Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Singapore MT Exhibition and Shop

  • Posting the photos from my visit earlier today to fulfill some requests for larger photos.
  • No, I didn't get any of the 'Singapore' limited edition tapes. I bought some mini neon and airmail style tapes instead. I'm not really washi crazy (or I'm in denial), I was just there to see the washified room + everything else. For experience, you know? And I needed to get out of the house for a little bit. 


The paper lanterns stole my heart. I would have them hanging in my house if I can get somebody else to clean them for me.



I like this too! How absolutely pretty.


Make & take station. I just realized I didn't make anything here. I was content just walking around and admiring the lanterns and the washified walls.


MT Wrap. Looks like wax paper, not sure how it feels. I heard it has adhesive on the inside just like washi tape.


The mini tapes are my favorite. My all time favorite :) The fact that they're some neon ones is just a bonus! *sigh* I hope you've enjoyed the little collection of photos I posted here!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Marks & Co. The Layouts.

  • Sharing my Studio Calico Marks & Co Layouts with you today. My only wish for this kit was more free time. Didn't get it. LOL. 
amazing moment

amazing moment closeup

I really love the sequins and resin flowers assortment in the main kit and decided to showcase them on this layout, I hand stitched some cut outs from the printable by Blinks Of Life and added the little speech bubble with a heart from Hello Forever printable.
Simple journaling was done with my cursive typewriter.

23 closeup

23 closeup2
I printed the journaling on the whole background and made the top part of the layout detachable so you can lift everything up and read the whole story about my crazy 30k race.

perfect love

perfect love closeup
My perfect love. :) Our perfect love. she is always up for a cuddle, well 95% of the time. The other 5% - not so much. Usually because I tease her until she get angry and cry. LOL.
Cut the hearts using the cameo and misted it yellow. I really think pink, teal and yellow go very well together. Love that color combo. I handstitched the die cut hearts to the teal ombre paper - just that, no glue. That's why you can see it's lifting up near the edges. I don't mind it at all. I love the shadows.
loved beyond measure

loved beyond measure closeup

Loving those photos of the girls and Sam with my niece. She is really, loved beyond measure! I made the layout very busy on one side and very simple on another. Love that stamp so much I want it to have half a page to itself.


a-z closeup

Made this page as opening layout for an album for my niece. Just about her. A-Z because her name is Afrina Zahra :) I love how simple and striking the cork alphas look here. That text paper is just perfect for what I had in mind.
Again, I used the Loved Beyond Measure stamp, told you I love it!

Till I 'see' you again. . 
much love,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family Love

  • I have been waiting to blog for the longest time, I'm sorry! Time got away from me. I'll be clickin' the 'New Post' button, then I saw the container of washi tape that needs organizing - and I'll start on that - and jumped on youtube to search for washi organizing videos - then before I know it I have been on youtube for a couple of hours, watching everything from Ellen DeGeneres to haul videos to how to peel a banana like a monkey. And no, no blog post, no washi organizing. Nothing. :D
  • A layout to share today :)
family love

family love closeup

family love closeup2
  • On this layout I used Crate Paper mostly(how cute is that pinwheel!), but there are some leftovers from my Studio Calico kits (FAMILY card, cork arrow, star clip). I absolutely love having the extra bits and pieces on my desk - makes for easy creating!
  • Speaking of Studio Calico kits - here are some Insta sneaks for our August kits - Marks & Co
Insta Sneak #3. Marks & Co @studio_calico #scsneaks

Insta Sneak #2 Marks & Co. @studio_calico #scsneaks

Insta Sneak #1 @studio_calico Marks&Co. #scsneaks

See you soon! (a girl can dream!)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Studio Calico Toolbox Blog Hop

I'm excited to be contributing to Studio Calico's upcoming TOOLBOX class. This class will fill your crafting toolbox with cool tips on stitching, mixed media, misting and digital from four technique masters. Amy Tan, Celine Navarro, Geralyn Sy and Shanna Noel will each spend a week in August teaching you the ins and outs of their favorite techniques. I'll be contributing to the stitching week, and I'm going to be sharing a layout showcasing fancy stitches. Here's a little sneak :)


Until 7.24, Studio Calico has a cool offer for everyone who signs up for Toolbox - they'll be able to pass a FREE spot in the class to a friend. Here are all the details :

You'll want to stop by Amy Tan's blog for a chance to win a spot in the class, and then pop over to the Studio Calico blog for more links to class sneaks and giveaways!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Three on Tuesday

