Monday, October 29, 2012

Sock Hop, a little later :)

  • I'm a few days late with the layouts blogging this month, but all for good reasons :) We celebrated Eid on Friday, then my mom and Nidhi's advance birthday family bbq on Saturday night, then visited the Zoo, went fishing, sat at the beach to watch sunset and dinner at the mall on the actual birthday. Can you say Yay??!! Sunday night, I can barely walk straight *more on that later - nothing kinky, nothing illegal* but I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  • I'm about to post a buttload lot of photos, so it's best if I shut up and post them already, eh? :) I hope you like what I've done with the kits because I, well, I'm in LOVE with my layouts. Self indulgent much? :) I hope not! 
  • For your reference, I got all four addons + Abacus Cut Design + all three of the Sock Hop Printables.

  • My beautiful firstborn. She's 12, growing up too fast for my liking. I went simple for this. Spent most of my time lining up the stamps so they're somewhat parallel to each other. Loving how simple this page is, and that the focus is on the photo and the stamping.

  • This is my cue to stop taking pictures. That face. When she smiles like that - it means enough already. LOL.
    I built the page from the Abacus Cut Design we have in the store. That is such a fun cut! I can see myself resizing the cut and using it as smaller accent on another layout. Versatile for sure.
  • Datai Beach, Langkawi. My Favorite. Hands down. When we were there it was hot hot hot but we spent the whole day there, still!! :) A lot going on here, but still in somewhat 'grid' fashion. I love grids, can you tell? :)
  • I played around with Gesso and Mister Huey's here. I must say I really like how it turned out! :) Took some time to dry but it was worth it.


  • Only used add on #4 for this one. Seriously, Neha gets five stars for not freaking out when the bird made some kind of a louddddddddd noise on her shoulder. I was prepared to run. Yes, I'm afraid of large birds.


  • I've shown sneaks of this layout on instagram. The early stages when I started on the stitching. I spent an evening watching tv and getting the circles stitched. It was therapeutic and I really love how the brads and buttons look on this layout.



  • I really believe in scrapping about me. How about you? :)
    I made the circles background myself on the silhouette, just a simple circle, randomly arranged. I didn't even measure them, I just moved them around until I find an arrangement I like.
    This layout is very shiny in real life, wish you can see the shimmer.
  • I am in love with the grey on this layout. The photo was edited to look like a sketch using Pisaca. I also splattered the die-cut doilies with some Mister Huey's.


  • I took the inspiration from this page by Lilith. Lilith is so inspiring it was hard to pick one of her work to lift, but I settled on this because the triangles and stencil paper caught my eye. I used the negative sheet from Jenni Bowlin sticker and loving the look! Must do this more often!
  • I made a little 'notebook' for my journaling on this layout. Just a scored line, then I staple both pieces of paper together. I also love the 'string-heart' made from tag tie :)



  • I love that quote, I love the movie. What better way than to scrap it? Traced and stitched the word 'you' with a bright pink thread to symbolize my spirited little girl.
  • That's all I have for now. 
  • For everyone in the path of Sandy. Stay safe, my friends. Keep us updated if/when you can. I'm thinking of you. I hope to see you soon!


Rachel OCrowley said...

Very cute layouts!

Whitney said...

Whew! You were busy this month!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Are you sure Charlie Tango wasn't involved with you having a hard time walking?? *wink* :)

I love love love love love your lo's!! They are GORGEOUS!! I am LOVING all the stitching and the circles!!! AMAZING as always Sasha!!!!!

Zorrotte said...

OMG! What a happiness to come here! Your style is so UNIQUE!

Michelle Looi said...

Love them!

MichelleB said...

Amazing layouts this month! They are all gorgeous!

mk said...

Wow! A ton of layouts. Love them all. nice job!

Tara Elias said...

Sasha, your layouts are so so beautiful. Incredibly inspiring. Not sure how to put into words how much I love them!

Anonymous said...

Just AWESOME. love all the stiching. Bye Irene from the Netherlands.

Kimber-Leigh said...

gorgeous layouts sasha! it really is a pleasure to see your SC layouts again!

i hear you on the busy month...all three kiddos have october birthdays, so right now, i'm finally taking a deep breath!

Diana Waite said...

you are my IDOL! I'm serious--and it's okay to be self indulgent these are AWESOME!

Brenda Weaver said...

Your layouts are all so amazing!!! Love your use of color and all the fab stitching! My favorite is the one where you included the sketch photo. Awesome! I'll have to try that sometime.

Unknown said...

oh wow. i love these. especially the ones with the repeating circles. and your girls are adorable.

Blossom inch said...

Wow! you make the best, beautiful, neat, gorgeous, fabulous LOs always!!!! xx

Coochies & All said...

love love love your layouts, your style, your writing - everything! so happy we're friends! :))
elaine t

Denise said...

Sasha these are so incredible.
I love the way you create.

Maria Asmus said...

Beautiful layout, my favorite is the Metting Milo one!! with all those stitched cicles, really need to try that. But I am not sure if I have enough patience for that.. :/

Sparklin said...

Oh wow! Such great pages again! Can´t even pick a favourite! Love the stitched circles though.. But love the stitching on the first layout as well! Amazing!

Karolin said...

Wow. I love all your layouts. Really really really gorgeous. What a great style! Awesome. <3


Anonymous said...

You are amazing...and have been very, very busy!! Love all your new layouts Sasha!

Haberdawoman said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You make me want to find that extra minute in my life to scrapbook! I love every single layout!!!!!!!!