Saturday, August 30, 2014

True Story - I am Strong

Some people said that it's time to step away from paint splatters and sequins. Well, why? If you like it, by all means, do it. Your layouts, not theirs. :)

And I. .  I love paint splatters and sequins (and enamel dots and a lot more!). So please excuse me while I splatter here, there and everywhere. 

true story

true story closeup

How do you use the triangle thingy on your layouts? It's making holes (larger than the size I was expecting - and I'm not sure I like that! Haha!) why don't they just make triangle brads? That would be much simpler! 

Jessy said on my instagram- "I just push all the spikes in and put a foam tape to hold it!". Good idea Jessy, I will certainly try that method next! Thank you!

true story closeup2

I have some 'deep' journaling for this layout, unfortunately, it's not for sharing. I'm sorry.

And here's a news I have been wanting to share for a couple of weeks already!

OA 2014-2015

Can I get a Yay? :) I love October Afternoon and cannot wait to do more creating for them, for me and for you! :)



Alexandra Boehnke said...

I really love ink splatters on my layout and I will use it a long time!!! Also sequins and wood veneers...a long time favorite - same with buttons! Hey, everyone can use her favorite material. No rules! Your layout is really amazing!

Kat said...

I love paint splatters & sequins & enamel dots! that's why I love your work so much - you use those elements so well!

congrats on your oa position - that's quite exciting!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love your lo!!! I loveeeeeee the splatters!! And HUGE CONGRATS on the DT!!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!

Scrapthat said...

whoot whoot!! Congrats Sasha!! :D

Lilith Eeckels said...

I love your splatters and am so thrilled to see you on the OA team. You are such an inspiration to me.

Jill said...

Heck YES to the ink splatters. I read a comment recently about how ink splatters and mixed media are no longer trending and that it's time to move toward simpler pages, but I am just going to have to respond to that with a fine freaking WHATEVER. As you suggest, to each her own. Scrap what makes you feel good, in the way that makes you feel good.

Brenda Roggeveen said...

Hello Sasha! Keep on splashing and do things you love! You're pages are always so inspiring and colorful, I love them! I'm so glad that you're on the OA DT, They've been always been one of my favorite, love there colorful patterned papers! Can't wait to see what you're going to create with it. Bye!

Leah said...

woohoo!! so happy that I will be seeing you work your magic with OA!! and keep doing what you love it is amazing!!

Funky Finds said...

So excited to see you on the OA design team! I love your layouts (as is!) and can't wait to see your fresh approach using the cool OA products.

Mary Jo said...

Lol I agree! I just have to laugh at the idea that scrapbooking has to be about anything other than what we want it to be!
Congrats in October Afternoon! It's really the only manufacturer blog I read anymore so I excited to know that it's still going to be around with great inspiration!

Wendy B said...

I love splatters and sequins and enamel dots too. You're so right. If you like it, then use it. So happy for you. Can't wait to see your OA creations.