Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This Little Story Matters

Because of you
I can feel
slowly but
the me
I have always

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

this little story matter

this little story matter closeup

this little story matter closeup2

I first came across that quote/poem a while ago, and even then I knew that I will, one day, want to scrap it, with this particular photo. What I didn't know than was that Ali will come up with Story Of My Life brush pack. Seriously, I'm so glad I've not yet executed the layout I had in mind because this is even better.

As usual, I started my layout in Photoshop. Played with the placements and generally sketched where everything will go. I don't do this blindly, though. I take my embellishments tub out and (roughly) physically measure them and I also use the ruler in the software to make sure I have enough space for what I want to have on my layout.

I don't always get things perfect though. Sometime, I screw up, in photoshop and in real life (personally, I think motherhood is bloody hard, I told you that already, I think) but who doesn't eh? :)

I'm mommy. What's your super power?


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So gorgeous! LOVING the triangles and cork bits!!!!!!

Tracey Holdyk said...

Your other super power is amazing beyond anything scrapbooker. Thanks for being my super hero too. I tell my son all the time that I have super powers. When he sakes what they are I say "super mummy powers".