  • How was your long weekend? Ours was fabulous. We drove three hours north to spend the weekend in Melaka. Sam ran the Seremban Half Marathon and got himself a new personal best timing of 1hr 38mins. We ate a lot of good food. The girls and I watched Tatum - and now Neha is as much in love with him as I am. My job here is done. Haha! (yes, we watched Tatum. White House Down was just background noise. Kidding!! :P)
melaka collage july 2013
  • I was actually wearing a different top in the photos above. A habit - if I find any piece of clothing that I like and is comfortable, I will buy it in every color. A bad habit? I don't know? :D Nothing is worse than sweating it up trying on pieces after pieces in tiny fitting rooms. We don't have Stitch Fix here or I will be the first to sign up! Ha!
  • I'm currently trying to win this display cabinet. I will need your help to LIKE this photo on Facebook, though. Pretty please? Thank you!
Photo Credit : MJPaperie
Credit : MJ Paperie
Please check out their blog for more inspirations!

    5 close up

    5 close up2
    Crate Paper Creative Weekly - Personal Celebrations
    I came across the photo collage above, one day while perusing Pinterest and was immediately drawn towards the balloons! I mean, just look at them? So Happy! Balloons are my favorite, except when they blow up in my face, but there is no fear of that in scrapbooking, of course!
    In this layout about my nephew's birthday party, I combined an assortment of embellishments from Party DayThe Pier and Maggie Holmes. What do you know - they work beautifully together! The balloon bouquet stand-out is perfect, don't you think? The collage is also made up of several rectangular and square photos. I mimicked the shapes using Pier's slide frames and love how it looks!

    Friday, July 5, 2013

    Glad I Have You

    • Drumming my fingers, waiting for our new fridge. Please don't let them have any delay, I think it's all in the mind, but I feel thirsty all the time now that we don't have a fridge. I need iced water. And I don't even drink iced water regularly and I'm sure I will not once we have more ice than we know what to do with.
    • Let's not talk about the meltdown that happened when the old fridge died. In my defense, I was clueless and sick to my stomach when I thought about throwing out my stock of frozen fruits for my green smoothies! *sigh* I consider myself lucky that we ran  out of fish and meat, and I haven't had a chance to buy more. 
    • I think I'm in love with my new fridge. I bought the style that I've been wanting for a long long time. Believe it or not, we were in and out of the mall within the hour and that includes pizza lunch for Nidhi. Ha! When you know, you know, eh? *fingers crossed*
    • Heard this on Law and Order last night. Somehow it stayed with me long after the credits rolled.
    Law & Order : SVU
    • Sharing this layout I made for Mei Li's sketch challenge last month. June was a good month, scrap wise, family wise. I still have more layouts to share. Soon soon.
    glad I have you

    glad I have you closeup 1

    glad I have you closeup 2

    glad I have you closeup 3

    • When your heart speaks, take good notes. ~ Judith Campbell. I love that quote and I knew that I will want to use it on a layout about Sam and I when I saw the tag from ChicTags. I think the set has been retired, but take a look, I'm sure you will see something you like in their store.
    • Tic Tac Toe was cut using my Cameo, I've been saving that adorable map paper from Fourteen collection by Crate Paper for a special layout and I think this is so fitting!
    • Glad I have you, Sam! ♥♥♥

