Wednesday, November 28, 2012

34th Street Reveal

  • The gallery is live ! 
  • I have lots of photos, so you might want to grab a drink? And sweet and salty m&m's mix? Heeehee!! *yikes* I just counted my photos, 22 in all! I hope you're up to it? :D
melaka good times

melaka good times closeup
  • This is my 'main kit only' layout this month. 
  • I love that photo so much! One of my favorite, ever :) I used my Cameo to cut the 'hearts' and then flip over some hearts (to use the red side of the paper) and filled some of the negative hearts up. Gray Hearts and Star label cut file available in the digital shop this month :)
dont grow away

dont grow away closeup
    • Went very simple for this one. Neha is growing up too fast for my liking. I wanted to say 'don't go away' but I know that's kinda selfish.
      Go, fly.. but always come back. Don't grow away. Family is always here, for you.
      I cut the leaf shape with my cameo and stitched around it. Then stitched the background before I build my page on it. I also love that I took the 'are you listening' from a christmas themed paper in Kris Kringle add on. I really love the red on that paper and really wanted to use it even though we don't celebrate christmas :)
    awesome day

    awesome day closeup
    • I used only Murray Hill add on for this layout. 
    • A layout with a photo taken during Nidhi's birthday recently. We had an awesome day, really really awesome. :)
      I love the candy-looking-brad and decided to use a lot of them on this page. We had lots of cotton candy that day - the same color as the brads! :)

    xoxo closeup

    xoxo closeup2
    • Everyday with their grandparents is a gift. I made sure they know that because not everyone get to be with their grandparents, right? I miss mine a lot. My kids are so lucky! :)
      I cut the one little heart using my Cameo and use it to trace heart shapes onto the patterned paper then I stitched all of them and cut them out with my scissors.
      Had fun with lots of mists here too :) - I used Audrey, Taxi, Gold and Pretty Pink.


    sparkly closeup

    sparkly closeup2
    • My sparkly girl. :)
      Arranged the BG letter stickers in waves just because I thought it's fun! :) Took a lot of time (the arranging and stitching!) but totally worth it. I love how this one turned out.
      So like Nidhi! So much fun!
    simply wonderful

    simply wonderful close up

    simply wonderful close up2
    • In the busy, mundane everyday, it's very easy to forget that my girls are good kids. Really, I'm not even kidding. They drive me up the wall on a daily basis, but they're actually wonderful kids.
      I handcut the index card and use them as the base of my layout. Love the somewhat centralized design, love the vellum bits and pieces and of course the mist splatters!
    mersing sunset closeup

    mersing sunset
    • You already know that I adore the sun, the sky :) This is one of my favorite sunset shot, one of the most perfect. One day I will have this shot blown up and hanging on my wall, for now.. it's on this layout :)
      Used the pocket as a photo mat. Perfect as the grids provide some pattern without taking the attention away from the photo. Lots of orange and yellow and red on here to mimic the sun, but I used some teal for contrast :)
    house by the beach

    house by the beach closeup
    • I want a house by the beach. I do :)
      During this particular vacation, we got a chalet practically 10 steps away from the beach. Oh man! I didn't wanna leave :)
      They were catching and releasing little crabs here, oh that was a beautiful day.
      I layered my photo mats, with border punches and index card, and build it upwards with some stitching. the stitching design was hand-drawn with a pencil and ruler.
      Of course, a house by the beach is a dream for now :) But you never know, eh? :)
      Ps : I found the quote from Pinterest. :)

    grad closeup

    grad closeup02
    • My baby sister and my parents on her college graduation day. Can you see how proud are my parents in that photo? :)
      The layout was made for my sister, thus the journaling is in her 'voice'. That was what she wrote on the caption when she uploaded this particular photo on facebook.
      A lot of embellishments clustered together, just the way I love it. Wanted to have the journaling on the speech bubble but decided to have them in strips in the end and used the speech bubble for some letter stickers and a vellum arrow.
    • Thank you so much for coming over and looking at my work. Thank you :)


    Kelly said...

    Sasha - your layouts are stunning and oh my gosh - your hand stitching is absolute perfection!!

    Penny Smith said...

    OMGosh!!! These are the best ever!! SC is lucky to have you girl!!! Though you might not be helping sales in that I want to quite Scrapbooking and start knitting, cuz I look at these and think, I suck!! :) way to rock it girl!!

