Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Goodbye SC

  • There is no easy way to say this. November 22nd was the day that I found out that my contract with Studio Calico wasn't being renewed. I've had 4 great years with SC. Maybe it's just time, you know? Maybe my style is no longer a good fit for the team. There's a million maybes and I'm really fine with all of it. I understand SC is a company, and they need to do what is best for them - doesn't make this any less hard.
  • Am I sad? Of course - I'm only human. But I have no regrets - I put a lot of heart into my pages and I have given my best - for that I'm proud. I've had nothing but amazing experience working with them. I can't wait to see the new faces of Studio Calico and I wish them all the best! :)
  • Let's take a walk down memory lane - some of my favorite layouts done with Studio Calico kits. 



to the moon and back

calm sea

right here



something good


hello sunday

a moment captured

  • Thank you Studio Calico for wonderful, wonderful years. As for me, I believe that, in life. . . 
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

35 on 35

  1. Wow. 35. I never thought I would turn 35. Never. Not in my wildest dream. Not that I thought I would die before I turn 35, that's just morbid. I just . .  I don't know. 
  2. I have never been to a concert. Spongebob, Disney On Ice and Barney shows don't count. I mean real concert. 
  3. I'm blessed with great friends around me, in real life and online. I love you all!! 
  4. I have been on some kind of diet since I was 13 I think? I have never been thin. Now I don't do diets anymore. I eat what I want in moderation and I try to balance it up with some walking/running/crawling whenever I can. Then I go and stand in line for another half dozen of salted caramel cupcakes. Ha!
  5. I love food so so much. ↑ Refer to 4.
  6. I applied to be on Prima Design Team three times and didn't get in. At that time I feel like my style is good for the company (long long long ago). Now I rarely use flowers or other Prima style embellishments on my layouts. So it's true. People change.
  7. I stay away from perfume department as much as I can. I get headaches, FAST!
  8. I drink too much coffee, most days. Trying to drink more water and I can assure you it's a struggle. 
  9. If it's possible to fall in love with salt, I think I'm in love with kosher salt. 
  10. I don't know how to do smoky eyes, doesn't matter how many youtube tutorials I watch. I always end up looking like I was in a bar fight two nights ago, or a weeping, sad panda. Choose one.
  11. I love cooking. What I hate is the washing up afterwards. 
  12. I made and tasted guacamole for the first time this year. Yes. Believe it. This is the truth. LOVE it!
  13. I hate talking on the phone. I don't even answer the phone if the caller is not in my address book.
  14. I can watch shows like Law&Order SVU, Criminal Minds, CSIs etc -
  15. If I have to choose maybe three kind of food to eat for the rest of my life, I would probably pick potatoes, eggs and chili. (and oh.. kosher salt - but that's not food, right? lol)
  16. I wake up starving. Everyday. It's like I work out in my dreams or something like that. *sigh*
  17. I always have a stack of library books to read. Always fiction. I used to buy a lot of books, then realized we are running out of space - FAST. Now I borrow and only buy series that I really really love. 
  18. I get sentimental when I see typewriters. If I have unlimited amount of money and space to store them, I would buy every single one. I used to fall asleep to the tap-tap-tap-tap-ding of my dad's typewriters. One of my favorite sound, that. 
  19. I can't parallel park. You can laugh, I won't be offended. Haha.
  20. I met Sam online. Everyone had doubts when I told them we were gonna get married. But hey! we're still here, still together, still annoying the heck out of each other. :D
  21. I wanna learn to bellydance. The problem is, my belly is already jiggling even when I'm standing still. *sigh*
  22. I dream of living near the beach. One day, maybe. Near as in I open my back door and walk 15 steps to the beach. 
  23. I used to have a pierced nose from the age of 16 to 21. I miss it. 
  24. I'm kinda obsessed with books written by Sandra Brown nowadays. To the extent that, because I was in a hurry, I didn't realize that I borrowed two of the same book during my last library visit. Standard Operation Procedure - I go in, see her name on the spine, and I grab everything and check out. I used to do that with Danielle Steel, Charlaine Harris, Sylvia Day, Sophie Kinsella - to name a few. 
  25. There are days that I go to bed at 7pm.
  26. I almost always have strawberries in my green smoothies. 97% of the time.
  27. I dance in public and embarrass my children. They will laugh and walk away, but Sam might join me. :D
  28. I can't dance - this is the truth. Which is why the children can't wait to get away from me the second I start. ↑ Refer to 27.
  29. I don't do horror movies, zombies and the likes. If you come at me, dressed like a zombie, I will hit you with whatever I have in my hand, then faint on the spot. 
  30. I'm not a pet person. My life is full and busy trying to keep my children alive. 
  31. I swear if one more person tells me I should be grateful for every second of my life because I get to not work and do nothing, shaking my booty at home, I'm so gonna slap him/her senseless!
  32.  I try not to cry about everything I've done wrong, because I don't get enough fluids as it is already. ↑ Refer 8.
  33. I'm not somebody who wants to go back and visit my early 20s. I'm proud of who I am now. Far from perfect without a doubt, but much happier.
  34. I can't swim. And I'm afraid of huge amount of water, still. 
  35. I feel 29. :) I may look 40, but i feel 29 and I'm sticking with that. :)