Thursday, August 9, 2012

Don't think too much

*Edited to add ↓*

  • you'll only create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place. I promise.
  • Many times, I feel like giving up Project Life. Just look at how behind I am right now, it's ridiculous. But I open my album and I smile and my heart is happy flipping through the pages. 
  • So I tell myself to carry on. Slow and steady - it will be okay. I can do this. This album will be cherished no matter what. I can do this! Right? 

  • *sigh* I love Zac Efron. :) . Zac Efron loves me. Ha! I can't find my tickets from that particular movie so I used some random ticket stubs I found in my 'everything goes' box.
  • Diet? What diet? Do I Eat Today? Obviously! LOL.
  • I'm serious about not dieting - see that nutella custard on top right? *sigh* heavenly!
  • Kept everything pretty simple. I figured I have to if I want to complete this album by christmas next year. LOL. 
  • By the way, did you see this? I'm a staple girl. Love me a couple of good, useable, repeatable patterns! I'm so excited for this new release by JilliBean! Can't wait to get some for myself :)
  • See you soon! Past 1am over here - I stay up every night to regret it the next morning. Bed is calling. 


justem said...

Your PL always puts a smile on my face!!! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Your PL pages always make me :) I loveeeeeeeeeee these!!!

Margrethe said...

I know the feeling! If you've stopped by my blog, you know that of right now, it's not about doing each week, but doing every month - IN ORDER TO CATCH UP!

I don't think I can complete this PL year if I am to do each week on a double spread - no chance at all. I plan to do one month over a double page, and maybe do one page for bigger events: trips and parties and such.

Love your album :)

Blossom inch said...

love your PL!

Diana said...

I stay up late and regret it the next day too. I'm doing that right now, actually. It's the only time I get any uninterrupted internet time. Ha.
I'm loving my own homemade version of PL. You're one of my inspirations by the way. What I'm loving lately is that my 3 year old twins LOVE looking through it. They say they want to "read the picture book". Definite incentive to keep going.

Diana said...
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Kelly said...

Love your pages. Don't give up Sasha!

Danielle said...

Love your PL style!

Sparklin said...

Great PL spread! Need to get caught up:)

Unknown said...

Amazing, as always!

Tracy said...

This line:
"Many times, I feel like giving up Project Life. Just look at how behind I am right now, it's ridiculous. But I open my album and I smile and my heart is happy flipping through the pages." speaks to me so much because it is exactly how I feel! I too am joining the slow and steady race and will not give up...I love your pages and will be right there to cheer you on to not give up...I need a "catch up" partner.

btsoi. said...

I'm so far behind I have no idea how I'm going to catch up... but somehow I will :) You can definitely do it! I love your typewritten grid cards. How do you align everything so well?!

Unknown said...

Great use of that Smash washi!

Leah said...

your project life is amazing...I'm kinda over it too, but will trudge on at least until the end of the year and things will have to get changed up!

Sara said...

That's what I tell myself as I catch up on PL. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your details simple or not. Your pages have something "special" to them!

Michelle Hernandez said...

I know exactly what you mean- my project life is a at a total stand still- I haven't done anything since MARCH! Mostly because I just found what I was doing too repetitive- I wanted to do a mini scrap page for each insert and it just got too stressful. I was thinking of going ahead and just making it a photo only project with maybe just a brief sticker for a caption but I don't think I'll publish it since it won't be that ground breaking- this PL is AMAZING. The Popeye's page made me laugh out loud. I had one a block away from my last apartment and I swear I haven't been able to find a place that satisfies the hunger for fried chicken ever since. :)