Tuesday, November 5, 2013

35 on 35

  1. Wow. 35. I never thought I would turn 35. Never. Not in my wildest dream. Not that I thought I would die before I turn 35, that's just morbid. I just . .  I don't know. 
  2. I have never been to a concert. Spongebob, Disney On Ice and Barney shows don't count. I mean real concert. 
  3. I'm blessed with great friends around me, in real life and online. I love you all!! 
  4. I have been on some kind of diet since I was 13 I think? I have never been thin. Now I don't do diets anymore. I eat what I want in moderation and I try to balance it up with some walking/running/crawling whenever I can. Then I go and stand in line for another half dozen of salted caramel cupcakes. Ha!
  5. I love food so so much. ↑ Refer to 4.
  6. I applied to be on Prima Design Team three times and didn't get in. At that time I feel like my style is good for the company (long long long ago). Now I rarely use flowers or other Prima style embellishments on my layouts. So it's true. People change.
  7. I stay away from perfume department as much as I can. I get headaches, FAST!
  8. I drink too much coffee, most days. Trying to drink more water and I can assure you it's a struggle. 
  9. If it's possible to fall in love with salt, I think I'm in love with kosher salt. 
  10. I don't know how to do smoky eyes, doesn't matter how many youtube tutorials I watch. I always end up looking like I was in a bar fight two nights ago, or a weeping, sad panda. Choose one.
  11. I love cooking. What I hate is the washing up afterwards. 
  12. I made and tasted guacamole for the first time this year. Yes. Believe it. This is the truth. LOVE it!
  13. I hate talking on the phone. I don't even answer the phone if the caller is not in my address book.
  14. I can watch shows like Law&Order SVU, Criminal Minds, CSIs etc -
  15. If I have to choose maybe three kind of food to eat for the rest of my life, I would probably pick potatoes, eggs and chili. (and oh.. kosher salt - but that's not food, right? lol)
  16. I wake up starving. Everyday. It's like I work out in my dreams or something like that. *sigh*
  17. I always have a stack of library books to read. Always fiction. I used to buy a lot of books, then realized we are running out of space - FAST. Now I borrow and only buy series that I really really love. 
  18. I get sentimental when I see typewriters. If I have unlimited amount of money and space to store them, I would buy every single one. I used to fall asleep to the tap-tap-tap-tap-ding of my dad's typewriters. One of my favorite sound, that. 
  19. I can't parallel park. You can laugh, I won't be offended. Haha.
  20. I met Sam online. Everyone had doubts when I told them we were gonna get married. But hey! we're still here, still together, still annoying the heck out of each other. :D
  21. I wanna learn to bellydance. The problem is, my belly is already jiggling even when I'm standing still. *sigh*
  22. I dream of living near the beach. One day, maybe. Near as in I open my back door and walk 15 steps to the beach. 
  23. I used to have a pierced nose from the age of 16 to 21. I miss it. 
  24. I'm kinda obsessed with books written by Sandra Brown nowadays. To the extent that, because I was in a hurry, I didn't realize that I borrowed two of the same book during my last library visit. Standard Operation Procedure - I go in, see her name on the spine, and I grab everything and check out. I used to do that with Danielle Steel, Charlaine Harris, Sylvia Day, Sophie Kinsella - to name a few. 
  25. There are days that I go to bed at 7pm.
  26. I almost always have strawberries in my green smoothies. 97% of the time.
  27. I dance in public and embarrass my children. They will laugh and walk away, but Sam might join me. :D
  28. I can't dance - this is the truth. Which is why the children can't wait to get away from me the second I start. ↑ Refer to 27.
  29. I don't do horror movies, zombies and the likes. If you come at me, dressed like a zombie, I will hit you with whatever I have in my hand, then faint on the spot. 
  30. I'm not a pet person. My life is full and busy trying to keep my children alive. 
  31. I swear if one more person tells me I should be grateful for every second of my life because I get to not work and do nothing, shaking my booty at home, I'm so gonna slap him/her senseless!
  32.  I try not to cry about everything I've done wrong, because I don't get enough fluids as it is already. ↑ Refer 8.
  33. I'm not somebody who wants to go back and visit my early 20s. I'm proud of who I am now. Far from perfect without a doubt, but much happier.
  34. I can't swim. And I'm afraid of huge amount of water, still. 
  35. I feel 29. :) I may look 40, but i feel 29 and I'm sticking with that. :) 


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!! :D

Love your list! I think I'll stay 29 in my heart forever ;)

Funky Finds said...

I too turned 35 this year (August) and it was a bit how did I turn 35 so quickly!? Happy birthday!!!!

Kelly said...

Happy Happy Birthday beautiful Sasha! I was nodding my head with most of your list - we are so similar. Except for 23 - it was my eyebrow ;o)
I hope you have an amazing year xxx

Diana Waite said...

Happy Birthday to you beautiful friend--I know what you mean I am 40 and don't feel like it!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I knew you were my soul mate!!! I LOVE Sandra Brown and there is ALWAYS a Law and Order on in Julie's world ... in fact her text message notification is the "BUM BUM" from the show ... I know you know what I am talking about *wink* ... and I won't answer the phone at all ... for reals ... if it rings, I look at Brian like ummmmmmmmm you gonna answer that?? LOL!! Happy happy happy happy birthday my beautiful friend!!!!!!

Genevive said...

happy birthday Sasha! i love this post.. laughed a lot :) wishing you more blessings to come!

Ondina said...

Happy Birthday! I too turned 35 this year too and this's better moment my life!!!!So, let'go fun! :) Hugs brazilians!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend! LOVE LOVE LOVE this list! It should be made into a LO! I did one when I turned i need to do another since I'm about to hit 40!

Zarah said...

Oh darling, you are certainly perfect. I can't think of a better YOU! *hugs*
Happy brithday, and know this:
In so many weird ways, you and I are so alike (although you are the better version,for sure!) and in the rest of them, I admire you!... ;)

MelB said...

Happy birthday Sasha! Loved reading your list, you are beautiful person!!!

Nirupama said...

Happy Birthday Sasha!! You are fabulous and don't look a day over 28. You inspire me in so many ways, especially how you are such a loving and fun mom!

Anonymous said...

Hope your day was as beautiful as you are! Best wishes for many more wonderful years ahead!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Keshet said...

I love food too...and cooking....and cupcakes. Kindred spirits? :) Happy birthday, I hope the upcoming year brings you and your family wonderful things!

Blossom inch said...

First of all Happy Birthday to you darling! I am older than are in 1978 and I am in 1977. I just turned 36 last October. Ignore the numbers and reading your post it is hilarious beyond hilarious and I laugh out loud and you are funny and my belly is jiggling too. Glad to know you my friend and I hope I will get to meet you one day. Come to KL la..

mk said...

Oh Sasha! I loved this list! You are a beautiful person! I wished we could meet! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

Zarinah said...

Happy Birthday Sasha. You are hilarious and fascinating. I love your spontaneity. Have a wonderful year ahead. :)

btsoi. said...

Happy birthday, Sasha! Number 10 made me LOL. Andrew thought I was crazy :) I totally get it, I'm the same way. You'd still be beautiful with sad panda eyes!

Melonie said...

LOL! I LOVE this list. Although we may never meet I still feel like I know you (and have come to love you so) Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl!
P.S. your post made me think of this

clippergirl said...

Happy 35th! You are just a baby compared to me....HAH! HOpe you had a fabulous reading your list.

clippergirl said...

Happy 35th Birthday Sasha!!!! You are just a baby compared to me....and you do not look like 40, silly girl. I hope you had a fabulous day and loved reading your fun!