Thursday, February 5, 2015

You = Awesome

These are the words that I wanna tell my girls 

You = awesome by Sasha Farina

You = awesome closeup by Sasha Farina

Yup, I put brave twice. And I added fearless for good measure. I personally think that is one of the most important thing. To be brave, open to new opportunities, go to new places, explore, just try new things and not be afraid of failing.

I modified one of the brush from Ali Edwards Kiss Me. It originally said ' You + Me = awesome'. Modifying the brush is my way to tell my girls that they can be awesome, just by themselves. While Sam and I will always be behind them in whatever they do, they must know that they don't need us or need to be a part of a couple to be awesome. If you have a partner, yes that is great. But if you're alone, don't let that stop you from achieving greatness. 

Am I crazy to be putting so much emotion into one very simple scrapbook page? 
I think not :) That's just how I'm wired. 



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You are so amazing! This is gorgeous!! LOVING that title and the beautiful photo of your beautiful babies!!!!!

young said...

Such a great post and layout! Thanks for sharing!

pinkalishious said...

I love this page, Im hoping to lift it?? I also shared you, hope that was ok? xx

Luisa said...

Found you through Ali's blog. This page=awesome. My daughter is going through a rough patch with her friends right now, and I know she could use some encouragement like this layout. Thank you for sharing!

Elizabeth Gardner said...

This is SO cool! Your pages are always so inspiring.. both in design and sentiment.

Monique Liedtke said...

Awesome!!!!! Less is definitely more! I wish I could do that, but I just can't help myself, I have to add more and more to my pages :).

Denise said...

The girls are so beautiful!