to the recipe. Stromboli - just a fancy shape and name for a pizza according to Lauren, but I beg to differ. Stromboli, to me - is every kind of awesome and I like it much better than pizza.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

She had me at pastries

  • She is Katrina from Pugly Pixel. Notice some changes around here? Ah, yes, I changed some things around, all thanks to a free blog template from Katrina. Powered by Pastries - seriously how adorable is that name!
  • I'm going for simple here. Clean, soothing grey. One of the way I'm embracing my grey hair. LOL. just kidding. no, not really.
  • I'm also going for simple here because I don't have the ability to read and understand anything more than basic html. This simple tweak, took me three days + headache + nightmares. Ha! I think I talked about drop shadows and font choices in my sleep!
  • So what do you think?
  • Did you see a new blinkie *i just noticed it's not blinking, LOL* at the side bar? *grins* I'm so looking forward to be working with Veronica and the rest of the girls these few months! And I promise you, as soon as I get my package of tags and other goodness, you will see them appear lots especially in my Project Life!
  • Speaking of which, I have a post going up soon for Project Life. I just need to take some photos first. If you have any question - please leave them here so I can help you in my next post.
  • And because I don't want to post without a photo. . .
Homemade Pizza puffs for brunch. (as if i'm not puffy enough). Ha!!

  • Made these for brunch the other day. Pizza puffs, (as if i'm not puffy enough). Ha!!
  • I'll see you soon!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Lizzy

Edited to add :

Winner is Lora Olliver! Congrats Lora! Do email me your address! :) Thank you everyone for hopping along with us!

  • If you're a scrapbooker, I'm sure you already know who that is. :) I'm so glad to call her my friend. She is sweet, encouraging, oh so gorgeous, funny, a fabulous mother and wife, not to mention so freakin' talented and an all around rockstar in my book. *grins*
  • If you have been looking for CHA sneaks for her new line, look no more! Hop along and you will be able to see lots!
Elizabeth Kartchner’s latest signature collection, Dear Lizzy Neapolitan, is fanciful & fresh featuring candy-shop colors and a diffused watercolor effect that takes you into a daydream of hand-drawn Mason jars, ice cream cones and balloons.

Dear Lizzy Neapolitan features 22 papers, including darling stitched ruffle paper & patterned vellum. Complementing the papers are a variety of embellishments from painted wood buttons, epoxy stickers, chipboard word banners, embroidered brads & wood grain chipboard pieces. Other new exciting products are Flutterbys (sewn butterfly & pendant banners), a Roller & Phrase Stamp and Paper Pinwheels. Here's a sneak peek of one of the products!

  • I might have to buy those in bulk! Just look at that, how adorable are those buttons? And I LOVE buttons! *sigh* I can't wait until they hit the market.
  • and *ahem* because I love you guys, I'm giving away some of those buttons to one very lucky person. Just leave me a comment here in this post and you're in! As per usual on this blog, as long as you're able to comment, you're in.
  • That's not all, if you hop along with us, you will even have the chance to win the ENTIRE collection! Yes Yes Yes!! Your next stop will be the blog of the awesome Rhonna Farrer!
  • Happy Hopping!

Overthinking not allowed.

  • First, I must thank each and everyone of you for your love on my previous post. Thank you! So very much! Crate Paper is one of my favorite manufacturer, thanks to Studio Calico for always including some Crate goodness in their kits - to have the opportunity to work with them is something BIG for me. :) Thank you for being happy/glad/excited with me.
  • I'm smitten with Project Life. I hope pray this feeling will last and carry me along this whole year.
  • I don't have the time attention span to sit down and do the whole week at one time, so most days, my album lay open on the table. I print photos when I can - then work on one pocket at a time.
  • I don't even care if they are color coordinated. I happen to like the eclectic look. Whatever I can grab is fair game and can be included inside my Project Life album. I've used more of what I have since I started Project Life than the past few months. LOL. That is one of the awesome part of doing this.

  • The stuff inside 4x6 pocket on top keep sliding out - I think it's because of the slippery plastic thickers, so I took a little bit of Hambly tape and taped the middle part.

  • Sunset. Blown up to 8x12. Love that photo. I used the normal AC 12x12 page protectors and cut it to size.

  • And this close up is an afterthought as you can see from the different lighting. I did those pockets while Mr.Husband was away in Japan, I think. Didn't tell him about it. As I said, my album lay open - he saw it and burst out laughing. It was ridiculous how happy that made me. This is what it's all about. Life's little moments, documented.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ecstatic. Jubilant. Honored.

  • A new journey with Crate Paper.
  • Please come along for the ride. I'm forever grateful for your support.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm not gonna lie

  • and say we're perfect.
  • We're so far from perfect I feel like choking on my own tongue every single time anyone suggests anything like that.
  • There are days that I feel like ____________(fill in the blank yourself) - and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. For I'm not easy to live with.
  • But we're each other's support system. I love that we're two strong individual, but together, we're just better. Wickedly better.
  • And I think I better stop here before any of you starts barfing into a bucket. Ha! *kidding*

  • Lots of bits and pieces - just the way I like it. Did I tell you that my favorite part of scrapping is digging for embelishments in my IKEA plastic tub? LOL.
  • The circles were cut using my Silhouette - then stamped with one of Studio Calico's button stamp. I like the way they look somewhat nestled together. Everything else explains themselves I think. But if you have questions - please email me! :)
  • And there you have it, my current favorite layout. :)
  • I'll be back with a Project Life post soon!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

When there is no right and there is no wrong

  • the only thing you can do is follow your heart. Don't you agree?
  • Thought I'll do a quick share of my title page for Project Life 2012.
  • Not because I'm off to do something exotic and fun like lying on a beach sipping my blue and pink layered mocktail with a little umbrella on the side of the glass or anything like that.
  • I need to get ready *read : get out of my pyjamas and into something more appropriate* - somebody is coming to fix a new ceiling fan in the girls' bedroom.
  • They got a new ceiling fan because I broke theirs. Don't ask why. Don't ask how. I'm the destroyer around here. *more about that later, I'm sure*

  • Project Life Design E Page Protector for the 'Hello' page. I slipped the map on the back of this layout - our Town Council gave every household a map of the neighbourhood, it was huge but I cut it down to 8.5 x 11, making sure our block of apartment is somewhere on the page.

  • A closer look. Those tags? 7G. Brads - K-ology from K&Company. Hello stamp - October Afternoon way back when they run a kit club. Red butterflies punched from an old piece of SEI flocked paper. I think. Ancient, in scrapping years. LOL.

  • And I printed some part of my blog post for January 1st. Background misted with Chalkboard Glimmer Mist in Monolith and Mister Huey's in Sunshine. Chevron mask designed by the fabulous Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.
  • I'll see you soon!!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here's to 2012. Here's to more.

more 1

more 2

more 3

Welcome 2012! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!