Monday, September 30, 2013

A drive by . . .

    • I need to post this. Indulge me. I worked my ass off for this particular goal. So damn proud of myself. So damn happy I made it - I am, I promise you, even though I looked like I just swallowed a lemon in the picture. Excuse the disgusting mirror in the elevator - okay, that is not even a mirror, just a reflective surface. :D

    made it. september 3oth 2013
    • Set another goal? But of course. My journey is far from over. Walk with me, will you? :) Thank you, so, so much for all the words of encouragement, for the likes and smiles on facebook and instagram. You guys are a huge part of my success. 
    • I love you.

    Saturday, September 28, 2013

    Antiquary. The layouts.

    I made 11 layouts for this reveal and loving every single one of them. :) Subscribers can shop now through the presale link, the rest of you can do so 12 hours later

    I got 

    1. Antiquary Scrapbook Main Kit
    2. Antiquary PL Main Kit
    3. Add on #2 - Vienna
    4. Add on #3 - Rome
    5. Pl Add On - Dublin
    6. Stamp Add On - Edinburgh
    I also got myself some hemptique thread and as usual, more white cardstock and more grid paper to play with. I also used quite a bit of the digital elements on my layouts this month. Learning to really love hybrid scrapbooking here. :) If you can, give hybrid scrapbooking a try. It's so fun!


    everyday02 closeup

    I used my Cameo sketch pen instead of the blade on the cameo and sketched the title everyday flipped horizontally onto the back of the cardstock, then I pierced the stitching holes(still working on the back of the cardstock here).
    Flipping the cardstock over, i used the pierced outline as a guide to apply watercolor inside the line. When that is done, I let it dry and stitched the title and build the page.
    Love how the camera patterned paper is showcased here in the grid design. Can't get enough of the perforated word strips! The clothes pin added some bulk to the page but that's okay because I plan to have this layout framed and displayed somewhere in the house :)
    a moment captured
    a moment captured closeup
    Four years on and this is still one of my favorite photo of us. :) The camera charm from PL kit is so perfect for this page. Those little bit of machine stitching makes my heart happy. We're learning to be nice to each other - my sewing machine and I :)
    I die cut the 'I love you' and 'Hugs' - they're actually arrows with welded words on them, I snipped off the arrows and slipped them underneath the edge of the main rectangular part of the layout. LOVE how that look.
    And the colors! the colors here. . . *sigh* I am in total love.
    today you
    today you closeup
    I wanted to journal about what is different today compared to when this photo was taken (2008). But the journaling is private so they're on the back of the layout.
    Which is why I get to make use of the whole of the front of the layout for design purposes. I like how the red title provided a nice contrast to the page. That was just a white SC grid paper which I recolored with my red ink pad. It may look like the title was cut from a glittery paper but that was actually the parts that didn't get as much ink as the rest.
    The camera paper clip is too cute to be hidden in my opinion, so I attached it with a few dabs of glossy accents instead.
    happy closeup
    Smitten with the camera paper as you can see! I spent quite sometime loving on it with my scissors. :D I love it as it is, but wanted some dimension to my layout, so I hand cut every singe camera and make my own background paper. :)
    Then I added some Yellow Hemptique thread and die cut the title using the digital stamp from the Card kit.
    august closeup
    A layout about me for August this year! Love using the digital stamps to create layered look before I print out the journaling and calendar stamp onto the white cardstock.
    Just some random stuff that was happening - sort of a month in review layout. I totally can see myself doing this kind of layout again.
    wonderful girls
    wonderful girls closeup
    oh look at those faces! they frustrate me sometimes, but overall, they're really wonderful kids. I'm so blessed to have them!
    I stamped the yellow hearts digitally using the card kit digital stamp, then stitched straight teal lines to create one side of my layout. I adore how that looks and certainly easier than trying to stamp those hearts in straight lines too.
    I also used 'check one' digital stamp on the label before recoloring it digitally and printing it out.
    The title was cut on white cardstock and recolored with black ink pad. Butterfly was cut on grid paper and recolored with teal ink pad. I'm in my 'coloring with ink pad phase' right now. LOL
    hey you 23
    hey you 23 closeup
    46 and 13 this year. How time flies. They share the same birthday and she's his best birthday present. Ever. :D
    Did simple layering here with the tag, label, wood veneer and die cut. I feel that is enough and complement the modern font (Copperplate) well. That triangle paper - I need more of it! :D I can't seem to stop using it on layouts after layouts!
    The teal frame was originally light blue (in the main kit) but I recolored it with my teal ink pad. ;)
    happy documented
    happy documented closeup
    First day in Seoul. We were so happy and when we saw the cart full of strawberries, i think we were the happiest on that street. Haha! They don't sell strawberries by the street in Singapore! :P
    Loving how beautiful the colors of the paper when they're put together like this. :)
    I stitched the chevron with gold thread. I think I'm addicted to gold thread now. HELP! :) Kidding. I don't need help. I love gold thread and not afraid to show it or use it on every layout. LOL.
    lovely sunset
    lovely sunset closeup
    Another layout showcasing the digital stamp from Vienna add on.
    White cardstock was cut into sections and machine stitched onto the background. 'Lovely' looks so pretty printed in pink. The triangles and perforated word strips made it easy to complete this layout.
    important closeup
    Can't forget about my beloved circles! :) The stamp add on works perfect for this layout. I love the solid circular stamp as a background to the 'phrases'. Put together like that, they look very cute!
    love and dream
    love and dream closeup
    My beautiful sister on her engagement day - it was a family affair. The boy's family came over to ask for her hand in marriage from my parents then we had a little party. Family, good food and good friends, it was perfect.
    I like how this layout is layered but still maintains the airy and light feel to it. I cut some frames on white cardstock with my cameo and build the page from there with some random sized circles.
    Added some hand stitching to emphasize some of the circles and die cut the title from the DL paper that I adore so much.

