Saturday, June 1, 2013

100%. I'm all yours.

  • Have you watched Fast and Furious 6? I have been having a slight girl crush on Michelle Rodriguez for so long - so I always like watching her. Nothing like my 'I want to kiss your face off and stare at your blue eyes until they bleed' crush on Zac Efron, though. Haha! 
  • Had to talk to the branch manager about some stinky feet odor coming from the row behind us, after which she came in to spritz air freshener to our section. And when that didn't help, I had to lather medicated oil onto my nose to ward off the smell (my sensitive sense of smell - a blessing and a curse I tell you - everybody else was fine!! Or they secretly love stinky feet. Yucks!).
  • Love the super long and illogical runway - somebody calculated the length of the runway here, if you're interested. LOL. Movies are almost always illogical, so that doesn't bother me too much. If I want logic I will stay home and watch NatGeo Wild. Maybe.
“You don’t turn your back on family, even when they do.” 
~Dominic Toretto.
  •  This quote (↑) is gonna stay with me, for a long, long time.

100% close up

100% close up2

  • I have a step by step for this layout posted on Crate Paper blog earlier this week. Check it out when you have a couple of free minutes. :)
  • Probably one of my 'cleaner' layout, love it all the same. The handstitching, the colors of Crate Paper, that photo with my girls (which is probably gonna be scrapped again and again ) = happiness. Such simple joy, if it makes you happy, do it. :)
#notaskingmuch  4:21am. Singapore.
  • #notaskingmuch . posted this (↑) because I can't resist and took a bite of the Lemon Honey Thyme Crème Brûlée cupcake in the fridge. At 4am, after completing one layout and before falling into bed. Ha! Bad Sasha. 
  • I'm also up at Mei Li Paperie's blog today. Just a simple introduction but if you wanna look at a couple of my favorite Crate Paper layouts, hop on over to Mei Li Paperie! I'll be there the whole month of June, there will be come challenges coming up! Watch that space :)
Happy weekend, friends!


Marion said...

I like this layout. It`s very cool.

Marion said...

I like this layout. It´s very cool.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

We loved the movie!!!! The Rock and Vin ... I could not ask for anything else :) I love love love your lo!! LOVING those pies and the stitching!!!


The stinky feet incident made me laugh. I have the same accute sense of smell. I will yell to DH he needs to change his socks when we're on different floors of the house. Yes, I can tell!

Diana Waite said...

AWESOME layout AND tutorial! Love all your hand stitching--ROCKS!! Congrats on the guest DT gig--you seriously are my IDOL!

Christin aka Umenorskan said...

Love the stitching on this layout !
Thanks for your many sweet comments in my blog.

CalleLillyCafe said...

Love this layout & love that quote! #thishitshome