Thursday, March 20, 2014

Look At You *Chic Tags*

  • If you've been following me for a while, you must already know that I adore circles. I find them easiest to work with most of the time. And I'm not afraid of repeating circles either. How about you? 
  • Some call me old-school when I crop my photos into circles. Old-school = good (to me)! And I really don't mind it at all! LOL. Why try to reinvent the wheel every single time? Why fix something that is not broken? :D Or maybe that's just the 'lazy Sasha' talking.
  • Speaking of which - here's my latest layout for Chic Tags (You can see a couple of 'in process' pictures if you follow me on Instagram. Here and here. I apologize in advance for the dark photos on IG, I was creating late into the night.)

look at you

One of the earliest photos of Zahra, my niece. She's turning one in about a month. How time flies.

look at you closeup

look at you closeup2 

  • I used Love Notes Icons and Happy Place Mini Icons for this layout. They work well together in my opinion - the different sizes only add interest to this delightful layout. I know there are a lot of colors on this layout, but that's just how I roll. Colors make me happy, so I thought to myself - "why not?!" :)
  • I have been 'spring cleaning' my scrap area - simplifying and downsizing by a lot. My back is breaking, I had to rub some heating ointment just to be able to sleep for a few days! LOL. I hope to share 'good dslr' photos with you soon - but you can see some progress snapshots on IG as well. I try to take one every now and then, as I take a break from the chaos of my scrap area. :D
Till next time


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I {{{heart}}} circles and I {{{heart}}} your lo!! GORGEOUS!!!!

Lal said...

LOOOVE! You just gave me an idea for a layout I might try working on later ;)

michela* said...

love this layout!! just wondering what you use to adhere the vellum to the page- i love the look of it but im always so scared to use it for that reason :)

michela* said...

love this layout! just wondering how you adhere the vellum onto the page. I love the look of it but im always too scared to use it on my own pages for that reason. (ps tried to post this comment 3 times so if it appears that many- OOPS!)