    Wednesday, July 3, 2013

    Waiting For You

    • So today, I came across this. I'm not saying I believe in horoscope, I just thought it's fun to read! What about you? *grins*
    SCORPIO - The Addict (October 23 to November 21) 
    1. Extremely adorable. (well, I can be moderately adorable, but most of the time I choose not to. lol)
    2. Loves to joke. (depends on the company. I don't joke with everyone.)
    3. Very good sense of humor. (most of the time!)
    4. Will try almost anything once. (you can say that. except bungee jumping and bugs or duck embryos eating, i think)
    5. Loves to be pampered. (but of course, who doesn't? I think this applies to everyone.)
    6. Energetic. (huh? what energy? I sometime want to go to bed at 4.30pm)
    7. Predictable. (in a way, yes. i love routine.)
    8. Great kisser. (how would i know? I don't kiss myself! lol)
    9. Always get what they want. (I think so. Sam would say YES to this .. haha!)
    10. Attractive. (i think know i am! haha! you all can vomit now!)
    11. Loves being in long relationships. (15 years and counting. I love you, Sam!)
    12. Talkative. (very much so. very much so, my friend. don't believe me, ask my family. but really, I'm quiet when I'm with people I don't like. )
    13. Loves to party but at times to the extreme. (party? what party? refer to point #6)
    14. Loves the smell and feel of money and is good at making it but just as good at spending it! (i love money, yes. who doesn't? but i don't like the smell of them.)
    15. Very protective over loved ones. (#truestory - i will kill for them.)
    16. Hard workers. (I give my all, if I can't give my all, I decline the job/offer/assignment.)
    17. Can be a good friend but if is disrespected by a friend, the friendship will end. (*sigh* yes.)
    18. Romantic. Caring. (not all the time. I'm pretty fierce, actually. :D)
    • So yeah, enough of that. I'm actually here to share a layout with you. This was actually the Weekly Challenge at Studio Calico blog last week. It went live while I was away and I totally forgot to blog about it. If you're interested, however, please feel free to play along and link me up! I would love to see your take on my recipe! :)
    waiting for you

    waiting for you closeup

    waiting for you closeup2

    • Smitten. Especially with that Vellum from Atlantic. I love how dreamy this layout looks like in real life - something that my limited photography skill failed to capture. I dug out some embellishments from SC Yearbook collection - those star sequins are perfect. Another thing that I can't get enough of - cork embellishments. *sigh* I want them all. 
    • Kinda crazy to think that the person we were waiting for that day is already over two months old today. :) I was there when my sister was admitted to the delivery ward. I remember not wanting to leave her, but had to because my girls were in school and I had to go fetch them. Turned out Zahra took her own sweet time and I was able to be there when she came into the world the next day. *sigh* 
    • Time flies, eh? and how is it July already?!! I have to run! Fetching Nidhi from school! See you soon!

    Monday, July 1, 2013

    Valley High. The Layouts.

    • We're finally home after our KL trip. Kids are finally back in school. Yay for routine! Heehee!! I'm slowly posting photos on Instagram - check them out if you're interested! We basically ate our way in KL during the six days stay. LOL. No surprise there, I drove up armed with a list of places to try! :) My kind of vacation, I say!
    • Today, I'm sharing my Valley High layouts with you. A little bit late considering I've always blogged within 24 hours after the reveal, but I hope enjoyable all the same :)
    • ps : If you like the subtle 'grid' papers I've been using a lot lately, you can find them here :)
    this is real
    this is real closeup
    A layout about me. I love scrapping myself! You should too! 
    Lots of colors on this one. I went mist crazy. :D Taxi, Bazinga, Ocean and Garden to name a few :)

    Loving the Cork alphabets in the main kit. I think they look amazing against the misted background. Journaling was typed on my Adler Tippa cursive typewriter :)
    something good

    something good closeup

    I'm smitten with the PL Stamp Add on. For real. I used the digital version on this one, traced and cut using my Cameo. (that machine is amazing, I tell you!)
    Then I added some stitching in bright colors here and there to add some colors onto the layout.
    the places you'll go

    the places you'll go closeup

    Babies make you feel hopeful, eh? :)
    I traced the digital stamp using my cameo (again, just like the above layout), then used the Pink sketch pen instead of the blade on it. I then handstitched the insides of the letters for added texture. I think it turned out very pretty!
    this is our story

    this is our story closeup
    This layout is gonna be the 'opening' layout for a new album where I will store all layouts of us (the kids and I).
    I altered the digital stamp a little bit (repeating the 'this is our story' part), traced, and used my sketch pen with the Cameo, then handstitched the insides.
    You & Me was stamped traditionally with the stamp set and black versafine ink. Love how crisp and perfect it turned out to be. Black versafine gotta be my favorite ink for stamping. 
    hug me

    hug me close up

    hug me close up2
    Hey! Hello! Hug me! Hug me!!
    LOL. I swear, I can NOT resist hugging her, holding her close whenever she's around me. She's gonna be one spoilt girl but that's what nieces are for, right? :)
    The huge curvy shape was done with my cameo. First, I flip the shape, offset it a little bit and use the sketch pen on the backside of the background paper. Then I delete the offset part, flip the shape again, and exchanged the sketch pen with the blade, and cut the Hello Love paper.
    I use the lines drawn using the sketch pen as my guide to pierce the holes for my stitching. Much easier than trying to draw around the curvy shapes with my pencil.