Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crate Paper Printer Tray

  • before I start showing you my project, I'd like to thank each and everyone of you who was there for us before, during and after the race on Saturday.
  • No, we didn't make it. Sam started feeling pain around his old injury area as early as 25k. He managed to get to 65k but decided to stop then. I couldn't possibly be prouder of him, for even attempting the crazy ultramarathon, for listening to his body, for admitting that he can't go on. 
  • Then we went home and I posted this on Instagram ↓
  • Yup. I went down hard. It was the sun, I tell you, + my 'forgetting' to drink in the midst of cheering for and photographing the runners. That was a horrible night for me. Went to the doctor the next day, got a bagful of meds and I'm almost 100% today. Thank God. 
  • Once again, thank you friends. Will he return for this 'unfinished business'? I have no idea. But if he does, you bet I'm gonna be there yet again. With buckets of gatorade and a huge umbrella and portable fans for myself, this time. LOL.
  • Time to share the 7G Printer Tray I prettied up with lots of Crate Paper goodness. 




  • I wasn't kidding when I say lots of Crate Paper. :) I didn't think I could do it, at first. Then I decided to treat each 'window' as a mini layout then it got easier. If you ask me to choose which one is my favorite 'window' - I won't be able to. I love them all equally! HeeeHeee!!
  • The words were not mine - I found that on Pinterest and thought of my girls when I saw it for the first time. This is going into Neha's room, thus the '12' bingo chip on the last window. She's 12 this year. 
  • "remember this' flair from my little shop on etsy. Some Studio Calico wooden veneer stars, some twine, a Maya Road kraft envelope, some machine stitching.
  • The rest are pure Crate Paper. I mix and matched a few collections for this one - some Little Bo Peep, some Paper Heart, some Story Teller and Pretty Party. Would you have guessed at first? I think the collections work so well with each other!
  • I love love love how this one turned out. I'm not a 'project' person, I'm more of a 'layout' person, so having this one turned out as nice as this makes me very happy. 
  • How about you? A 'project' person or a 'layout' person? Or maybe a 'mini album' person? Or maybe a 'card' person? :) I'll see you soon. I love you, doesn't matter what 'person' you are. LOL.


June said...

Gorgeous mix of elements. That quote is just prefect. Thanks for the inspiration

Neelu said...

Sasha!!! gorgeous project lady! I've a similar tray lying around, catching dust.. I gotta do it .. soon!

Thank you for your never ending inspiration!!

Keshet said...

Sounds like he made the right decision, though it must have been hard. I'm so glad you're feeling better. And love the project, stunning as always my friend;)

Mary Jo said...

To even accomplish what he did is so amazing! I am just in awe.
And your printer's tray is just gorgeous. I have to admit that I am not much of a project person but I think it is because I am intimidated. I feel more comfortable with layouts.
So I like how you thought of each space as a layout!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Oh my love... I so hope you are feeling better now!! I saw your shadowbox on Crate and FELL IN LOVE!!! Just GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Blossom inch said...

lol...I love you too..I am a layout person but I change a lot, ;)

Lovely printer tray Sasha, love it so much! Take care and have a great week ahead.

Nirupama said...

Wow! What an adventure. Hope you are both feeling better. Doing 65K is incredible!
I'm a layout person too, but I love this tray. Paper heart will always be an all time fav. I loved reading that quote myself, even though I'm not really breaking hearts anymore ;)

Danielle said...

Gorgeous tray! It has so many cute little elements and details!

Mandalika said...

I love this so much, it is just gorgeous. I am not a project person either but this makes me want to give it a go. PS.65kms is an amazing feat!

Maria Asmus said...

So sweet and the words really are perfect!!

Sparklin said...

Love every inch of this tray! It's so supercute! Great colors as well!

Diana Waite said...

SO glad you are okay and Sam was listening to himself...BEAUTIFUL creation--LOVE it!