Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dear girls

As much as I would like to play with them, they were rollerskating. And I value my spine very much, I have this fear of falling down, you see. Must be because I have fallen enough time when I was a child. LOL. So I settled with watching them play. 
dear girls

dear girls closeup
I printed one of the Love Notes card Ali designed straight onto my background paper and stitched a frame around it before I add my photos and a little embellishments. I love that I have the option to resize the cards, next time, I'm plan on blowing them up to use as bold element on my page.
How simple is that? I'm all for simple + stories these days. And oh, if you wonder where the story is on this layout, it's written in my ugly handwriting at the back, as usual. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today And Everyday

Melanie has a 'loving action' challenge up on the October Afternoon blog and I played along! I hope you will too! I wanted to post this yesterday but was exhausted when I get home from visiting my parents, meeting my nephew for the first time, playing with my 2 years old niece and talking non-stop with everyone! Ha!

Here my take on Melanie's challenge 

today and everyday

today and everyday closeup

I decided to scrap this old photo of my girls, holding hands while watching TV. While they hold hands occasionally now, they certainly don't do it while watching TV! :D  I typed out my journaling and printed it straight onto the white cardstock. I cut strips of the Biography Patterned Paper from our Public Library collection and placed them as borders for my design. That paper is one of my favorite of all time, I think you can tell if you have been following my work for some time. I then embellished my layout with a star chipboardpop drops, an ampersand sticker from this sheet and I added my girls' initials using this adorable Strawberry Ice Cream Alphas What a wonderful challenge Melanie! Thank you for the nudge to scrap this photo! :)

And oh, that nephew I was talking about? Here he is. The name is Afzan Zhafri, 24 days old and already breaking hearts. :) You'll be seeing him on my pages I'm sure.

23 days old. Introducing my brand new nephew, Afzan Zhafri. 💘 #afzanzhafri


Sunday, February 8, 2015



noun informal

1. a photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera or a front-facing smartphone
2. silly, precious photo of you and TokMa in the backseat while mommy drives.

Made this with this Layered Tamplate by Ali EdwardsJust drag and drop, couldn't be any easier when you want to document a series of photographs. Will print this on photo paper and insert into my album just like the rest of my layouts.

ps : how cute is my mom? Lol. ♥

Thursday, February 5, 2015

You = Awesome

These are the words that I wanna tell my girls 

You = awesome by Sasha Farina

You = awesome closeup by Sasha Farina

Yup, I put brave twice. And I added fearless for good measure. I personally think that is one of the most important thing. To be brave, open to new opportunities, go to new places, explore, just try new things and not be afraid of failing.

I modified one of the brush from Ali Edwards Kiss Me. It originally said ' You + Me = awesome'. Modifying the brush is my way to tell my girls that they can be awesome, just by themselves. While Sam and I will always be behind them in whatever they do, they must know that they don't need us or need to be a part of a couple to be awesome. If you have a partner, yes that is great. But if you're alone, don't let that stop you from achieving greatness. 

Am I crazy to be putting so much emotion into one very simple scrapbook page? 
I think not :) That's just how I'm wired. 


Monday, February 2, 2015

I *heart* list

We're changing things up a little on the October Afternoon blog. There will still be challenges every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, but now we have weekly themes also. Our theme this week is The Love List. Quite appropriate for February don't you think? We're carrying on with this 'love' theme for the whole of February so come and visit us, will ya? :)

My challenge for you is quite simple. It's a recipe challenge with just one requirement. 

12 squares

Please feel free to interpret it however you want. You can create a layout with 12 little squares on it, you can make 12 little square shaped mini cards or even tags. Keeping 'mixing it up' in mind, I decided to create a I *heart* list mini layout with the Daily Flash 6x8 page protector with 2x2 squares.

12 squares

12 squares closeup

12 squares closeup2
How fun is that?! I used bits and pieces from Public LibraryDaily Flash (Apple Cider) and even Saturday Mornings. The white cardstock pieces I cut into 2x2 are perfect background for each of the 'mini layout' about the things I currently love. 
If you, like me, think that the pillow puffs lose their dimensional look when slipped into a page protector, try doing what I did here. I adhered the pillow puffs outside of the page protector and loving how they look. 
I plan to stick this into my normal album with the rest of my 8.5x11 layouts. Simple solution! I also plan on doing more of 6x8 when I feel like changing things up to keep this playing with paper business fresh and fun I must say. 
I hope you will play along and share what you make with us in the OA Flickr Gallery You can also share with us on Instagram. Use the hashtag #oamixitupday and tag @sashafarina and as I would love to see your beautiful creations.