Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ten on Thursday

  • I've posted the winner for the Washi Workshop - scroll down to see if you're the lucky one. Have fun, see you in the workshop!
  • If you need any proof that I'm clumsy - here - I managed to cut my finger and almost a fingernail using the ever fabulous Tim Holtz  Tonic scissors. This was after midnight - Mr Husband ordered me to stop doing whatever I was doing and go to bed. He said I was too tired. I beg to differ. I'm just clumsy.
  • Crate Paper Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue makes me want another baby badly. For real. Almost. Ha! 
  • The other day, Neha found this picture on my computer and uploaded it to her Instagram account. Do you know how much it hurts seeing my babies that way? I want them back!! I'm sure all mothers can understand this. 

  • I currently smell like heaven caramel.  I baked some Browned Butter Choc Chip cookies yesterday and again, today. the dough is chilling as we speak. I'm also gaining like 300lbs. *sigh* I promise you, I don't even eat that much, maybe a piece or two. I must have inhaled the calories.
  • We are running a night marathon again this weekend. Well, he's running the 42k, I'll be running up and down the sideline taking pictures, ready with my stash of banana cake and cookies for the  starving runners after their run. 
  • The best sentences I've heard this week. Both from my girls' teachers.
  1. She's working hard, I can see that. She's improving a lot! but she can do better! Let us help her achieve that!
  2. She's such a sunshine in my everyday! I can't help but smile when I see her. You can't help but be happy around her!! 
  • Hello Thailand! Hello beautiful people! Hello piña colada! We're booked for Phuket. I can't wait. It's amazing how one seemingly ordinary place can carve a place for itself in your heart. 

  • I want this album ➶ Probably 10 of them. I need to replace some of my old, post bound ones. What do you think? I think it's super cute!!
  • And a pin to share with you, although I must admit, I'm not usually the first to apologize, nor the first to forgive or even forget. Let's say I forgive, eventually, but I keep a list just in case. Ha!!
Source: via Sasha on Pinterest


  • So that's my ten. Mindless ramblings. Needed to get them outta my head :) Thanks for reading. Here are some baby~ish projects for you. Anyone having a baby? Anyone? Anyone at all? I need a bottle full of that delicious baby smell. Thank you.






  • I made those using Little Bo Peep. Delightful, don't you think? Especially adore the flocked thickers! Yes, they're flocked and fabulous!
  • I'll see you soon, probably after I wake up from my one week sleep after the marathon, as usual. LOL! 


Saturday, May 19, 2012

My love affair with colors . . .

  • If you're here for the Washi Workshop giveaway, please scroll down :) The giveaway is *closed*
  • I love colors, that is not a secret around here. Imagine my delight when I see this ↓

  • Let me be the one to tell you, I'm kinda anti-social in real life. Ha! So online classes are perfect for me. I can take my own sweet time. . . and don't have to get out of my pyjamas!! Bonus!
  • I need this. . .  NEED. What about you? 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Studio Calico Washi Workshop Blog Blitz *closed*

  • Winner! Winner!! - Gina - please email me with your info! Email address on the sidebar! Congrats!!

  • Have you seen this? I'm sure you already know how much I adore the good people at Studio Calico. When Kelly emailed to invite me to be one of the contributor, I replied with "Hell, YES! Yes! Yes!!" lol.
We love it. We hoard it. We can't get enough. Now let's use it! Yes, we're talking about washi tape and creative powerhouse Megan Hoeppner of Creating Keepsakes magazine is full of ideas to share for digging into your stash to make amazing new projects.
She's joined by washi addicts Nicole Samuels, Kelly Purkey, Allison Waken, Sasha Farina, Julie Ebersole, Tina Aszmus, Lisa Truesdell, and Amy Tan. They'll be providing brand new, exclusive layouts, mini albums, cards, and other great projects.
This is a four week class with two detailed PDF lessons posted each Tuesday and Thursday during the month of June, beginning on the 5th. The class includes a private message board and a live chat with Megan & the contributors.
You won't want to miss out on this fun - and inspiring - workshop with great ideas for using your wonderful washi!
  • I'm giving away a spot in the Washi Workshop today along with the rest of the girls + CK team. To be in the drawing, you have to leave me a comment here, in this post on my blog. If you're reading this via somekind of a reader, or via facebook, please hop on over and leave a comment here on the actual post, okay? And make sure you include the answer to the question below.
How many rolls of washi do you own? 
  • I must say, I can't stop myself from getting more! *gasp* I really do not want to count mine, they're all over the place right now anyway as I'm knee deep in the Washi Workshop layouts. LOL. *excuses, i know!*
  • Here's my washi holder, made by my best friend Lena. She has since made me another one because, um. . .my washi multiplied themselves during the night. :D Mind you, this is nothing. I've seen people who own washi in 4 digits. Yup, over 999 rolls! 

