Friday, December 28, 2012

Block Party. The Reveal.

  • Were you at the final reveal night for 2012? :) The chat room was hoppin'! I love getting together with the girls like that. We talked about everything and by that I mean EVERYTHING! Join us next time (pink live chat icon on stop left sidebar). I usually post reminders on Instagram before I go in the chatroom - you can follow me @sashafarina :)
  • Here are my layouts made with 
  1. Block Party
  2. Block Party Project Life Kit
  3. Wildberry Court
  4. Pioneer Drive 
  5. Woodbrooke Road


Neha has taken over the camera nowadays and I couldn't be happier. Due to my 'soft' neck, I don't always want to carry my dslr around and am relying too much on iPhone photos, but this girl is always willing to be the photographer :) Love that.
Also loving the pops of colors from the chipboards arrows and geotags in the kit. Just the perfect finishing touch for my layout.



I love that quote from Neil Gaiman. LOVE. This is sort of a 'happy new year' layout for my girls (and for me, too. The reminder is perfect for everyone)
I know I wanted to use that ampersand from the PL kit, but didn't want it too much gray to show so I cut around it. Turned out exactly how I wanted it to be.
Pretty clean layout but I feel like the journaling is the star here. I love words.
I used the font Brush Script for my title.



I'm missing my sweet nephew. I miss him a lot. The other day out of the blue he said  to his dad he's missing me and I lost it. LOL.
Love the stitched circles (you already know I love stitching and I love circles, but stitched circles might just be a new addiction) LOL :)
I used the 'current' tab and 'Hello' card from PL kit and the font Mission Script for 'sweet boy' :)

Went a little bit mist crazy on here. I absolutely love how this one turned out. Crazy, just a little bit, just like my family.
I draw the stitching lines, pierced all the stitching holes then mist my background, waited for it to dry before i start stitching. This is my tried and true method of building layers of mist/stitching. Please let me know if you try this! :)
This is a hard layout to make, I must say. I miss my grandparents so so much. I cut circles out of the teal cardstock in the main, then decided the color was too strong for the vintage photo so I misted it with several colors. the end result is a much softer teal and i feel more suited for this layout.
I cut the 'snapshots' card PL kit smaller also so it would fit my layout better. I like that I can use the PL kit for traditional scrapping as well as my Project Life. Win-win! :)

This layout is documenting our day out to Singapore Arts Festival this year. Oh What fun! :) Seriously, we had an amazing time - we even saw some head-shaving art in real life. LOL.
I used the cut files and printables from Day to Day class - you'll love all the goodies included for every participant. Don't miss this one! :)
wow.. where do I start? This layout may seem like a tantrum to some, but believe me, it's not :) Just my heartfelt words.
Once again, I used the back of the PL card for my journaling and they're oh so perfect for this clean layout. Loving those strong colors on white.
a 'you go girl' layout for Neha. This has been a tough year for her. PSLE means Primary School Leaving Examination and while she's not the best student in her school, I'm so so very proud of her! :) She took the self portrait during her grad party so it was apt for this layout.
Loving the grid and the ampersands and the arrows stamp :) That one is gonna get a lot of mileage for sure! I ran the woodgrain label from PL kit through the printer to get my journaling on there.
For real - one night while we were lying down she said ' And now it's your turn, admire me mom'
*sigh* what am I gonna do with this one? LOL. She's my everything. She's confident, she's funny, she's ridiculously smart I can't stand her. ha! :)
I cut the Vellum SC paper and handstitched it in place together with the 'red sun'. The polka dot pocket was too yellow for me, especially when I wanted a yellow ampersand - so I cut the gray speech bubble paper to fit inside. Problem solved. I love gray and yellow, yellow and gray you get the idea.

Still very much in love with paper strips! :)
A lot going on here but that was just like our day out. We did a LOT of stuff together that day. I love taking them out on a one on one date like this.
Love that I'm able to fit 6 photos on here. It was a busy and tiring day but oh so fulfilling :)

I'll see you soon!


Unknown said...

Oh wow. Your layouts are always so amazing, and a treat to look at and linger over :)

Love all the color!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Oh Sasha...what fantastic layouts...I am in love.

Coochies & All said...

Absolutely love every single layout here, I mean it! :)

Наташа Бумага-Марака said...

I am in delight! Super LO :)
Hugs from Ukraine :)

Kelly said...

Oh Sasha - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Danielle said...

Wow amazing job on all those layouts, big fan! :-) Love all the stitching. What font is 'Wonderful'? Oh and started following you on Instagram :-)

fanybej said...

Absolutely Great !!
Because of you, I just buy Woodbrooke Road...

Thank you for so much inspiration !

Jennifer said...

Great job, as always. :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Absolutely beautiful as always!!! These are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

How you keep topping yourself I'll never know! Love your style!

Lilith Eeckels said...

Just CANNOT pick a favourite. They are all AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Holy Smokes! Beautiful! Every sinle one! You are on a crafty roll!

Tara Elias said...

Can't adequately put into words how much I adore your gallery!

Karolin said...

Oh Sasha.
I love your layouts so much.
Your style is soooo amazing!
I'm such a big fan of your layouts. :)))

Greetings from Germany :)

Diana Albright said...

I stopped by the chat last night but I was being a creepy lurker. As always, I love everything you've created!

Diana Albright said...

I stopped by the chat last night but I was being a creepy lurker. As always, I love everything you've created!

MichelleB said...

Love every single one of these! So inspired by your layouts!

Daniela Dobson said...

Wow, so many details and little touches... Perfection. Love how you use really bright colors. Wanted to know where the "wonderful" word came from or what font? Same with "love".

justem said...

Totally gorgeous. You knock my socks off every month. ;)

Diana Waite said...

oh my goodness I'm playing catch up and saved the BEST for last!! Your layouts are just completely AMAZING--thanks for the eye candy friend!

Linda said...

I went right to your gallery on reveal night, that's why I missed the live chat! I'm here now for my second round going through your AMAZING layouts! Awesome Sasha!!
Lindam xx

Michelle Hernandez said...

So many wonderful pages!!!! I can't even pick a favorite- I LOVE your SAHM manifesto page!! I think people need to hear that loud and clear and you did it with tact and pizzaz. (MMM pizza!) LOL! I love your stitching I think I will make improving my stitch technique a priority for 2013. I also love the mist page- that is AWESOME- love how the stitch lines and the mist circles pop off each other. Always spot on with the color as well- wonderful post!