    Lilith Eeckels said...

    Just jaw dropping!!!! AMAZING!

    Claire T said...

    Wow so many beautful layouts! I love all the embroidery too. I am such a lazy scrapper! I need to take a leaf from your book I think.

    nada said...

    That is such a stunning gallery! i love every single layout! Great job!

    Zarah said...

    Oh. My. World. I am blown away. I ALWAYS love your work - but you just gave me a few new faves!! *swoons* "Don't grow away" is probably THE most amazing LO I've ever seen. LOVE it beyond words!

    Mandalika said...

    Love love love all your layouts this month, so inspiring.

    Unknown said...

    There are not enough superlatives to describe your work! Thank you for inspiring me with your creativity. I also love getting a peek into your culture through your LOs. Such a thrill to know how creating things like this can help people connect.

    Whitney said...

    Wow! Every page is incredible! And I love all the stitching- it adds so much texture and those pops of color are beautiful.

    Unknown said...

    I just LOVE your pages!

    Sparklin said...

    Added all of them to my favs! They're awesome!

    ~amy~ said...

    Your work is simply amazing!

    Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

    Wowwwwwwwwwww!! These are all GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeeeeee all the hearts and the stitching!!!

    Jennifer said...

    Awesome layouts, Sasha!! :)

    Valerie Bishop said...

    Wow wow wow Sasha!! These are beyond perfection! All your little touches and stitching are so inspiring! I'm so so glad that you are back on the SC DT! :)

    Nielouphar (Neelu) said...

    I came here at reveal and didn't leave any comment coz Iam out of adjectives. I really am! I don't know how you do it lady?!!! SC is super lucky to have you :)


    Anonymous said...

    You never have just one amazing project, you always have a gallery full of greatness! Beautiful work yet again!

    lisa dickinson said...

    you never fail to, so love your work girly!

    Unknown said...

    Girl, these are FABULOUS!!!! I absolutely ADORE your main only page!! Wowzers!! Love, love, love!!!

    g said...

    Sasha, you astound me. Every single month. So beautiful.


    Tonya said...

    I simply can't say this enough...I am SO GLAD that are back at SC. Such an inspiration you are!

    Diane Payne said...

    You knocked it out of the park! Again! Love every little detail!

    Anonymous said...

    These are so flippin fantastic girl!! Just love your style!

    laura said...

    Oh my goodness, these are awesome. I am going to have to look several more times and PIN lots of them. I love how you added the stitching and SIL cutting. Fabulous.

    Tracey said...

    These layouts are so fresh and amazing and inspiring! Absolutely beautiful. I just pinned them ALL. I couldn't stop myself!! :)

    Anonymous said...

    PERFECTION!!!! And then some!!! To say the least!! Sasha!!! You did it again girl! I always peruse through your gallery first at SC. That's how awesome you are!!
    Linda (lindam) xx

    Diana Waite said...

    As you can tell I'm playing catch up! I LOVE all of your layouts they are a piece of artwork EACH one--GREAT inspiration!

    Melonie said...

    All beautiful! I especially love the way you did your lettering on the Sparkly LO! PERFECTION on a page:) Beautiful work my friend.

    Karolin said...

    Oh my! A lot of beautiful layouts. I love them all. Every page is incredible! Amazing amazing amazing! <3

    Greetings from Germany again. :)

    Unknown said...

    omg. so beautiful and meticulous. i love your style.

    what font did you use for "such an awesome day?" love that.

    felldownahole said...

    Hello, i'm from singapore too :) I love your work! May I know what settings you use on your silhouette cameo to cut patterned paper and card stock as I'm a new user? Thanks!

    Haberdawoman said...

    Oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You make me wanna do a layout right now. I love all that stitching and every single layout too!

    isabel said...

    OMG, i love your work so so much, this is so beautiful, the colors are so bright but soft! And all this hand stitching... incredible!!!

    CityGirlTurnedSoccerMom said...

    I love all of your layouts. You are just amazingly creative with these products.

    Do you handstitch all of these layouts? I really like the larger thread, but you stitch so neatly that it looks like a sewing machine.

    Lena_J said...

    You have a wonderful blog, with a lot of inspiration. But sadly it stops here, from here and backward all the pictures are missing. Will come back later hoping the pictures are coming back :-)