  • I use a lot of washi in my Project Life, so I thought I'd do an update here as well. 

  • I know, I'm behind. Hello April? That must be a joke. LOL.




  • Washi, stamping, chevron glassine bags for recipe, lots of random bits from my cookie tin. Yes, I keep random bits in a Girl Guide Cookie tin. I love cookie tins. Send some my way if you don't want them. LOL. Kidding.
  • Okay, this is a novel again! I'm sorry!! Long story short, here's what you have to do.
  1. To be in the drawing for a spot in the Washi Workshop, leave a comment here, tell me you love me. Make sure you include the answer to this question ➠ How many rolls of washi do you own?
  2. Hop on over to the blog of dear friend of mine, Laura Vegas and the blog of the very talented Julie Ebersole. You will have more links to follow from their blogs. 
  3. If you lost your way, you can always go back to Studio Calico blog or Creating Keepsakes blog - all the links are there.
  4. As long as you're able to comment, you're in. I'll close the comment section before I do the draw.

  • I'll see you soon! Good luck! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I need to stop

  • I need to stop pinning recipes! Really!! Pinterest is the reason I'm gaining weight. Haha! Not really, I'm the reason I'm gaining weight. But I still blame pinterest. :P
  • Some days, I woke up feeling like I'd been punched, repeatedly, without mercy. Visit pinterest and I'll see - ohhhh.. nutella poundcake! sounds yummy. Wonder if I have all the ingredients.? or or or . . .  - That cheesecake looks divine - time to make add some cream cheese to the shopping list. And magically I'd forget about that being punched feeling. LOL.
  • Okay, who am I kidding. I usually have cream cheese in my fridge. Just in case, you know? :)
  • I've a lot of requests for recipes, especially on instagram. I have fat fingers, and it's kinda hard to type long sentences on the phone. So I'm linking here, okay? although you can always follow my 'Sasha The FoodFace' board to see what I'm pinning. So here are some of what I made this month. Yes, the month of May.
  • Chocolate Cornflakes. I had some leftover ganache from the Devil's Food cake. And made those for the kids.
  • And this is today! Banana + Chocolate Chips Bread. I skipped the rum and substituted cinnamon ships for chocolate ones. Absolutely delicious. And super super super easy to make. I didn't even have to switch on my mixer. This is a winner in my opinion. 
  • I have some layouts to share. Also a couple pages of Project Life. I'm way behind, I know. So sorry and thank you for those emailing me asking for updates. I'll be back to regular blogging soon I hope. Trying to get the hang of things around here. 
  • The shop is hard work but I'm oh so happy. I couldn't stitch fast enough to keep the shop fully stocked. Thank you for all your support, friends! Speaking of which, I added some new sets of badges today! Here's a sample : 
  • Go check out the rest! :) 
  • 10:30pm, I need to wake Mr. Husband up from his nap. Yes, nap. That crazy dude is going for a 35km night run with some friends. 
  • I'll see you soon!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello Tweet Girl

  • A layout for my 'tweet' baby girl. 
  • The one that sings Adele at the top of her lungs in the shower and in the car on the way to/from school. 
  • The one with no shortage of stories to tell. Really. :) She gets that from me. Haha!


  • Some stitching, a few circles, my favorite kraft tag, strips of washi and a whole lot of Crate Paper goodness. Pretty straightforward, love it nonetheless. :)