Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Insane Fear

  • So last night, 10pm, I was getting ready for bed. I suddenly realized that my heart is beating too fast that it's becoming uncomfortable, almost painful. I tried calming down - I wasn't even excited about anything except well, sleeping - I love sleep! No go. Not helping, the stubborn heart continued to race in my chest.
  • Then my brain started formulating nonsense.
  • What if I'm about to have a heart attack? What if I die? Shall I call someone to come over in the morning to send my children to school? Which is totally illogical you see. Going to school should be the least of their worry if their mother is dead.
  • Then, I started thinking, what will happen to them when I'm no longer around? Who will supervise homework? Who will make sure they go to bed on time? Who will nag them to clean their room, empty the trash, wash their shoes? Because you see, around here, in the 'good cop bad cop' scenario, I'm the bad cop. I'm always around for the not so fun stuff.
  • What if what if what if.
  • In the end, I didn't sleep at all, because of this insane fear that if I sleep, I might never wake up. I managed to develop a monstrous headache + fever in the process, then, I showered at 4am.
  • Went to check on my children - both of them have not been feeling very well since the night before. Fed them their meds, popped a couple for myself as well and we all went back to bed where I embraced sleep like a long lost soulmate.
  • I never want to repeat last night again. Never.
  • Now that we got the fear of dying out of the way, let's pay attention to this wonderful, wonderful world of ours. :) I promise you I'm not crazy - I just need to put those down 'on paper' or so to speak. I need to remember that it's not my 'place' to worry about things like that. Things happen for a reason and when my time comes, there's nothing I can do about it.
  • My happy place - Hard Rock Hotel, Penang Malaysia.
  • Airmail washi - my current favorite. I want to use bits of it on everything these days. Everyday Life Button - another favorite. In fact, a lot of favorites here on this page. So apt for a layout about this wonderful world.
  • Confession - I botched the title stamping once, then flipped the cardstock and started over. :)
  • If you're still here, thank you. This post is wordy, I know. But I want my blog to not only be the place of sunshine, rainbows and multi colored ponies - but also a place of fear, sleepless nights and failures. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Life Catch Up Day

  • yup, that's today. I'm not VERY behind, but it's nice to catch up, no? :)
  • how are you all doing with your own Project Life?
  • I assure you, it's very easy to get overwhelmed. Very easy. Just take a deep breath and tell yourself you're doing awesome. If you wanna take a break from PL, by all means go ahead. You'll come back stronger, fresher.

  • Studio Calico Scrap Pads *orange arrows*, alpha stamps, fabrips, Cocoa Daisy stamps. A page from the Smash notepad, some old 7G stickers and kraft chipboard.

  • My favorite part here is the one in close up. A series of self portraits from taken by Neha as we were about to leave for the mall. Taken with an apps called ActionCam.
  • Again, more arrows, more washi, more stickers. Basically I'm repeating the same thing over and over again. Wonder if I should stop sharing my pages coz there is really nothing new! Ha!!
  • I'll see you soon!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What do they say about family?

  • I'm kidding. Half kidding, anyway. LOL. Show me a family with no crazy amongst them, coz I'm sure I've never seen one.
  • In mine, we have nut, nuttier and nuttiest. No prize for guessing who's the nuttiest. Ha! I still love them like there is no tomorrow.
  • This photo was scrapped before, but that was for me. This particular one is gonna live with my third sister soon :)



  • If you like the color green & yellow, you will want to visit Crate Paper to see many, many shades of green and yellow :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Been a while, eh?

  • Since I last shared my Project Life?
  • Nope, I didn't quit doing PL. Yes, I'm still enjoying it very much.
  • Nope, no stress. I do what I want, when I can. You can too. Whatever I have here, whatever is done, is better than nothing. This album is fast becoming our favorite in the house.
  • And oh, I've picked a winner for the St Patrick's Day Instagram giveaway. Please scroll down to take a look if you're the lucky one. :)

  • The alpha stamp from Studio Calico is getting a real workout. I don't even put it away anymore. The set is on my table. Constantly. :)
  • Sunburnt. I still have that arm band and iphone mark on my upper arm.