    Thank you so much for looking! I hope to see you again soon! :)


    Thursday, September 26, 2013

    For You (and for me too)

    • This layout is super bright, I know. I feel like I need to do something to brighten up the gloomy, rainy day here in Singapore. 
    • Just some notes for Neha, and for me (and you) too. We all need these reminders, right? 
    for you

    for you closeup

    for you closeup2

    Go inspire
    Go learn something new every day
    Be truthful, gentle and fearless - Ghandi
    It's the little things that make life beautiful
    A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous - Coco Chanel

    • The yellow paper is an old piece of Prima Watercolor range from years ago, colored with gelatos. Notebook paper - Scenic Route (i miss them a lot), slide frames, some scrap papers and stickers from Crate Paper, the rest are leftovers from my Studio Calico kits. 

    Friday, September 20, 2013

    Be Happy

    • Isn't that the most important thing to do? To be happy.
    • I like to tell my children - do what makes you happy - unless the thing that makes them happy is not doing their homework or not cleaning their room - I would want them to finish their homework and clean their rooms - then do whatever it is that will make them happy. Ha! 
    • But when we're at the theme park - what is is there to be done other than to be happy? You want to go on the swing carousel fifteen times? That will make you happy? As long as you don't barf all over me, you're good to go. LOL. 
    lotte world

    be happy

    be happy closeup

    be happy closeup2
    • Lots of Crate Paper and some leftover from my Studio Calico kits. 
    • Be Happy, wherever you are. I'll see you soon.

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013

    Subtle Stamping Tutorial

    Sasha Farina for

    Hey everyone!
    A quick post to let you know I'm guest blogging on today with a tutorial on subtle stamping - which is my favorite thing to do nowadays! :)
    I hope you like it!

    Sunday, September 8, 2013

    Balik Kampung

    • Sunday night, at the start of school holidays. The best kind of sunday night I say. Not to say the rest of my sunday nights suck - because I'm that mom who looks forward to Monday and loves it when the children are in school and I don't have to keep two girls from killing each other every 30 minutes. I kid, I kid. LOL.
    • Neha is in love with Dr. Dolittle right now. We watched the movies on two consecutive nights. I think Eddie Murphy reminded her of Sam, especially in the 2nd movie. Annoying but lovable. :P 
    • One 'for fun' layout to share with you today. I can't get enough of those slide frames from The Pier. I keep reaching for them and using them on every layout. Consider this a warning :D I've finished one and opened a new pack tonight! That's how much I love them!
      balik kampung

    balik kampung close up

    Edited to add : Layered flowers is from Crate Paper DIY Collection.

    balik kampung close up 2

    • Love those alphas from Marks & Co. It's still available in the shop too! Grab the Atlantic cork chevron pack while you're at it. Another one of my favorite - on my second pack now :)
    • I've been scrapping lots nowadays. Some for projects I'm not at liberty to share right now, some for fun, some for guest blogging opportunity - loving it all. I get questions like - how do you do it? I say - PLAY. That's what I have in mind whenever I sit down in my scrap area. I want to play. I want to have fun. When it stops being fun - I get up and do other stuff like cleaning my kitchen floor. (rarely happens - thank GOD!) ha! :)
    • I'll see you soon! 

    Wednesday, September 4, 2013

    Happy June Memories

    We're capturing Summertime moments on Crate Paper blog right now. . . 

    This summer holiday was different for us. For the first time in many years, we skipped the beach and went to the city instead. My fondest memory would be braving the weekend night crowd with Nidhi, my youngest girl. We were tired, and she was cranky, but as soon as she saw the Glitter Man, all that was forgotten! She could stand and stare for hours if I let her - she loves catching them moving their body when they're not suppose to :) She loves glitter and was so delighted as some of it transferred during the photo taking as you can see from her smile.

    happy june memories

    happy june memories closeup

    happy june memories closeup2

    happy june memories closeup3

    Monday, September 2, 2013

    Free Concert : Daily

    • Are you as lucky as us? :) Every time she enters the bathroom, we get to listen to her current favorite song. Every time. Not sure if the neighbors think they're lucky as well. Ha!
    • I used the digital template available in the shop right now for this page - printed the photo and the distressed lyric right onto a piece of SC Grid paper. LOVE the effect!
    • Can't get enough of the cork circles and gold stars from Atlantic. And those thickers? My favorite solid, no nonsense and dependable but surely fun font. :) I hope SC will have more of those in many other colors. Yellow and pink maybe? A girl can hope! :)
    free concert

    free concert closeup

    free concert closeup 1