Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I am enough

I hope you feel you are too.


Enough digital brushes from Ali Edwards.

Enough closeup

Quite an 'emo' layout but I love it all the same. I believe we should take the time to document at least some of our feelings. You know, there is more to life than birthdays and road trips and vacations. There is absolutely more of everything in real life. I'd like to scrap at least a little percentage of them.

I chose to go as simple as I can on this layout. I wanted to focus on the words. At first I thought I would add some hand-stitching, but then I said to myself, this is enough. 



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love you! Love this!!!!

Diana Waite said...

this is PERFECT!

Bi Medeiros said...

What to say? Some LOs are born as classics!! Bravo!

Keryn D said...

I concur! Love this and love your style!

Unknown said...

just beautiful, the most beautiful sentiment with just the right amount of complimenting detail on the page!