Sunday, September 28, 2014

Eid Story

IG username my_endy (Wendy), you're the winner for the Supplies On Hand Class! Congratulations! Please email me! (email button on the sidebar) I hope you'll enjoy and benefit from it :)


Speaking of supplies... I have tons of brads because I love them so much. I use them a lot too.. but I'm buying more than what I'm able to use. And yet. . .  when I'm working on a project, I always think "hmmm, i have no brads for this layout" ... then I go out and buy more. LOL.


I have no brads...

When am I ever gonna use them all? Never, I think. Then I thought about this particular October Afternoon chipboards that I've used on another layout and decided to play around with what I have. 

Eid Story - process

Playtime. I decided to use my brads for the title. It won't look perfect but it's okay because the rest of the layout is gonna be straight and linear. By this time, I already know what the rest of the layout is gonna look like. This is supposed to be a short and sweet session but I'm anal so it took me a good couple of hours! I even took a break and went to the park with the kids in between. 

eid story

eid story closeup

This is weird for me to say, but I love the wonkiness of the 'story' part of the layout. This is my family, a little bit of wonkiness is to be expected. And oh! I get to use more brads than I've ever used on one single layout! WIN!

I still have enough brads for a couple more lifetimes, but hey. . . this is fun and using up what I already have! WIN for sure!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A+ Story

Embarrassing our children is kind of a full-time job, right? LOL.

The other day, we were at a crowded mall when 'About The Bass' came on the stereo. I started dancing and both girls looked away and started walking the opposite direction. Haha. I may looked like I was drunk but I was really dancing. LOL. It's their fault, really. They introduced the song to Sam and I! LOL

Here's a layout I think parents of teens can relate to. :)


I made this layout for Patricia's Monday Challenge on the October Afternoon blog. Head on over to read more about this layout and also to take a look at Patricia's fabulous layout. I absolutely adore the diagonal design. She's a genius, that girl. 

a+story closeup

a+story closeup2

If you play along, do tag me on Instagram @sashafarina (I get to see it faster that way since my phone is almost always with me!). You can also upload it to October Afternoon Flickr group or explore the hashtag #octoberafternoon on Instagram (great place for inspirations, btw).

If you're here looking for the Supplies On Hand class info and giveaway (giveaway still open as of now), please scroll down or click HERE.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Supplies On Hand Giveaway *closed*

If you're like me, you can scrapbook for years and years before you buy one more thing to add to your stash. Are you like me? :) I love the buying part as much as I love the creating part. There is a certain kind of satisfaction for me when I manage to complete a layout using what I already have on hand. A certain level of giddiness!

Supplies On Hand - Giveaway

When May Flaum invited me to contribute to Supplies On Hand, I couldn't say YES fast enough! Buying new stuff is exciting, but using what you already have is good for the sanity. At least for me. I get overwhelmed easily so less is better. Definitely better. I can't have a room full of stuff, I'll suffocate. It's just better for me to be using them rather than collecting and storing them.

Sounds like a useful, versatile class you could use? Register Early and get $5 off! (discount automatically taken)

Supplies On Hand - Giveaway

I have a spot in the class for one of you. Here's what you have to do - follow me on Instagram and leave a comment in this post telling me your Instagram username. That's simple, right?! I will close the comments section of this post before I choose a winner, so if you're still able to comment (comments are moderated though), you're in! Good luck!

I'll see you in class! Yes, I will be taking this class despite being a contributor. I need to use up my stash!! Come join me! :)


Thursday, September 18, 2014

It only took me 14 years. . .

and it's my success story. I mean, it's on paper right now. This is not all, oh this is not all. The labor was 21 hours long, after all. Haha! but this is what is appropriate for public consumption. I would probably add the 'censored' parts on the back of the layout :) I'm sure Sam would like to say something! LOL!

favorite story

favorite story closeup2

favorite story closeup

The layout was based on this sketch I made for October Afternoon.

OA Sketch Thursday. Sept 18 2014.

If you'd like to read more about this layout, and to see another layout based on this sketch by my super talented friend, Jill Sprott, please head on over to October Afternoon blog.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Being Mommy

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken (wo)men.  Frederick Douglass  14 years of mothering and I still struggle. I try. I try. I can only hope I don't damage them too much. And my yelling and eye rolling and death stares won't result

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken (wo)men. ~ Frederick Douglass 

14 years of mothering and I still struggle. I try. I try. I can only hope I don't damage them too much. And my yelling and eye rolling and death stares won't result in too many therapy hours.

I love you both.
August 31st 2014