Monday, November 5, 2012

34 on 34

  • It's that time again. Another year older, hopefully wiser :) Here are my 32 on 32 and 33 on 33
  • I subscribe to 'humor' boards on Pinterest so I can laugh like crazy at inappropriate jokes during the time when I'm alone at home. The other day I was laughing so hard with tears streaming down my face, and the UPS man knocked. I opened the door and I swear he was trying to look inside of my house, wanting to figure out what is so damn funny or who was I talking to.
  • What? You don't talk to yourself? LOL. I don't believe you. :P
  • I can probably survive on potatoes and eggs and candy corn. Oh, and coffee. Not very healthy, I know. But these are my weaknesses.
  • 2516 read messages in my inbox right now. Probably best if I go through them and sort it out but I always manage to talk myself out of it. Every.single.time. *sigh* 
  • I love driving long distance. Especially if there are no bickering children in the back seat and no red lights. Preferably with unlimited supply of hot coffee. 
  • ^ The hot coffee is probably not a good idea. I'm super clumsy. I might just spill the whole tumbler onto myself and ending up in the Emergency Room with scalded thighs. 
  • I hate talking in the morning. Waking up is so hard already, If I can have it my way, I would ask my children to please reserve the talking until after 10:30am. Ha!
  • The quilt I have been talking about for the past two years? Yeah, did not happen. I've already given all the fabric to my mom who is much better with the sewing machine. She has been having a blast making bags for my sisters and daughters. :)
  • Need to lose some weight. *sigh* 
  • Beaches or mountains for vacation? Beaches. Every time. I still can't swim, but I like the sea breeze!
  • ^Don't think I will ever be able to swim. I dislike getting wet except for when I'm taking my showers/baths. And I'm afraid of large amount of water. 
  • If it's up to me, schools will have no exams. Spontaneous quizzes and assignments are fine, but exams, I don't like.
  • I really, really really like reading. I have one book 'in progress' at all time. I can't remember a day when I am not in the middle of one book or another. Third book of the trilogy right now ↓

  • That being said, I left Fifty Shades at home when I was visiting my parents. Not that they mind or anything, obviously, *I'm a grown woman for goodness sake* I just felt it was inappropriate. Ha! Brought a Nora Robert instead. :)
  • I'm vocal. If I'm not happy with you, rest assured you will know about it. From me and not anyone else. Some call me blunt. But I prefer straight forward/no nonsense :) Sometime this is good, sometime not. Well, you can't win them all.
  • We recently re~signed up for the zoo membership and I think I'm more excited than the girls. We had the membership for a couple of years when the girls were little, then we let it lapse for a few years and now I'm so ready to be there again most free weekdays. I love the white tigers, the orang utans, the giraffes. If the rhinos can stop smelling so bad, I'd learn to love them too. lol.
  • Need to take more photos using my dslr. iPhone spoilt me.
  • I have a date with these babies. November 29th. *grins*

  • When school is on, I can't wait to have the girls home. When it's school holidays, I can't wait for school to start. Ha! Please tell me I'm not alone in this predicament.
  • I dislike strangers touching me. Once, I told off a salesperson who came too close to 'whisper' this 'great offer' they have at that moment, while touching my arm. That particular person keep chasing after me even after I walk away to different area of the outlet, and ignored my stinky eye and obvious 'you freak me out' body language. Sheesh!
  • I get excited, easily. Must work on my 'blank' face more from now on. 
  • I wonder how my mother survived my teenage years? HOW??!! Neha is 12 and the other day we bickered at Forever21 while dress shopping for her graduation party. It was tiring. I feel like lying down on the floor and throwing a tantrum when she refused to listen to me. *sigh* We didn't buy anything in the end. What I liked, won't fit, those she liked were outrageous in a sense that no one in her right mind would wear them out of the house for normal occasion. Well, maybe some. But I won't let her. 
  • If I can get away with it, I will not use the restrooms outside at all. Besides the usual grossness of them, I don't have much luck, especially with porta potties. Twice (at a running event), I opened the door to see someone inside. Why don't they lock the damn door?!! Ha!! Ew!
  • I shy away from political posts, anywhere. When I say shy away, I mean I utilize my 'hide' button to their maximum potential. :D
  • I can't sing. Well, I can if your mission is to have bleeding ears. *snorts*
  • Every single time we visit my parents, I will leave something behind. Without fail. Mobile phones, make up bags, my favorite jeans, some random food item I was supposed to bring home. 
  • ^Right now, I'm without my watch. Yup. Left it there for the millionth time. I also have the habit of taking things with me. Once, I had to turn around, because I took everyone's car keys with me. I drive their cars all the time, and forgot to take them out of my handbag. Ha!
  • I feel the need to eat ridiculous amount of candy. I was actually browsing pinterest for some recipes that look reliable enough, then I stopped because I'm too lazy to make anything out of my halloween candies and will just inhale them straight from the bags. 
  • I'm proud of who I am now. Far from perfect without a doubt, but much happier. 
  • Can't wait for my girls to be old enough to go backpacking. Anywhere will do. India, maybe? 
banana choc chip cake