  • Close up of my March tag. The Hello Months tag set from ChicTags is my favorite!! Woodgrain yumminess done with PaperTrey Ink embossing plate. Another one of my weakness - I just wanna have them all! Ha!
  • Before I go and have what feels like my 54th cup of coffee, I really, from the bottom of my heart, wanna thank you for the kind words on my last post. LilyBee is a new adventure, one I'm sure to enjoy especially with you along for the ride. Here we go. . .

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Excited. Thrilled. Humbled.

  • Thank you Kristen for inviting me into this awesome team. I can't wait to see all the amazingness that is LilyBee :)
  • My 'more more more' for 2012 is becoming a reality. Here's to more creating!
  • Thank you everyone for your neverending support. I'm so lucky to have you with me. Thank you.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not a secret *closed*

*Edited to add : I did a random drawing and the Winner is Miriam Rodriguez! Congrats Miriam! Please email me, my dear. Email address on the side bar :) *who says the first to comment won't ever win, eh? LOL*

  • not a secret that I love Instagram. I spend my time there while waiting for my girls to finish classes, while waiting for the washing machine to finish a load, while waiting for my coffee to be ready, while waiting for that glob of glossy accent to dry - etc etc etc.
  • so when invitation for this ↓ came along from Jessy - of course I said yes! LOL. I love my Instagram buddies.

  • what to do? very simple. We're here for fun. If you're here first, just hop on to the blogs in my list below. If you come from elsewhere, *welcome! I'd love to have you here regularly!* you can still use the list below as your guide.
  • but before that, I have something something for you. Something something that I hope you'd like to have. Something something made by me. Something something that might be on sale sometime, but you'll have the chance to have that something something first, before it's available anywhere else.

  • Do you like what you see? If you'd like to have a chance to get your hands on them, just leave me a note here and check out my instagram feed if you like. I'll randomly draw a name at the end of the blog hop in a few days. As long as you're able to comment, you're in. *as per usual when I host any type of giveaways here*
  • Done commenting? Be on your way to these awesome ladies!


Friday, March 9, 2012

She said I love her

  • You guys rock. Thank you for keeping us company during the wait at the A&E :) I love you.

  • Still about Neha. The journaling is hers. She wrote it as a caption on one of the photo of the two of them on her facebook account. I'll be lying if I say I didn't tear up when I first read that. I changed nothing, those are her exact words.

  • *sigh* I love my girls. Now they only need to stop growing so much, so fast.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


  • This is how my table look like.Not overly messy but very little space to work on.
  • My problem is I want to have everything in front of me, easy access, reacheable without having to drag my butt off the chair. In short - I'm lazy. Ha!


  • Dear view from my kitchen window, thank you for being amazing. I love you.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Don't wait for perfect

  • If you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done. --Mike Seseed
  • Case in point - I wanted to blog much earlier in the day but was waiting for that pocket of time where I can ramble with minimum interruptions. Not happening.
  • So here I am, waiting for my kettle of water to boil so I can make my coffee. :) Look at me getting things done! *pats self in the back*
  • Made this for dinner - lovely if I may say so. Just a basic lemon and garlic roast chicken with added curry powder for some heat. Excuse the messy dish.

  • A little Project Life update. My favorite part must be all those pieces sticking out of the page protectors. LOL.

  • Lots of washi tape. Lots of tiny attachers. Lots of colors.
  • Some Chic Tags as well. I love that I can print on them and treat them just like the grid journaling cards.
  • Some stamping. Some DYMO. And lots of my own stash used here. I think if I continue doing this, I might actually make a dent in what I have over here. Mind you, I have very little compared to what I've seen in the online world. LOL.
  • I'm quite behind with this project unfortunately, this is only until Feb 18th. But I'll be working on it tonight - even if I will only get some printing done - I swear I will do it. I'm not waiting for perfect.
  • Perfect is overrated :)