Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Waiting For You

  • So today, I came across this. I'm not saying I believe in horoscope, I just thought it's fun to read! What about you? *grins*
SCORPIO - The Addict (October 23 to November 21) 
  1. Extremely adorable. (well, I can be moderately adorable, but most of the time I choose not to. lol)
  2. Loves to joke. (depends on the company. I don't joke with everyone.)
  3. Very good sense of humor. (most of the time!)
  4. Will try almost anything once. (you can say that. except bungee jumping and bugs or duck embryos eating, i think)
  5. Loves to be pampered. (but of course, who doesn't? I think this applies to everyone.)
  6. Energetic. (huh? what energy? I sometime want to go to bed at 4.30pm)
  7. Predictable. (in a way, yes. i love routine.)
  8. Great kisser. (how would i know? I don't kiss myself! lol)
  9. Always get what they want. (I think so. Sam would say YES to this .. haha!)
  10. Attractive. (i think know i am! haha! you all can vomit now!)
  11. Loves being in long relationships. (15 years and counting. I love you, Sam!)
  12. Talkative. (very much so. very much so, my friend. don't believe me, ask my family. but really, I'm quiet when I'm with people I don't like. )
  13. Loves to party but at times to the extreme. (party? what party? refer to point #6)
  14. Loves the smell and feel of money and is good at making it but just as good at spending it! (i love money, yes. who doesn't? but i don't like the smell of them.)
  15. Very protective over loved ones. (#truestory - i will kill for them.)
  16. Hard workers. (I give my all, if I can't give my all, I decline the job/offer/assignment.)
  17. Can be a good friend but if is disrespected by a friend, the friendship will end. (*sigh* yes.)
  18. Romantic. Caring. (not all the time. I'm pretty fierce, actually. :D)
  • So yeah, enough of that. I'm actually here to share a layout with you. This was actually the Weekly Challenge at Studio Calico blog last week. It went live while I was away and I totally forgot to blog about it. If you're interested, however, please feel free to play along and link me up! I would love to see your take on my recipe! :)
waiting for you

waiting for you closeup

waiting for you closeup2

  • Smitten. Especially with that Vellum from Atlantic. I love how dreamy this layout looks like in real life - something that my limited photography skill failed to capture. I dug out some embellishments from SC Yearbook collection - those star sequins are perfect. Another thing that I can't get enough of - cork embellishments. *sigh* I want them all. 
  • Kinda crazy to think that the person we were waiting for that day is already over two months old today. :) I was there when my sister was admitted to the delivery ward. I remember not wanting to leave her, but had to because my girls were in school and I had to go fetch them. Turned out Zahra took her own sweet time and I was able to be there when she came into the world the next day. *sigh* 
  • Time flies, eh? and how is it July already?!! I have to run! Fetching Nidhi from school! See you soon!


julie e said...

I saw this on the SC blog last week and had a great time with the recipe - I got to use some of my favorite things - frames and stars

Anonymous said...

lovely layout! your recipe helped me put the finishing touches on my own last week!

Unknown said...

That's a brilliant list, made me laugh :) Lovely layout too

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeee that description of the Scorpio!! Tooooo fun!! And loving your lo! LOVING all the layers and the stars!!

Tracy said...

I'm a Scorpio too and your edits/comments fit me more than the description did...I think who ever wrote that might be off just a bit;-)

Love your layout!

Monique Liedtke said...

Great layout!! love all the bits and pieces!
Loved to read the scorpio description as I'm one too :) (not extremely handsome though, lol).

Unknown said...

Hehehe love the description. I always love your layouts. AWESOME!

Danielle said...

Super cute, love the vellum and the pink bow!

The Mom said...

Love the enamel dots on the stars! Very cute idea!

MelB said...

I'm a scorpio too. That list pretty much describes me, freaky! Love that lo, so many lovely little eye candy to take it, just gorgeous!

Denise said...

Sasha I get a long so well with Scorpios! I am a Taurus myself. I think many of the things are spot on with horoscopes.
as always I love your stuff dear.

Diana Waite said...

your layout is SO uniquely COOL--love it!!