Thursday, February 28, 2013

Neverland. The Magic. The Layouts.

  • Edited to add : I'm activating comments moderation, I hate to do this but seems like spam is on the high side today. Bear with me! *hugs* Thank you!
  • The Neverland kits are so delightful my only regret is not being able to churn out more layouts. I wish I can, but I take so long on each one of them that it is just not possible! :) This time, I finished my last layout just in time for photographing and uploading to the site before our deadline. Cutting it really close! LOL. Here we go . . . 
but i love you

but i love you closeup
But I Love You
Instead of using the mask for misting, I used it as a template handstitching. Then I roughly cut patterned paper to fill in some of the spaces inside, no exact measurement, eyeballing rocks! ~ Worked out great!
There is a story behind this layout, too personal for me to share here, It still hurts even after so many years. I'm sorry. Maybe one day I will be able to, just not now :)
so glad

I mixed First Kiss and White Mister Huey for the background, with a splash of Taxi, Shine and Honor Society. Loving the marbled effect.
Multi colored stitching - I love colors can you tell? :)
I love how the Amy T rub ons look like pencil drawing! blessing for those who can't draw e.g me! :)
So Glad you have him - a layout for Nidhi. She's very close to my father as you can see. I'm thankful for that, I'm glad she has him. I wasn't close to my dad when I was younger (because I was very naughty, what's new? haha!), so to witness their relationship is something special to me. :)

Make today awesome! :) I love that veneer card! I cut it apart and saved the smiley face for another layout. In its place, I added the 'hello love' flair, and stitched an arrow underneath the caption. It's doable, you can totally handstitch on veneer. This one is pulling double duty as I'm stitching that piece straight onto the background as an 'insurance' just in case my adhesive can't hold it down. :)

to the moon and back

to the moon and back closeup
To The Moon & Back
7 hours? Maybe around there, I stopped keeping track after 5. LOL. It was a blissful 7 hours stitching on that piece of paper!

I printed the digital stamp (with super faint lines) as my guide, dropped some colors of Mister Hueys, then I pierced and stitch them all with two ply of DMC embroidery thread.
days like these

days like these closeup
Days Like These
The DT is lifting each other this month! :) I lifted this layout by Shanna. :) 

Almost exact lift, no? :) Shanna used the negatives of the silhouette cut, I used the positive! :)
Do you notice the background? I flipped over my starburst mask and stamp it onto this piece of white cardstock after I misted the background for my 'Memo' layout in Neverland gallery. Win-win! :)

champion closeup
Presenting ~ my mama, the angry birds champion!! LOL :)

My Kraft mat is getting a workout this month eh? Sprayed some mist and lay my cardstock (lightly) on top to get some colors. I had no control over the outcome, that's the exciting part! :D
The 'S' from Angry Birds is missing! Where is it??!! I must fix that!
FYI - my mama really does play Angry BIrds! LOL.
calm sea

calm sea closeup
Calm Sea
I cropped my photo into a circle. Old School? Yes? heeehee!! Love it anyway!

I also punched out some butterflies from the vellum speech bubble in Wendy, and added stitching as border for the photo and lines on top of the punched out circles.
had so much fun with the Mist Droppers - the splatters make me happy!
oh my

oh my closeup
Oh My!
oh my goodness! *sigh* I love it when she asks to sleep with me. LOL. not everyday of course, but when she does.. my heart feels like it's about to burst! :D

This is another 'negative' misting work page. The yellow mist was left on the kraft mat after I did my 'Champion' layout' - so I took another piece of cardstock to soak it up. Voila, I thought it look like a butterfly, A HUGE ONE!
So I *roughly* measured the abstract butterfly, and cut a butterfly on my cameo and use that as my stitching guide. Love love love unplanned misting happiness like this!

If you're still here, thank you so much! Please, get in touch if you need to ask about anything. :)


Kelly said...

Oh Sasha - they are stunning. I die over your stitching every time. Absolutely amazing! xxx

Sandra K. said...

Awesome layouts!! <3 Looooove the colours!! And I'd love to know how you applied the mists to get that marble effect and and background from "So glad"!! Please, tell us! :)

Blossom inch said...

I just love your layouts with all those amazing stitching and very neat, colourful, clean, so vibrant and cheery! Love everything you put on each LOs and also 7 hours is is like a whole day work in an office! Awesome work!!!

Malin/malwa said...

Your layouts are always so beautiful. I lover their colours and crispness. And all those handstitching... Yummy!

Danielle said...

WOW stunning layouts! I'm a big fan of your designs and stitching.

Christa said...

AMAZEBALLS!!! These are out of this world!!

Donna Espiritu said...

Love everything!! YOu make me wanna stitch on my next projects too! Hehe thank you for always sharing wonderful inspiration.

Meredith said...

oh my goodness every month I don't think your layouts can get any better and wow look at this month ... totally stunning :-)Love all the details. Look forward to reading about the water colour wash effect :-)

Maria Asmus said...

Goodness, so many amazing projects!! I can´t believe you truly stitches 7 hours on one page, I mean it was absolutely worth it, but where do you get the motivation and energy to do so!? ;) So pretty layouts with all the soft watercolors on it!! Just perfect - I mean every single one!! :D

Mel said...

Wow, the layouts are just amazing, I too, struggle with the idea of 7 hours stitching but also understand the therapeutic benefit...I just love your style and have missed scrapping, I am now back and hope to continue making time to fill my creative side....thanks for inspiring me, I love each one very much.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwww! These are all gorgeous!! LOVING all that stitching!! WOW!!

Amanda Johnson said...

These are all absolutely amazing! The love and time you put in to your layouts shines through in their beauty! :)

Haberdawoman said...

WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!! You my friend are ridiculously talented!!!!!! I want to snatch you, put you in mu purse and for ever keep you in my scrapbook room so that you can create many, many, many beautiful layouts for me ; )

Michelle Hernandez said...

It's been a while since I visited and for that I am SORRY because these pages are kicking booty all over town! I LOVE the To The Moon page!!! 7 hours? TOTALLY worth it!!!! I imagine you watching several awesome movies while working on that. I also REALLY love the circles page - the color makes it pop right out of your blog post. This kit looks amazing- I may have to swing by and check it out for myself.

Cook Scrap Craft said...

Wow! Fabulous fabulous layouts! You are a stitching queen!

Paige Taylor Evans said...

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor - your layouts are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! That stitching on the "to the moon and back" is insanely awesome. Wow. Great work.

LB whosthischick said...

Wow, so much to look at. love the stitching and diecutting..i think i pinned them all

Diana Waite said...

You are SERIOUSLY my idol--you ROCK that hand stitching like nobody's business--AWESOME!!

f said...

Oh woww! C'est magnifique! j'adore!!!

rhonda nickol said...

These are amazing Sasha!

Carina Lindholm said...

AMAZING layouts*swoon*

Kate aka stinkydudette said...

You're a genius, girl!! Love you!! *muack*

Stampin Mindy said...

Love, love your style. Absolutely gorgeous!