  • I make a mean Banana Chocolate Chip Cake/Bread. Yes, I got the recipe from this site. Still mighty proud of myself. In this year, I've probably made this 15 times? I didn't eat them all, fat enough already. :D
  • Lately, my favorite thing to do is to take the girls out to town by bus/train. Tiring as hell, but a lot more fun than I expected. That's until they whine about their aching feet - they're quite good nowadays, we can probably last for 5 hours before tantrum #1. Ha! long enough for me. Then we get home and shower and collapse on our respective beds (usually by 6.30pm. lol)
  • 33 was a good year. Bring it on 34! :)


Jennifer said...

:) Happy Birthday Sasha! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy happy happy birthday Sasha!! And you know that I love that book choice of yours!!! *wink*

Nirupama said...

happy Birthday Sasha! And yes, I read all 34 things. you're not alone in your predicament. I ate way more candy this year than I care to admit. I love the zoo too. Wish ours had white tigers!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Kelly said...

We are so alike Sasha. It's crazy! Happy Happy Birthday xx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday Darling! BIG Hugs.. My Bday is coming up next Wednesday although my list would have to be 37 on 37 EEEKKK hmm how about 37 cupcakes on 37? YAY that sounds good to me :) Hope you had a wonderful day!

Carla said...

Well Happy Birthday chickie! ((hugs)) I love these posts about you since I "know" you but I don't, lol :) Maybe, someday, you can come out to the States so we can "hang".

Claire T said...

Belated birthday greetings, Sasha! I loved reading this post. I feel like I know you! Totally with you on the persuading the daughters to wear appropriate clothes... Although at present it is more about Cinderella dresses not being appropriate at the supermarket but she is a pretty fierce debater at 2!

Unknown said...

Wishing you a belated bday, you young thing!! You look gorgeous, and I'm with you on the coffee...I couldn't handle life without it.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! I love your list of random things.

And I am NOT looking forward to the teenage years. 3 years old is bad enough :D

clippergirl said...

Have a wonderful birthday Sasha!!! look FABULOUS at 34:)

brenda said...

Happy birthday girl!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Sasha! Love your list - you had me laughing the whole time! And hey - I thought I was the only mom who felt that way about wanting kids to be home when they are in school and then wanting them to be in school when they are home. lol! Enjoy your day!

Kimber-Leigh said...

Happy Birthday Sasha! I hope you have a special day and that this year is a blessed one for you and your family. oh, i'm the same way about talking in the morning. 10:30 would be ideal for me too...though mine insist on full volume at 7. hmph. ;)

Michelle Hernandez said...

Happy Birthday- all your points sound a lot like something I would feel like in your situation- my kiddo is too young to go to school right now but when she starts next year I know it will be harder for me to let go than for her to skip right into the classroom. :) Hugs- that cake looks DELISH!

Blossom inch said...

Happy Birthday babe! with that, I am older than you...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sasha. And you had me laughing out loud at your 34 list. Love how you write it all down.

Have a lovely day.
And hope 34 will be fab.
Bye Irene from the Netherlands.