Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ten on Thursday

  • I've posted the winner for the Washi Workshop - scroll down to see if you're the lucky one. Have fun, see you in the workshop!
  • If you need any proof that I'm clumsy - here - I managed to cut my finger and almost a fingernail using the ever fabulous Tim Holtz  Tonic scissors. This was after midnight - Mr Husband ordered me to stop doing whatever I was doing and go to bed. He said I was too tired. I beg to differ. I'm just clumsy.
  • Crate Paper Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue makes me want another baby badly. For real. Almost. Ha! 
  • The other day, Neha found this picture on my computer and uploaded it to her Instagram account. Do you know how much it hurts seeing my babies that way? I want them back!! I'm sure all mothers can understand this. 

  • I currently smell like heaven caramel.  I baked some Browned Butter Choc Chip cookies yesterday and again, today. the dough is chilling as we speak. I'm also gaining like 300lbs. *sigh* I promise you, I don't even eat that much, maybe a piece or two. I must have inhaled the calories.
  • We are running a night marathon again this weekend. Well, he's running the 42k, I'll be running up and down the sideline taking pictures, ready with my stash of banana cake and cookies for the  starving runners after their run. 
  • The best sentences I've heard this week. Both from my girls' teachers.
  1. She's working hard, I can see that. She's improving a lot! but she can do better! Let us help her achieve that!
  2. She's such a sunshine in my everyday! I can't help but smile when I see her. You can't help but be happy around her!! 
  • Hello Thailand! Hello beautiful people! Hello piña colada! We're booked for Phuket. I can't wait. It's amazing how one seemingly ordinary place can carve a place for itself in your heart. 

  • I want this album ➶ Probably 10 of them. I need to replace some of my old, post bound ones. What do you think? I think it's super cute!!
  • And a pin to share with you, although I must admit, I'm not usually the first to apologize, nor the first to forgive or even forget. Let's say I forgive, eventually, but I keep a list just in case. Ha!!
Source: via Sasha on Pinterest


  • So that's my ten. Mindless ramblings. Needed to get them outta my head :) Thanks for reading. Here are some baby~ish projects for you. Anyone having a baby? Anyone? Anyone at all? I need a bottle full of that delicious baby smell. Thank you.






  • I made those using Little Bo Peep. Delightful, don't you think? Especially adore the flocked thickers! Yes, they're flocked and fabulous!
  • I'll see you soon, probably after I wake up from my one week sleep after the marathon, as usual. LOL! 



Pretty Paper Studio said...

gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!

Blossom inch said...

absolutely beautiful projects and love reading your post!

Nirupama said...

Oh no! Your poor finger! Hope it healed up. Maye tim holtz should sell band aids too? ;)

Love your new projects, I know what you mean about the wanting a new baby to go with. Too pretty!

Joy said...

Eeeek! your finger, hope it is still in tack...hugs to you on that one, good luck with the marathon, oh and your adorable children are just way too sweet, on a side note, I don't have kids and I want the new collection from Crate Paper, swoon!! hugs!

Claire T said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I have three of those albums to pick up this week and I cannot wait! If a 2 year old counts as a baby I have a lovely one you can borrow anytime... We want another baby but it is not happening so I am compensating by using the new crate for a baby album for Miss S. Counting down until it arrives in store!
Hope that cut is healing up nicely!

Benga said...

this is soooo adorable!!!
love the whole set!
Thanks for sharing your talent! You know I'm a big *can be literally LOL* fan!
so sorry about the hand, i can relate because I'm a clutz, weird is I hurt my foot instead, the cutterbee dropped straight to my feet with it's pointy sharp edge!

Unknown said...

Lovely projects! The grey background on the card is perfect! Love the saying today. I need to post that at work for a few people ;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ouch on your finger!! :(

I love love love love your Crate projects!! And that quote you used on your lo.... I had, "I made a wish and you came true" engraved in Brian's wedding band!!!!

Danielle Flanders said...

beautiful! i need to use that saying "we made a wish and you came true", how sweet!!

ginny said...

I love the card & will be making one to add to my stash. I cut my finger the same way - only I was in the middle of teaching a scrapbooking class. It takes real talent, huh?

Susan Beth said...

Ouch! I've done something like that before with my cutter bees. Hope it heals up quickly. Love the photo of your girls! And Thailand sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

Diana Waite said...

wow what a FABULOUS ten minus the cutting of your FINGER! GREAT creations--LOVE the quote--YOU are amazing!

Kelly said...

The cookies sound yum. Ouch for your finger. Love that pic - and I definitely ache in my heart to have my babies back too.
And yes to the album. I want. I need.Good luck to the hubs this weekend.
Have a good one Sasha xxx

Tara LeClaire said...

This post was just chocl full of inspiration! Love! And what a proud Mama you must be :)

Lilith Eeckels said...

This is the cutest project I've seen in a while. LOVE it!

Denise said...

omgosh I felt faint at the site of your blood. I am such a baby! such a sweet photo of the girls Sasha. I do hope you have a lovely time in Phuket. That is some where I have always wanted to go.

veta said...

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