Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A little something *closed*

  • Gabbina! Please email me your address so I can get these babies out to you as soon as possible! Yay! Thank you so much everyone for your sweet comments, I wish I can send ALL of you a little something. Fret not, more giveaways coming soon! :)
  • I already said, I'm not doing Project Life this year :) But because the Project Life kits from Studio Calico are so pretty, I still get them every month and use some for my layouts. The rest of the cards, though, are sitting pretty inside my box. 
  • So I thought, if you don't mind leftovers from my monthly kit layouts that is - I would like to send whatever is in the photo below to one of you.
  • Giveaway open to anyone, anywhere. Just leave a comment here :) Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  • And oh, if you want to beef-up your PL kit, you can always get the grid cards here. I love love love how sturdy the cards are *all the cards, not just the grids* :)
  • Giveaway open until I close the comment section. As long as you're able to leave one, you're in.
  • I love you. ♥


Monday, January 28, 2013

Front Row - The Layouts

  • If you're here looking for a discount coupon code for my little etsy shop, please, scroll to the next post. :) 
  • My knees and super soft and jiggly midsection are hurting. I just wanna lie down and sleep until the middle of next week. This so called 'healthy lifestyle' is kicking my butt, hard. Please tell me that I will not be feeling like a truck just ran over me for much longer? That the 10km trail walk is gonna get easier each day? *sigh* I'm so deep in self pity it's ridiculous! Ha! 
  • Oh, and while it may look like it, whining is not the only reason I started this post. :) I'm here to share with you my layouts made with Studio Calico Front Row kits - which also means less talking nonsense and more pretty stuff. Yay? Yay! :)
  • All layouts are linked directly to my gallery so you can see which kit/add-on and shop items I used for that particular layout.
amazing thailand

amazing thailand closeup
Amazing Thailand
I saw the phrase 'Service with a smile' on that BG paper and instantly reminded of Thailand. As you already know, I love Thailand, I love Thais! :) 
Absolutely love the multi colored stitching I did here. The colors are just so pretty (if I may say so). That wide ombre washi is perfect for our vacation layout. Reminds me of beaches :)


1982 closeup
How cute was I in the photo? LOL! Don't you just long for childhood days? The photo was taken at my grandparents house - I'm nostalgic. The house is still there, but very very different now because different people are living in it. 
I stitched down the negatives from die cut butterflies - loving how they look on this layout. I can never get tired of butterflies.

hello mommy

hello mommy closeup
Hello Mommy!
*grins* Hello Mommy! I went for a movie by myself and I get home to this face, constantly saying Hello mommy! Hello mommy! :) I needed to record that down! One day, I will be the one saying 'Hello Nidhi! Hello Nidhi!' when she gets home from movies with friends. LOL.
I used the new mask from Snippets to build my background, then stitched around some of the speech bubbles. I also used my typewriter to add Hello Mommys.
I think, the Hello stamp from the card kit was just perfect for this layout! :)
loving these moments

loving these moments closeup
Loving These Moments
I had to scrap this photo I took for Aleida's Challenge one morning, no one was showered or ready for the day at that time.
I used my typewriter to journal on the PL card. Some typos, doubles and a missing word on there but I decided to just let it go in the spirit of embracing the imperfection in each of us.
over and over again

over and over again closeup
Over and Over Again
I love that 'love you to the moon' card from PL kit so much had to make a layout with it! :)
Used Cameo (font Bebas) to cut the large 'AGAIN'. (can you tell I love that paper so much? I keep reaching for it over and over again :P)
i added airplanes clips from the shop - i needed them to go to the moon, ykwim? LOL.

everyday closeup
I love that photo of us. It's an old photo but still one of my favorite.
"There has never been a day when I have not been proud of you, though some days I'm louder about other stuff so it's easy to miss that." ~ Story Of The Day
Oh I'm loud alright. :) 
Love those JB stickers - Read This, Know This, Remember This. Couldn't be more perfect. ♥

busy girl

busy girl closeup
Busy Girl
Busy busy girl, she is! I feel like I rarely see her starting from this year. :) 
All is good though, I like that she's busy enjoying school and friends and all the activities in school. Busy is nice. Busy is good. But I miss my girl - no doubt.

Busy layout as well? :) I wanted to include all the days of the week on there and decided on circles. This time, I adhere my papers and silhouette cut before I pierce so I stitch on top of them. Love the outcome of that :)
plain and simple

plain and simple closeup
Plain & Simple
There is that cheeky boy again. 
I love you. Plain and Simple. isn't that the best kind of love?

Had so much fun with circles on this layout. I love the process of figuring out which goes where. Stitched the outlines in bright orange to match the personality of my nephew! Never a dull moment when he's around.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Love You

I posted them to social medias a little while ago,
thought I'd post these here as well.
I love you.I do.
Thank you so much for the support.

I love you. I do. Thank you. ❤ #paperplay

New addition to the little shop :) #paperplay

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Happily Ever After

  • cheesy? Yes? :)
  • I kinda like cheesy these days. 
  • Julie and I are hosting the weekly challenge at the Studio Calico blog - come play along! :)

  • I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. Yes I do. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Women to Women. Mothers to Mothers.

Someone said this to me :
NOBODY is harder on women than other women. NOBODY is harder on mothers than other mothers. 

