Friday, June 29, 2012

Of Happy Photos & Happy Times

  • Not to say we're so happy 100% of the time. Trust me, vacation or no vacation, the crankiness is there. 
  • But these are some of our happy photos. A lot of work choosing these especially when I took a few less than a thousand on the camera and a couple hundred more on the iPhone and a couple hundred more on Neha's iPhone.
  • If you're like Hodges (CSI) who thinks that nothing is worse than scrolling through other people's vacation photos, please, skip this post. I don't even mind at all. Come back later when I have some craftiness to share. (soon!)
  • Waiting for our flight. Neha took that one. I love it! Thanks girl! ♥



  • Sunset from the window seat. I wanna take lots of sunset flight now. The view was just breathtaking and it changed so fast. The two photos above was taken within three minutes of each other. Yes, I got the window seat. Both ways. LOL. 

  • Our latest 'US' photo. A little bit shaky, but that's okay. :). Thanks William for the photo.

  • Feeding baby Elly. Adorable to the max! 

  • Elephant ride. Our first and last. We agreed to do this purely for experience sake for the kids. Even they agreed that they will never want to do it again. I don't even have to tell you why, right? 

  • Kathu Waterfall. We were here for about an hour - it was almost dark, just for Nidhi. She had to go into the water. Had to, no other choice - it was calling her name! Ha! She laid down and made 'water angels' coz it was so shallow, only ankle deep.

  • Bangla Road. Where the party is. LOL. We went for a walk and I showed the girls the tables with poles attached in the clubs, told them what they're for. Ha! All Nidhi said was "this place smells like unwashed people!" That's what I thought as well, she just said it out loud. LOL.

  • Breakfast view. Our room is on top of the hill. We had to take a buggy when we checked in/out. The rest of the time, we just walk up and down by foot. Good work out. But when you already spent your whole day playing in the waterfall and the beach - yup, not so pleasant.



  • Another one. Ton Sai Waterfall. I wanted to climb higher to take more pictures, but it was so slippery I dare not!

  • This is one of my favorite photos of my girls right now. Is it weird? You can't see their faces, but I can still feel their happiness. 

  • Kata Town at night, from the top of the hill. :)

  • Meet Milo. She's beautiful. If we come back to Phuket Zoo again, it will be to see her. I'm not a fan of having animals touching me, so I'll just stay as far as possible and zoom in for photos. We skipped taking photos with the huge tiger they have there because. . . um. . it's a TIGER! :P
  • That's it! I have more, of course. . . maybe some other time. When I'm homesick for Thailand. :) I'll see you soon!



Margrethe said...

Looks like you had lots of fun, Sasha, and your girls are beautiful :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful photos my friend!!! You are looking AMAZING!!!!

Claire T said...

What wonderful memories you have captured! Phuket is my happy place so I am super glad you enjoyed it!

Kimber-Leigh said...

gorgeous pictures sasha! i love the one of your girls on the happy and carefree! and love the "water angels" so cute. she would get along great with my oldest who always wants to be in the water!

justem said...

I love the one of your girls and the waterfall one! Looks like a wonderful trip! :)

Brandy Layton said...

I love the photos my favorite is of the girls by the waterfall!

pakosta said...

how fun! gorgeous shots!
love the one of the girls in water, far away, but you are right, it shows their complete JOY!

Jess said...

awesome pics! awesome!!!

Ellie said...

OH my gosh THESE ARE AWESOME!!! Oh I would have loved to visit looks like a dream & I can't wait to see you fill your album. Oh & that picture of your girls w/Milo PPPPRRRICELLESS!! :)

Diana Waite said...

looks like you had a FABULOUS time Sasha--love all the pics!

caz hancock said...

faboulous pictures Sasha, we have a bunny named Milo haha

btsoi. said...

Looks like you all had a beautiful time there! I love that beach picture with your girls' silhouettes too!

Joy said...

Oh Sasha sounds like you had the most awesome time and by the look of the photos well they definitely tell that story...hugs!

Sara said...

Icould look at your vacation pics anytime!! I can't tell you enough how beautiful your pics are! THe girls at sunset on the beach is stunning!! Great trip...great memories!