Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Central High Layouts

  • Reveal Night chat is going on as I type this. Are you with us? If you are not already there in the chat room, come hop right in and join the fun!
  • I had good intentions to post some sneaks over here before today. My body had other plans. Apparently, I was overdue for flu so most of my time was spent in bed. Sorry friends. But I'm here with full layouts!
  • Besides Central High, I got myself Style Guide, Capital Avenue, Road Show and The Register. Yes, all 4 add ons. I didn't get the card kit or more paper, or more SC Paper (kicking myself over that right now). 
  • I made a total of 9 layouts and they're all my favorites. Ha! :) So here we go - grab your coffee/wine. I'll wait :)
  • The first layout is my Main Kit only layout. Second layout is made exclusively with The Register. The rest are a happy mixture of everything. 


























  • I hope you like them!! :) See you soon!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sharing My People With You

  • I promise you I didn't forget I have a blog :) Just been very busy! Happy kind of busy! Busy creating with the awesome upcoming September kit from Studio Calico. Busy celebrating Eid. Busy celebrating the birthdays of Sam and Neha. Thank God both share the same day. LOL. Busy trying to move my scraproom back to the balcony. Told ya, happy kind of busy. 
  • Our family photo. Minus Sam. For the first time, he wasn't around for the first day of Eid. He was away in Paris. I was okay with that fact at first, but then my mom and dad started crying because they miss him and I lost it. Ha!
eid 2012
  • Over here is last year's photo if you're interested. My dad decided on purple this year. Why? I have no idea. LOL. He said purple and we all went for it. *he must have no idea i don't know how to scrap with purple. haHa!*
  • I'm thinking we should gather everyone again to take another family photo since Sam hasn't got the chance to wear his purple outfit. :D
  • Next is an iphone shot of the birthday people with their birthday ice cream. 45 and 12 respectively. How did she get so grown up? *sigh* Btw, she only wanted to pose with the ice cream, I had to eat it afterwards. Not that I mind, but you tell me, how am I supposed to get rid of the excess weight? You tell me. Ha!
  • Be back soon with sneaks, layouts and project life!! Send me more hours in the day will you please! Love ya!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I was never really gone . . .

  • but I'm back. :)
  • You had to be here on that day when April emailed me to even begin to understand my happiness. I think I confused Sam for a long while when I danced and jumped around the house while doing everything.
  • Let us continue the adventure. . .  I'm ready. The September kit is on my desk as we speak. *sneaks are live here* Housework can wait. Right? :)
  • ps : if you plan to pay me a visit this Eid (we're celebrating this weekend) - please give me at least a couple of hours of advance notice. So I can shove my unfolded laundry somewhere you can't see and whip out the vacuum cleaner for a quickie. Ha! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Don't think too much

*Edited to add ↓*

  • you'll only create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place. I promise.
  • Many times, I feel like giving up Project Life. Just look at how behind I am right now, it's ridiculous. But I open my album and I smile and my heart is happy flipping through the pages. 
  • So I tell myself to carry on. Slow and steady - it will be okay. I can do this. This album will be cherished no matter what. I can do this! Right? 

  • *sigh* I love Zac Efron. :) . Zac Efron loves me. Ha! I can't find my tickets from that particular movie so I used some random ticket stubs I found in my 'everything goes' box.
  • Diet? What diet? Do I Eat Today? Obviously! LOL.
  • I'm serious about not dieting - see that nutella custard on top right? *sigh* heavenly!
  • Kept everything pretty simple. I figured I have to if I want to complete this album by christmas next year. LOL. 
  • By the way, did you see this? I'm a staple girl. Love me a couple of good, useable, repeatable patterns! I'm so excited for this new release by JilliBean! Can't wait to get some for myself :)
  • See you soon! Past 1am over here - I stay up every night to regret it the next morning. Bed is calling. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


  • Motherhood is damn bloody hard. There. I said it. :)
  • Some people look like they were born to be a mother. Not me. I struggle. I really struggle. 
  • If I had known, I don't think I have the courage to be one. I'm glad I didn't, because this adventure of being mommy, is one I will never ever trade for anything else.