Me : Why? Aren't we supposed to support our own? Nourish? Encourage each other ? Share and inspire other women? What's this I'm better than you because I breastfeed/stay at home/go to work/make my own baby food/pack organic lunches/never let the kids eat McDonalds/wear my baby like a sling bag/co-sleep bitch fight? Why? 

Women. I don't get you.

good women

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Not Nothings : Journal From Your Heart

"What I do, it's not nothing. 
Taking care of my girls - not nothing.
 Making sure they're fed, watered and educated - not nothing.
Being there for them - not nothing.
Even disciplining and occasionally yelling at them - not nothing.
So stop it.
Stop saying I enjoy being a stay-at-home-mom coz I can afford to do nothing all day long.
Stop judging and telling me how I should feel/think/react/behave.
Just stop it"


  • Now it's your turn :) Join us at the Studio Calico message board. Journal from your heart. Click the link for details :)
  • Don't worry if journaling is not your thing, we have lots of CHAllenges here. Check them out will you? :) I'll see you there!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hi Sweet Happy Place

  • I have a new chair *Sam finally fixed the IKEA swivel chair we scored from the christmas daily countdown offer* Thank you,D. I love you. - which might be the main reason I'm stuck here reading pins after pins. How to clean your front loading washing machine? I got that covered. Nevermind that our machine is a top loading one. I read that anyway, just in case ykwim? :)
  • If i'm not here, you might find me plastered to the bathroom floor. Food poisoning sucks. Yikes!
  • And oh, the chair came at the right time since my left butt and leg hurts like hell as well. No idea why but I welcome the extra cushioning with the whole of my heart. 
  • I better get to that layout before I scare all of you away with my whining, no? :) 


Love love love love this layout a lot. Even though I still hate my handwriting. Goal for 2013 - write more, more, more. I used to have super nice handwriting, I promise you. I know it's hard to believe when you see my chicken-scratch nowadays, but it's true.
I like how Crate Paper's older collection plays with the newer ones. I have Random, Paper Heart, On Trend and Sleigh Ride on this layout. Can't get enough of those gold thickers, either. If I can have my way, I would use them on every layout from here on out. *grins*

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ten On Thursday

  • The word 'wonderful' on my Wonderful Days layout is a silhouette cut. Karla Dudley designed it and you can get it from Silhouette Online Store. I adore her work - another favorite is this heart in a circle. 
  • I had the most amazing last Saturday of 2012 with my sweet nephew. We went shopping, dinner out then a sleepover at my parents! Photo was taken past midnight - I was about to faint from exhaustion but the two kids can't stop giggling! LOL. 
  • So 2013, feels a lot like 2012 - said the girl in denial. How was your NYE? I think I spent most of the evening sitting on my mom's kitchen floor, gossipping with my sisters. All of us were there - first time in four months maybe? So there was a lot to talk about. Texting and phone calls are not counted. *grins*
  • Took the girls to the zoo on the first day of 2013. It was a little bit chaotic, too many people! I knew that before I decided to go to the zoo, but it was the last day of our 6 weeks school holiday and I wanted to bring them out for a last hurrah, so we grabbed some burgers at the drive-thru and off we go. Keep this up (the burger, not the zoo) I will not be able to fit into my little black dress any longer. (Oh wait! I don't have a little black dress! Ha! The last time I fit into anything called little was when I was 7 I think)
  • First day of school. My Sec1 and P5 monkeys. My mom said not to call them monkeys because then I will be mommy monkey and she will be grandma monkey. Ha!  I'm sure you do know that I call them monkey, with love, right? LOL. :P Photo below was taken at 6.15am. All smiles. Maybe they're as eager to get rid of me as I was to get rid of them after 6 weeks of staring at my face day in and day out. Ha! I love my girls, I really do - but I need them to go to school. :)
  • Funny thing is that - right now, on the second day of school, I'm missing them. Me? Fickle? Never. . .  :D
  • I'll be baby shopping soon. So hit me with your must haves if you can - I'm a little bit rusty and outdated with regards to baby stuff. Ask me about Justin Bieber instead, I think I know all about that boy from listening to the conversations around me. 
  • If you trust me, don't go waste your money on Bachelorette. I went thinking I'm getting something like Bridesmaids and because I adore Rebel Wilson. Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Wilson was still as adorable as ever, but not as funny as I thought she would be. In fact, the whole movie was not as funny as I thought it would be. It was generally all over the place. And not funny, have I said that? 
  • I'm not doing PL this year. I feel like I need to get caught up. I loved adore my 2012 album and since my brain cannot cope with having two PL albums ongoing at one time, I decided to skip it this year and spend time completing my 2012 album instead. I did 'Photo-a-day' in 2011 and going back to it for 2013. I also have my 'Happiness Project' journal book. I think I will do okay in terms of memory recording this year.
  • Feel like making Stromboli but wouldn't that undo whatever workout I did yesterday? *sigh* Okay, forget stromboli. Here's a layout I wanted to share with you. :)


If you can read the journaling, you read right. Day 2 of being able to cycle on two wheels and I took her out for a 19km ride. It was awesome, she was a trooper. I walked like a crab for the next five days. LOL.
Developing an unhealthy addiction to Noah outline Alpha stamps. Had lots of fun mixing and matching Darling Dear, Yearbook and Classic Calico, and also bits and pieces leftover from Block Party for this layout. 
Thank you, thank you, I love you. If you have any questions, please feel free. My virtual door is open, always. My actual door, on the other hand is always closed and bolted because I'm weird like that. and on second thought, you don't need to know that I'm paranoid. LOL.