Monday, March 30, 2015

Daily Laugh. Laugh Daily

March 2015.
A wedding. My youngest sister got married
A funeral. My uncle passed away. 
On the same day. 
I chose to leave the wedding celebration to say goodbye to my uncle for the last time.
Bittersweet I must say. 

One week after the wedding and the funeral, the people of Singapore lost Lee Kuan Yew. The nation wept and was in mourning until yesterday. Another funeral. 

A wedding and two funerals.
I don't feel like laughing much right now, but that's just why this layout is so important. :)

Laugh Daily

Laugh Daily closeup

I used Simple Stories Layered Template No.10 as the base of the whole layout. Instead of using it purely in digital form as I did the Selfie layout, I decided to use the template as my stitching guide.



I worked in Photoshop so first, I added the text, the Audrey hepburn quote in this case, then I linked all the layers and resized the whole template until it looked like what I have in my head. I lowered the opacity for the circle frames and turned the photo frames into white with light grey stroke and I printed the whole thing onto a piece of 8.5 x 11 cardstock.

I then take my paper piercer to all the circles and get to stitching. This is tedious but if you do this while watching a movie, it's painless. When the stitching is done, the layout practically scrapped itself. :)

Let me know if you ever try using a digital template as a stitching guide!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I am glad that you made a fun lo to get you through this :) I love love love that photo of you and all the stitched circles! Gorgeous!!!!

Стокли said...

Sasha, you are brilliant. And laughing is really important to fill that the life is complete.

I used stamps a couple of times as stitching templates - stamping directly on paper or stamping image and cutting it when I needed a reversed image.

Scrapthat said...

First of all fabulous LO!! I love the colors and of course the simplistic clean look of it, but my word girl...the stitching on those circles is flawless!! TFS Awesome work!! :D

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely layout, Sasha! I hope that as you worked on it it provided some joy in the sad days as of late. xo