Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back in 1998. . .

I had my last normal, uninteresting August 23rd ever. I haven't met him yet at that time.

Then I got to know him. 
Fell in love. Hard.
Married him.

And she came along in 2000.
You can say she's his best birthday present ever. Nothing I do now can top that. 

(We have a 14 year old!! Can I freak out now?!!)


Happy Birthday, sweethearts. 
I love you both.
So, so much.

(Credit : Digital Stamps - Studio Calico)


Alexandra Boehnke said...

Great layout - I love the simple style! I didn't can scrap similar pages.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two of your loves!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Darling photo and it was so fun reading about you in the previous post! We have much in common, my fellow people watcher! ;)

Mel said... that story. Happy Birthday to both of them!