Sunday, January 13, 2013

Not Nothings : Journal From Your Heart

"What I do, it's not nothing. 
Taking care of my girls - not nothing.
 Making sure they're fed, watered and educated - not nothing.
Being there for them - not nothing.
Even disciplining and occasionally yelling at them - not nothing.
So stop it.
Stop saying I enjoy being a stay-at-home-mom coz I can afford to do nothing all day long.
Stop judging and telling me how I should feel/think/react/behave.
Just stop it"


  • Now it's your turn :) Join us at the Studio Calico message board. Journal from your heart. Click the link for details :)
  • Don't worry if journaling is not your thing, we have lots of CHAllenges here. Check them out will you? :) I'll see you there!


Rachel OCrowley said...

Very cute layout!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love this Sasha! I loveeeeeeeee the colors and that title is pure perfection!!

Jaz Loh said...

Love the layout!! And totally agree with the journaling!

Hannie C said...

love that journaling part.. and of course your layout. remind me to do one for my boys too, and should be in black & white photos, great way to in-corporate everything together.

Blossom inch said...

absolutely love your post and your journaling...gorgeous page as always.

Linda said...

This one is one of my favorites from your Block Party gallery too! So many of us feel the same way... Thank you for putting it out there!! xx

Diana Waite said...

GORGEOUS inspiration!! I LOVE it!!

Melonie said...

THis is one of my favorite LO's of your EVER! LOVE the journaling so much. You always amaze and inspire me!!

Anonymous said...

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Bhane said...

Feel the same way Sasha... all our friends telling I am a bum and do nothing as a housewife... they just don't know that it is harder than they thought. Really love what you did here. Thanks for sharing.

Marie said...

This layout is a great one ! I love the journaling, and though I've never experienced it I have my mom's example before the eyes and it's true !
Have a great day
Marie, a reader from France